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國主くず 雀巳すずみ
Suzumi Kuzu
kɯᵝzɯᵝ sɯᵝzɯᵝmi
Suzumi Kuzu
Suzumi in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Character Titles
Crafty, Treacherous and Superfluous Memory (Hamee)
Mysterious and Treacherous Memory (Ardey)
Species Human
Abilities Reproducing information (Hamee)
Altering reality (Ardey)
Occupation Informant
Location Devanagara
Music Themes
  • MO-NA-D-2 ~ 記憶偽筆 (BPoHC, as stage 6:0 boss)
  • 壊れかけの永劫舞踏機関 (BPoHC, disguised as Tsurubami Senri)
  • MO-NA-D-1 〜 記憶追蹤 (BPoHC, as Extra+α boss)

Suzumi Kuzu (國主 雀巳) is a human from the Outside World, the main antagonist of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, and eventually a recurring character of the Len'en Project. Acting as an undercover informant for both Devanagara and the Dragonfly Castle, they are responsible for Mugenri spiraling into war games. They are known to have been seriously plaguing Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku in the past; in particular, they're plotting Tsubakura's destruction, but their motive behind this remains unknown.

General Information[edit]

Suzumi originally appeared as a hidden stage 3:0 boss in the demo version of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle with little understanding to them. Later however in the final version, they were revealed as the hidden final boss on stage 6:0 and the game's main antagonist in the Extra+α stage. Eventually in v1.20, the game was updated to have them as a secret playable character of the game. Finally as of version 1.10a, Suzumi was retroactively added as a secret playable character in the past three games Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial. What's interesting about this is that Suzumi was originally a mysterious character who eventually became a prominent character of the series.

Suzumi is a mysterious person originally from the Outside World. How they entered Mugenri is unknown; some of the Shitodo siblings remember them being present along with the rest of the group when they first arrived, but Suzumi's memory-altering powers make it difficult to know whether or not that's really what happened. In the past, Suzumi knew Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku and allegedly attempted to fool and kill them. They work as an informant in Mugenri, working behind the scenes and giving information to key players in various incidents.


Suzumi seems to have multiple 'personalities', or alters, which vary significantly. How this came to be is unknown, but it is likely that they are actually composed of multiple individuals - while they are referred to as Suzumi, each alter has another, distinct name and significantly differing behavior. The existence of these distinct yet greatly contrasting 'personality states' suggest that Suzumi may be affected with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Cine Hamal (nicknamed "Hamee"), Suzumi's blue-eyed self, acts carefree, mischievous, and overly campy. They have made the most appearances, being present in every Suzumi appearance with the exception of the Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle extra+α stage. They talk and dress in a very effeminate way and enjoy getting on people's nerves, teasing them with a smiling face. However, underneath their seemingly cutesy exterior, they are shown to be a cunning, troublesome individual without many inhibitions who is obsessed with murder. Cine Hamal is particularly obsessed with Tsubakura, with their prime goal being to bring them the most suffering possible, even going so far as to endanger people that Tsubakura is close to to do so. Despite this, they agree with helping the other selves further their own goals as well, even when they are not present.

Arde (also referred to as "Ardey") is present when Suzumi is shown with red eyes. They are depicted as more level-headed and straight to the point, not hesitating to use far rougher dialogue and get quicker to the point. Arde shows themselves to generally hang in the back and let Cine Hamal be the front face, Arde acting as their advisor and reminding Cine Hamal to avoid brash decisions. When they both work to collect information, Arde seems focused on their main goal of collecting as much as possible, not wanting to waste time or stray off too far. Though they show a more theatrical side of themselves in the extra+α stage, where they had control of the body, gloating victoriously before tricking the protagonists with their power once more.

Arde is frequently exasperated with Hamee due to their brash actions and lack of self-control, with Arde repeatedly stopping Hamee during information gathering from callously murdering anyone that they shoot down; they also have their own thoughts on how to take care of killing Tsubakura, as Hamee has a long, convoluted plan centered around breaking Tsubakura's spirit, while Arde seems to desire to kill Tsubakura and get it over with. Upon listening to Hamee's method, Arde dismisses them as "demented".[1]

There is at least one other person within Suzumi, known only by the nickname "Benny".[2] "Benny" has made their one speaking appearance thus far in Reactivate Majestical Imperial's good ending. They are shown to have black eyes and a blank expression, likely implicating them to be the third Suzumi in their Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle playable appearance. Very little is known about them, but they appear focused on their plan. Hamee described them as being well-prepared. The extent of Benny's abilities is unknown at the moment, but JynX has stated that they have spell cards like the other two personalities.[3] According to Cine Hamal, both Arde and Benny hold a strong grudge against the Senri Clan and the land of Mugenri itself[4], and they are often shown to be meticulously collecting information and devising their grand plan, although their goals remain unclear.

