Shrine Road (outside)

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Shrine Road
Shrine Road
A top-down view of the road
Location Right outside Mugenri, leads to the Mugenri Barrier

The Shrine Road (参道, Sandō) lies just outside Mugenri and leads to the Mugenri Barrier. Despite sharing the same name with the Shrine Road found in future games, JynX stated in an interview that it has a different significance than the one inside Mugenri.[1]

Shrine Road's Appearances[edit]

Evanescent Existence

The road is the setting of the Extra stage of Evanescent Existence, where Tsubakura Enraku meets Tsurubami Senri. Later, Yabusame Houlen follows the road into the Mugenri Barrier, where they also meet Tsurubami. Both of them defeat the priest, and are made into Mugenri's new protectors.

Here, the road is shown with a more abstract appearance, being made of blue tile and lined with torii.


Additional Information[edit]

  • In a drawing of The Wings of Magritte made by JynX and posted on Twitter, the train tracks outside the Magritte on the image vaguely resembles this Shrine Road