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This page details the various pieces of official Len'en Project merchandise sold by JynX. They are all sold through the use of BOOTH, although JynX has recommended the use of services such as and BUYEE for international fans wishing to purchase merchandise.[1]

Official Acrylic Figures "Evanescent Existence Set"[edit]

Official Acrylic Figures [Evanescent Existence Set] (公式アクリルフィギュア[連縁无現里組], Kōshiki Akuriru Figyua [Len'en Mugenri Gumi]) is a set of 2D acrylic figures based on the character portraits of all the characters from Evanescent Existence. Each came with a backdrop stand with unique backgrounds for each character, including their full names written on it. They are all listed as being no taller than 50mm, 3mm thick and their bases 30mm x 25mm in size.


On 28 November 2017, JynX said on their Twitter that they may have to release official Len'en goods to gather development funds (living expenses) for Book of the Cafe, the 4.5th Len'en game. They then added that the main reason was that they wanted them to try to make them in a separate Tweet.

After hearing ideas and suggestions from some fans, on 29 November 2017, JynX announced that they decided to make acrylic figures for the Evanescent Existence versions of the two main characters of the series on Twitter.

On 20 December 2017, JynX announced both on Twiiter and their blog that the first edition of the acrylic figures is now on sale. They then followed up with a Tweet saying that if the response is good they would consider releasing figures of other characters or other goods as well.

On 7 January 2018, in response to the completion of a fan-made figure of Yabusame Houlen [1], JynX announced that the second edition of the acrylic figures was about to begin sales as well.

On 6 February 2018, JynX posted a picture on Twiiter showing the acrylic figures for the remaining Evanescent Existence cast.

On 27 February 2018, JynX announced on Twitter that the second edition is now on sale.


(All figures are currently out of stock)


Additional Information[edit]

  • For Clause's backdrop, their name is written as "Wilhelm von Clausewitz Halcyon HISUIMARU (Alias)", as that is not their true name.

Official Len'en Clear Files[edit]

The Official Len'en Clear Files (【連縁公式】A4クリアファイル, 【Ren'en Koushiki】A4 Kuria Fairu) are clear folders made with artwork drawn by JynX, released in celebration of the Len'en Project's 5th anniversary. The clear folders are suited for A4 size paper, and feature illustrations of various Len'en Project characters. Currently, there are two types available for purchase:


Official Len'en Stickers[edit]

The Official Len'en Stickers (【連縁公式】型抜きシール, 【Ren'en Koushiki】Katanuki Shiiru) are sheets of stickers based on various objects and symbols found in the Len'en Project, made with artwork drawn by JynX.

1st Wave[edit]

The first wave of Len'en stickers was released in celebration of the Len'en Project's 5th anniversary. (BOOTH Page)


Official Len'en Acrylic Keychains[edit]

The Official Len'en Acrylic Keychains (タグ型アクキー, Tagu-gata Akukī) are acrylic keychains, each featuring a Len'en Project character using their Book of the Cafe appearance, as well as their name. They are listed as being 60mm tall, 25mm wide, and 3mm thick. Currently, there are two keychains available for purchase:



  1. The special Bomb received a design change from being grey in colour to being rainbow coloured, due to an "adult problem"