Suzumi's body can be inhabited by multiple alters at once, however only one of them is visible to most other people and has "main" control of said body. They can interact with each other, which looks to others as if they were muttering to themself. Some individuals such as Clause[5] or Yago Ametsukana[6] can also hear both sides of the conversation.

As shown by Cine Hamal traveling by themself during their routes in Evanescent Existence and Earthen Miraculous Sword, they do not all have to be inhabiting the body at the same time. While many characters refer to this phenomenon as differing personalities, Yago, who was able to perceive their true nature, referred to the pair of Cine Hamal and Arde as "two minds in one body."

Suzumi is the one responsible for the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, by spreading rumors to cause an incident with the intention of luring Tsubakura. By the end, they admit that they crafted such a complicated plan gambit to make things more fun for themselves.


According to JynX, Suzumi had their abilities prior to arriving in Mugenri, whether this applies to all their abilities is unknown.

Reproducing information and altering facts

Suzumi has the ability to reproduce information, which allows them to create illusions by way of manipulating peoples' consciousnesses and altering what they perceive. In their attacks, they create danmaku out of nowhere and can also make the bullets disappear and reappear at will.

Suzumi can create books containing the memories and experiences of a person upon fulfilling unspecified conditions. These books allow them to replay and/or overwrite a person's memory. They can replay a target's memory by reading a book containing their memories, and can overwrite them by editing the book and showing it to their target, knocking the target out in the process. Suzumi can also read books containing their own memories in order to fly back in time and alter the events of the past. Should a book be destroyed, they can easily regenerate it.[7]

When using their ability on themself, such as when memory diving or rewinding time, Suzumi appears to need to sleep to do so, as shown in their Bad Endings in Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial.

  • Overwrite (Memory Forgery)
One of the applications of their ability is what they refer to as "Overwrite", the ability to rewrite people's memories. However, such application has a weakness; overwriting memories of an event do not mean that the event never occurred, and people can therefore remember what has been erased under specific conditions. Hamee used this to make Hooaka "forget" their arm, essentially severing it, and, it seems to be their specialty.
  • Trace (Memory Pursuit)
Another application of their ability is what they refer to as "Trace", which Arde describes as the ability to rewrite facts themselves. They also use it to "rewind history", presumably reversing time to gather information from the future safely before returning to the past. However, memories can leak through from other timelines, allowing people to recall memories of events that did not actually occur within the current timeline but in another one. Arde refers to the phenomenon as déjà vu (デジャヴ, dejavu), and explains that it is why careful use of Trace is essential. While all individuals experience déjà vu, some apparently have a stronger déjà vu than others, such as Yago Ametsukana.[8] Arde also notes that a great discrepancy in a person's current memories and those received through déjà vu may lead to serious mental damage, and is the major risk of using Trace to rewind time. This is why Arde tries to avoid majorly altering the course of history before rewinding, especially killing people.[9]
Déjà vu is not a specific result of Arde's ability, and is in fact the reason everyone vaguely remembers all possible routes of the events from Earthen Miraculous Sword, Reactivate Majestical Imperial and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.[10] In addition, due to déjà vu being a memory-based phenomenon, it can be negated by Hamee's Overwrite ability. This is explained to be why no one remembers or only vaguely remembers their encounters with Suzumi in Reactivate Majestical Imperial.[11]
Disguising themself

Suzumi can perfectly disguise themself as someone else as long as they know what they look like, as demonstrated when they disguised themself as Tsurubami Senri in the Extra+α stage. These disguises are so convincing as to be nearly impossible to see through, and despite Tenkai Zuifeng seeing through their Tsurubami disguise they also remarked that they really had become Tsurubami. In addition to copying a person's appearance, they can also use that person's abilities, but are unable to master them[12]. It is unclear whether this is another application of their abilities or a separate ability entirely.

Other abilities

Suzumi has numerous other abilities besides their primary ability, to such a degree that no one can remember exactly what they are.

Background Information[edit]


Their full name is Suzumi Kuzu (國主 雀巳). Their first name "Suzumi" (雀巳) is composed of the kanji "", which means "sparrow", and "", which means "snake" (often used for the snake in the Twelve Earthly Branches). The first kanji ku () in their surname "Kuzu" translates to "country" while the second kanji zu () translates to "lord". Because of the bird reference in their name, Suzumi is a bearer of a Bird's Name.

