Withered Grove

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Withered Grove
kika̠ɺ̠e̞ no̞ ẽ̞ɴ
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Location At the end of the River in the Sanctuary

The Withered Grove (木枯れの園, Ki kare no en) is a dark woods with leafless, white trees. It is the site where Shion was born from the Harujion, a large plant still standing in the middle of the woods.[1] The grove lies at the end of the River.

Withered Grove's Appearances[edit]

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

All the souls coming through the hole in the "inner" Mugenri Barrier were attracted by the Harujion and gathered around the grove, by the Harujion's life-giving powers, it gave the aggregate of souls life, giving birth to Shion, the chimera soul. The protagonist teams then came along and defeated Shion, and brought them to the Senri Shrine.