Shrine Road

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参道 (さんどう)
Shrine Road
Shrine Road
Location Between the Senri Shrine and Human Village
Official Games

The Shrine Road (参道 Sandō) is a path that connects the Senri Shrine with the Human Village. However, because not many people visit the shrine anymore, it goes more or less unused. The Shrine Road is the setting for various stages in all the Len'en Project games.

General Information[edit]

It is a long shrine road that stretches out from the Senri Shrine to the Human Village. It is a long footpath with trees following it on both sides. It's presumed that the Unlost Woods and the Frontline River is located not far from the road.

Shrine Road's Appearances[edit]

Evanescent Existence

The road is the setting of the Extra stage of Evanescent Existence, where Tsubakura Enraku meets Tsurubami Senri. Later, Yabusame Houlen follows the road into the Mugenri Barrier, where they also meet Tsurubami. Both of them defeat the priest, and are made into Mugenri's new protectors.

Here, the road is shown with a more abstract appearance, being made of blue tile and lined with torii.

Earthen Miraculous Sword

During the incident of Earthen Miraculous Sword, Jun Amanomiya appears to be selling umbrellas on the Shrine Road, taking advantage of the cloudy weather. The protagonist assumes that they are the cause of the incident and defeats them.

In the extra stage, the cloudy weather has returned and snow has blanketed the road. While on the way to the shrine, each of the protagonists are ambushed by Adagumo no Saragimaru, who is seeking to kill them and avenge Yaorochi's failure. However, Saragimaru is defeated, and the protagonists invite them to the shrine to drink.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

In the stage 1 of Reactivate Majestical Imperial, Sese Kitsugai seems to be wandering around on the Shrine Road. The protagonists beat them up just because they happened to be there.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

The protagonists wander around the Shrine Road, trying to see if they can find any leads about the cloudy weather. They run into all sorts of people that they have fought before, such as Sese Kitsugai and Aoji Shitodo. Stage 1 of the game is defaulted to be located at the Shrine Road, and you will stay on the road in the later stages if you were to always take the Neutral (middle) route of the game. However, you can pick different routes to new locations for later stages. As such, if you go left onto the haze route, you'll go to the Unlost Woods on the next stage, but if you go right onto the Brilliant route, you'll go to the Frontline River.