As described before, each inhabitant of Suzumi's body has their own name to differentiate from each other.

  • The first (the one shown during stage 6) is named Monad 2 (モナド2), and referred to as Cine Hamal (シネ=ハマル) or Hamee (ハミィ) for short by the other alter.[13][14] Hamal may be derived from the star Hamal, the brightest star of the Aries constellation.
  • The second (the one shown during the Ex+α) is named Monad 1 (モナド1), and referred to as Arde (アルデ) – also nicknamed Ardey (アルディ) – by the other alter.[15][14] Other English spellings like "Alde" are valid, but the aforementioned romanisations are preferred for consistency.[14] Whether or not this refers to Ardi, an ancient hominid of the Ardipethicus ramidus species, is uncertain. (Ardi is the Cushistic Afar word for "ground floor", while ramid is the word for "root", referring to Ardi's species being considered the evolutionary "root" of humankind.) Arde may be derived from Aldebaran, the brightest star of the Taurus constellation.
  • The third is nicknamed Benny (ベニー); their true name is currently unknown. [2] Benny may be derived from Benetnasch, a star in the Ursa Major constellation.


Suzumi has neck-length brown hair and eyes varying between the colors, being one of the few characters whose eye color does not match with their hair's. The eyes change colour depending on the personality state represented: blue for Hamee, red for Arde, and black for unknown reasons (Possibly "Benny".) They wear a white wrapping with black edges around their chest and triangular purple plus white cloth around their waist, all under an unbuttoned brown tank top style jacket. There is also a white strip going around their shoulders and elbows. For leggings and footwear, they wear a pair of green shorts with a red ribbon threaded through and tied off in a knot, and white socks with the same style of threaded-through ribbon.

Additionally, they have three cloths they're always holding or wearing. One thin and long black cloth, one large black cloth, and one purple cloth. The long black cloth is almost always wrapped around their head, resembling a turban or kerchief. The large black cloth and purple cloth are occasionally worn together as capelets, with the purple cloth on top. Otherwise, they're just held by Suzumi. Hamee also wears a white choker with vertical black stripes on it.

Suzumi has two symbols on their clothing which change positions. An eye accessory similar to the Eye of Senri, albeit with different colors, and a Monas Hieroglyphica. The eye symbol is used to pin the cloths together when they are used as a capelet, and is pinned to their jacket when they aren't. The Monas Hieroglyphica represents their power and glows when their abilities are used.[16] There is also a smaller white Monas on their jacket.

In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, when Arde is presented, a barely visible shadow can be seen behind them, which was later revealed to be either Hamee or Benny watching over in various endings. Additionally, when disguised as Tsurubami Senri, their appearance was almost identical to the real Tsurubami, such as the hair, the white dress with ofuda scripts, the hat, etc.


Suzumi as Cine Hamal, or "Hamee".

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit]

Suzumi is the primary antagonist of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. They appear as the hidden final boss on Stage 6:0, as well as the Extra+α Boss. To unlock them as the final boss, the player will need to defeat all other possible final bosses (Chouki, Clause, Yabusame, Yaorochi, Shion, Tsubakura, Tenkai and Mitori). To unlock Extra+α, the player will need to beat all 3 Extra Stage bosses; Xeno a, Haiji Senri, and Yago Ametsukana. Afterwards, the player must re-beat Xeno a in the neutral route to proceed to Extra+α. They'll first appear disguised as Tsurubami Senri and use 6 spell cards. After the fight, they'll reveal their true self. They will then fight with an additional set of 7 spell cards.


After entering Mugenri using an undisclosed method, Suzumi began working as an undercover informant at the Capital City, while they actually had ulterior motives and plans to use their abilities to ruin Tsubakura's life. They are first referenced during the prologue, implied to have been involved in a fight with the Shitodo siblings that resulted in Hooaka Shitodo's right arm being cut off, along with spreading the ambiguous rumor that Kuroji shared with Tsubakura.

Neutral Scenario

When the heroes encounter Suzumi, they greet them casually and gleefully reveal their motives. Tsubakura and Yabusame are not pleased to see them, since they've tried to kill them in the past. Tenkai is worried about how the Capital City has been quickly modernizing and the subsequent war, to which Suzumi reveals they're the one responsible for the rumors in order to lure Tsubakura. Fumikado and their lackeys recognize Suzumi as an undercover informant from the Capital City, but they realize that Suzumi has an ominous and unsettling aura. Kuroji and their siblings are also not pleased to see them, and Suzumi reveals that they want to ruin Tsubakura's life in order to see them suffer as much as they did on the day their mother died. After Suzumi is defeated, they use one of their books to overwrite the memories of the heroes, setting in motion the events of the Extra stage.

