Outpost Base Camp

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前哨 (ぜんしょう)陣地 (じんち)
Outpost Base Camp
d͡zẽ̞ɰ̃ɕo̞ː d͡ʑĩɲ̟t͡ɕi
Outpost Base Camp in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle
Location Near the Unlost Woods
Ruler Dragonfly Army

The Outpost Base Camp (前哨陣地, Zenshō Jinchi) is an area that's occupied by the re-emerging Dragonfly Army. Kaisen Azuma serves within the campsite.

Outpost Base Camp's Appearances[edit]

The place can be found at the stage 3 of the Haze route. The boss here will be Kaisen Azuma, if you keep to the left.