Haiji's Spell Card Shop

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Haiji's Spell Card Shop
ha̠iʑi no̞ sɨᵝpe̞ɾɯ̟ᵝɸɯ̟ᵝda̠ja̠
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Location Somewhere in Mugenri

Haiji's Spell Card Shop (牌示のスペル牌屋) is a shop owned by Haiji Senri located on the outskirts of the Human Village[1] that specialises in Spell Cards. The Spell Collecter and self-proclaimed spell card expert, Haiji Senri, works there.

General Information[edit]

The shop collects spell cards from those who made them and then and duplicates them. They then sell them to their customers. As the original creator of the spell cards cannot duplicate a taken spell card, they are forced to either buy them from the shop or duel them to get them back. Haiji Senri, with their ability to manipulate cards, is shown to carry out these activities.

Haiji mostly runs the store for their own self-satisfaction than monetary gain. To cover their living expenses, they deal in some convenient spell cards which sell fairly well.[1]

The Shop's Appearances[edit]

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

In the extra stage Brilliant route, Haiji Senri attacks the protagonists, aiming to take their cards for the shop. They were defeated and the protagonists move on, even taking Haji's cards instead on some routes.


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