Suzumi as "Arde".
Extra Scenario

After the heroes complete the Extra stage, they're greeted by Tsurubami Senri, who had returned from the Outside World. The outsider humans fill Tsurubami with questions about how to return back to their world, while the Mugenri residents are confused about why the priest would return so soon. Tenkai immediately notices the farce and after a fight, they discover it was Suzumi impersonating Tsurubami. Suzumi is notably excited about tricking the heroes and reveals that they have been fiddling with the heroes's heads since the beginning by altering their memories. After another fight, Suzumi is again defeated. Despite the heroes taking countermeasures to prevent Suzumi from rewriting their memories again, they do so anyway and escape punishment, with Tsubakura being the only person to figure out that Suzumi is responsible.

Secret Team's Scenario

As of version 1.20b, Suzumi was added as a playable character. Rather than being in a team, it's just themself, with the same shot-type, bomb and flash bomb. The team is instead shown as Cine Hamal, Arde, and possibly Benny. To unlock them, the player has to complete Extra+α with all other four teams.

Their scenario works by: taking a route, collecting information, reverting back in time, repeat. By the time they are satisfied with collecting enough information, they encounter a clone of themself that was created through time traveling, who rebels against them and tries to kill them.

Demo version

In the demo version of the game, Suzumi instead appeared as a secret stage 3 boss. Suzumi's initial appearance here gave them a vague backstory. They will only appear on stage 3:0 if all other bosses on each route have been defeated. They will appear randomly on any end cell, regardless of the path taken.[citation needed]

Past Games[edit]

As of version 1.10a, Suzumi was retroactively added as a secret playable character in these past three games: Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Suzumi uses their abilities to travel back to periods of events of the first two games, taking place chronologically after Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. Reactivate Majestical Imperial, however, takes place chronologically before BPoHC. Much like their own route in the fourth game, Suzumi collects information from those incidents for future usage.

Notably, only Hamee appears in the scenarios of the first two games, as Arde's abilities are incapable of travelling back to the memories of the past, but Hamee does occasionally make mention of Arde's opinions on the world of Mugenri. A solid point to Hamee travelling back in time is that in Eastern Miraculous Sword, Suzumi mentioned to Sukune Katano the coming war in BPoHC and that Sukune is much stronger during then. Arde is present in Reactivate Majestical Imperial, as the scenario takes place before the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

Evanescent Existence

In Evanescence Existence, Hamee's main goal was to find the real Tsubakura (but also to collect information). They were travelling through the spaces by accessing memories of those present, swearing to kill all that they've met on their way there but were either too tired or too uninterested. Hamee realized at once that the "Tsubakura" on Stage 3 was a fake, and so tried to further make Tsurubami Senri tell the true reason as to why they spirited away outsiders to Mugenri, but failed because spell card rules don't apply outside it during the Extra stage.

Earthen Miraculous Sword

In Earthen Miraculous Sword, Hamee's goal was to collect information and have their own memories of the incident. During its entirety, they hung around Mugenri whilst complaining about various things. They also didn't kill anybody during their travel as Arde viewed it as a risk.[9]

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

Reactivate Majestical Imperial is Suzumi's first chronological appearance in the Len'en Project. During it, Arde and Hamee "solved" the incident whilst collecting information and checking on key figures. Benny also appears for the first time during the ending, being the commander of both as they went on with their plan for Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.


Tsubakura Enraku

Suzumi has an unhealthy obsession with Tsubakura and sarcastically gives them compliments such as "Master Tsubakura" and "The greatest prodigy in all of history", teasing and threatening them all the while. In the past, while they were in the outside world Suzumi had tried to kill Tsubakura several times, endangering Yabusame in the process. In return, Tsubakura is afraid of Suzumi's sadistic tendencies and campy personality. Also, Suzumi is overly delighted by tormenting them and wants to use their newfound powers to ruin Tsubakura's life, in order to make them despair as much as they did on the day their mother died.

Yabusame Houlen

Yabusame does not like Suzumi, since they have been at the receiving end of their sadistic mind games due to Yabusame being best friends with Tsubakura and Suzumi's obsession with the latter. Suzumi's abilities are weakened when used against Yabusame, due to their multi-dimensional nature. Notably, being resistant or immune to Overwrite, and it was implied if killed while Suzumi used Trace then their death would be permanent.[9]

Shitodo siblings

Kuroji, Hooaka and Aoji also dislike Suzumi and prefer to stay uninvolved in Suzumi's sadistic mind games. On the other side, Suzumi wants to kill them, believing that Tsubakura's life will be a little ruined if the Shitodos die.

