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A Bird's Name (鳥の名) is a title for those who contain a meaning of a bird in their name. It is suggested that one must be worthy enough to hold this title. It has an important meaning in Mugenri for unknown reasons.[1]

Characters with a Bird's Name[edit]

  • JynX: Jynx is the scientific genus name of the wryneck, a type of woodpecker.
  • Yabusame Houlen: Yabusame (藪雨), although it is spelled with different kanji, is also the Japanese word for the Asian stubtail, plus Hou () means "phoenix".
  • Tsubakura Enraku: Tsubakura (玄鳥), more commonly read as genchou, is the Japanese word for swallow.
  • Kurohebi: Kuro () means "crow". Also, melanistic shimahebi are called karasu-hebi ("crow snakes").
  • Aoji Shitodo: Aoji (蒿雀) is the Japanese word for the black-faced bunting. Also, Shitodo () is an old term for fledgling meadow buntings ( hoojiro). There is also a specific type of bunting related to the Shitodo-Maekawa Shrine that was called an "Aohito" because of the blue stripe on its back.
  • Hooaka Shitodo: Hooaka (頬赤) is the Japanese word for the chestnut-eared bunting. Same as above for "Shitodo".
  • Kuroji Shitodo: Kuroji (黒巫鳥) is the Japanese word for the grey bunting. Their given name also includes roji (巫鳥, lit. "priestess bird"); this was another term for sacred buntings like those mentioned above. Along with above, the kanji for "Shitodo" is also "巫鳥" combined.
  • Clause: "HISUI" (翡翠) and "Halcyon" are respectively Japanese and Greek for "kingfisher". It's not their real name, however, and their actual name remains unknown.
  • Tsurubami Senri: Tsuru () means a crane.
  • Hibaru Kokutenshi: Their given name Hibaru (ヒバル) means a "lark" or "skylark" (雲雀 Hibari, two types of birds).
  • Tsugumi Umatachi: "Tsugumi" (ツグミ) is the Japanese word for thrush.
  • Ooama no Ake no Mitori: Akamitori (朱鳥), with an omitted kanji, contains "Vermilion Bird". Shuchō is an alternative reading.
  • Suzumi Kuzu: Suzu () means "sparrow".
  • Hoojiro Shitodo: Hoojiro (頬告鳥) is pronounced the same was as the meadow bunting. Putting () and () together gives 鵠 (Kugui), an archaic spelling of 白鳥 (Hakuchō), the swan. Also, Shitodo () is an old term for fledgling meadow buntings ( hoojiro).

Medias Moritake, despite being a penguin youkai, does not have a Bird's Name.[2].