Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle/Gameplay/Strategy

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OP Team[edit]

Unlocking custom team feature[edit]

You can Unlock the custom team feature by clearing Extra or AbEx+α difficulty and you must clear it with all characters.

Recommended Team for Clearing Abex Mode[edit]

  • Main Character:
    • Sese Kitsugai
      They have a really powerful shot type and it is useful for beating a hard spell or a nonspell quickly. They have a really small hitbox so you don't have to worry about bullet size. Requires good positioning and a bit hard to use.
    • Tenkai Zuifeng
      They have a good homing shot type with decent power and penetrating familiar which can beat enemies easily. They have convenient movement speed which allows you to dodge easily.
  • Sub Character:
    • Tsubakura Enraku
      Their upgraded bomb can damage the extra boss and has very high damage that can skip an attack from a boss. Their upgraded flash bomb covers a wide range and has medium damage, which can help you clear a lot of bullets and reduce the boss HP. It is hard to fill the flash bomb meter with them.
    • Suzumi Kuzu
      Their flash bomb is very cheap and can be used almost any time during the game on AbEx. Their bomb can repeat a boss fight to get more barriers. Their upgraded bomb can skip a cell or a boss fight and even a spell card. Requires good eye and positioning to see among a lot of bullets
  • Support Character:
    • Fujiwara no Iyozane
      Their upgrade will make you invincible almost any time during the game on AbEx. Doing a run with Suzumi as Sub and Iyozane as support will make you invincible any time during the game.