Taira no Fumikado

Suzumi informed Fumikado in advance of the hole that would later appear in Mugenri's barrier, which became a key factor in Fumikado's revival plan and led to the events of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Fumikado calls them "the undercover informant from the capital".

Tsurubami Senri

It is implied that there might be a relationship between Suzumi and Tsurubami. Suzumi was able to disguise as Tsurubami during Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, with the disguise being near-perfect to the extent that Suzumi could use Tsurubami's ability temporarily, but not master it.[12] However, when Suzumi travelled through past memories to meet Tsurubami during Evanescent Existence, Tsurubami had no clue who they were.


Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 28
??????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?[a] Bomb EE
??????? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?[b] Flash bomb EE
戻時「遡る記憶」 Reverse Time "Memories Moving Upstream" As Cine Hamal BPoHC St. 6: E/N
遡時「逆境歴史」 Retrace Time "Adverse History" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
止時「留まる思い出」 Stopped Time "Halting Remembrance" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
留時「消えていく姿」 Halted Time "Disappearing Figure" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
「欠ける未来」 "Future Being Broken" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
「毀れる過去」 "Past Being Destroyed" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
憶刃「フラッシュバックナイフ」 Recollection Blade "Flashback Knife" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
過去剣「デジャブキル」 Past Sword "Déjà-Vu Kill" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
再現と体験「リプレイ」 Reproduction and Experience "Replay" 〃, Upgrade BPoHC
St. 6: E/N/H/U
「胎動する記憶」 "Quickening Memories" BPoHC St. 6: E/N/H/U
玄牌「モノクロムビヴァレンス」 Mysterious Card "Monochrome Bivalence" Impersonating Tsurubami Senri BPoHC St. Ex+α
影牌「寄る年波と離れぬ血」 Shadow Card "Blood that Cannot Escape from Advancing Age" BPoHC St. Ex+α
隠彩「ブラインドファイアー」 Shrouding Paint "Blind Fire" BPoHC St. Ex+α
鶴唳「鶴鳴の歎」 Crane's Cry "Lamentations of the Crane's Cry" BPoHC St. Ex+α
刻牌「時を告げない時計」 Engraving Card "The Clock that Doesn't Tell Time" BPoHC St. Ex+α
墨牌「黒曜刀」 Ink Card "Obsidian Blade" BPoHC St. Ex+α
齟齬「致命的な記憶違い」 Discrepancy "Fatal Memory Mismatch" As Arde BPoHC St. Ex+α
惚憶「リバーブメモリアル」 Memorial "Reverb Memorial" BPoHC St. Ex+α
忘刃「フラッシュバックキル」 Forgotten Blade "Flashback Kill" BPoHC St. Ex+α
「濁流に呑まれる記憶」 "Memory Swallowed by Torrid Current" BPoHC St. Ex+α
狭失「瞬きの記憶」 Narrow Loss "Blink Memory" BPoHC St. Ex+α
「背中に突き立てる思い」 "A Thought Jabbed Into Your Back" BPoHC St. Ex+α
「迂闊な勇気」 "Foolhardy Courage" BPoHC St. Ex+α
記憶偽筆「オーバーライト」 Memory Forgery "Overwrite" 〃, Upgrade BPoHC Upgrade
ビッグミステイク Big Mistake 〃, Upgraded bomb BPoHC Upgrade/Use
記憶追従「トレース」 Memory Pursuit "Trace"[c] BPoHC Mentioned

Additional Information[edit]

  • Counting the Tsurubami disguise, Suzumi has the most spell cards for an Extra stage boss, having up to 13 total.
  • Suzumi is the only character in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle to not appear as a possible midboss in the Extra Stage, likely due to them appearing as the Extra+α boss later on.
  • Suzumi's ability to rewrite the past is possibly the reason for Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle's "choose your own adventure"-style plot; JynX has stated that the events of the game's demo can also be considered canon as a result of their ability.[17]
  • When Suzumi was added to the past games, their portraits from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle were re-used rather than having unique portraits.
  • According to JynX, it is possible to defeat Suzumi in spite of their powers, albeit it is "extremely difficult".[18]



  1. According to JynX, this is not a spell card but a usage of their ability, thus it doesn't have a spell card name
  2. Same as above.
  3. Was originally called トレース(記憶追従) in the dialogue mentioning it, but is displayed here in a modified form to stay consistent with Suzumi's spell-naming scheme.

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