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Other Names Capital City (, Miyako)
Location Somewhere in Mugenri, right side of the Gloomy Straits
Ruler Ooama no Ake no Mitori
Population Roughly 10 million
  • Reactivate Majestical Imperial (Fumikado's profile)
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle (Stage 5 Brilliant route)
  • Book of the Cafe (Battle scene setting)
  • Devanagara (デーヴァナガラ), or alternatively the Capital City (, Miyako), is the imperial capital of Mugenri.

    General Information[edit]

    Devanagara, which means "Holy Capital" in Sanskrit, is the capital city of Mugenri, a population estimated to be roughly 10 million.[1] It is ruled by a monarchy, which was originally the Fujiwara clan. But after a rebellion organized by Ooama no Ake no Mitori, the Fujiwara successors were wiped and Mitori is the current emperor. The Fujiwara clan has some opposers, such as the Taira clan. Taira no Fumikado originally lived here, but was forced to leave because of assassins.

    The capital's primary religion is Buddhism, where its buildings are inspired by.[2] Its culture vaguely resembles that of feudal Japan.[citation needed] But since the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the capital has been slowly modernizing.[citation needed]

    During times of emergency, a colored mist will hang over the city, indicating a different message depending on the color. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle specifically, the red mist present indicates that leaving the capital was forbidden. These mists are created by Kaoru Kashiwagi.[3]

    Geography and People[edit]

    Devanagara's territory is larger than both the Kanto and Kansai regions of Japan combined, which is approximately 65,548.72 km² (25,308.50 sq mi), while not as large as the prefectures of Japan, 377,972 km² (145,936 sq mi).[4]

    Devanagara has a concrete location in Mugenri.[5] Where exactly on the map is unknown. However, a rough idea could be based on the cell grid system from BPoHC. Assuming one is looking down the Shrine Road with the Senri Shrine to their back, it is on the far right side of that road, past the Gloomy Straits.

    Various key characters in the series take residence in Devanagara. Kurohebi also took up residence here after coming to Mugenri in Evanescent Existence, but they're living rather harshly.[6]

    Sukune Katano claims that they had a small part in building the capital;[7] whether this is true is unknown.

    The locations of Devanagara include, but are not limited to:

    Devanagara's Appearances[edit]

    Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

    Devanagara plays a major role in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. It is one of the two prime factors of the ongoing war. It appears on the fifth stage of in the Brilliant route. Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra and Tenkai Zuifeng are also fought here.

    Book of the Cafe

    Devanagara was revealed to be a battle scene in Book of the Cafe.[9] The scene shows modern-like streets with buildings with the heavenly pagoda at the back.

    Devanagara as shown in the alpha battle video.

    Additional Information[edit]

    • Devanagara is not based on anything in particular, but it is inspired by various places such as Tokyo and Shanghai.[5]