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Location Somewhere in the Human Village

Gappori (がっぽ利) is a financial company located somewhere in Human Village in the Sanctuary that specialises in giving loans. The debt collector Hibaru Kokutenshi works for them.

General Information[edit]

Gappori is Mugenri's premier financing company; they hand out loans to people in need of money, then return to collect the debt. The word Gappori means "in large quantities", but the company name is written with the kanji for "profit" (, ri) at the end. The name thus means something like "making tons of cash" or something similar. Their only known employee, Hibaru Kokutenshi, carries out this work. However, the business could be considered rather corrupt, as they are known to use violence in order to force people to take out and repay loans. Despite so, most civilians think of Gappori as an obvious loan shark company.[1]

Gappori's Appearances[edit]

Earthen Miraculous Sword

In Earthen Miraculous Sword, Yabusame Houlen came across Hibaru Kokutenshi, who fails to persuade them to carry out a loan from Gappori.


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