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Link to the original text of the interview:


  1. JynX understands the term 内輪ネタ as refering to any source of inspiration and reference from a creator's personal life, hence this answer.
  2. The structure of Devanagara's army would later be revealed in a FANBOX post. As noted in the article, the answer mistakenly mentions military service being mandatory despite that no longer being the case.
  3. Yike note: Someone didn't read the question carefully lol.
  4. A shinto priest's white silk robes worn during certain rituals.
  5. bunrei (分霊, "split soul") refers to when a shinto god's soul is "split" is order to be moved to a new shrine. This process is said to not diminish the original soul at all, and the two souls are equally as powerful as the original.
  6. Reference to fuumaroku (封魔録), SoEW's Japanese title.
  7. A word game where players say a word that begins with the final kana of the previous word.
  8. A reference to the manga/anime series Cardcaptor Sakura.
  9. The RMI trial was already found before JynX answered this question, which JynX is aware of.