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燕楽えんらく 玄鳥つばくら
Tsubakura Enraku
ẽ̞nɾ̠a̠kɯᵝ t͡sɯᵝβa̠kɯᵝɾ̠a̠
Tsubakura Enraku
Tsubakura in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle as a team member.
Character Titles
Loafing Monochrome
Waiter With a Bad Attitude (in chef form)
Species Human
Abilities Manipulating ink & enjoying that which is enjoyable
Birthday 10 October
Occupation Youkai exterminator, Protector of Mugenri, Inventor
Location Senri Shrine
Music Themes
  • インディスワールド ~ Monochrome_eye (EE, impersonated by Tsurubami Senri)
  • 古く噎せる記憶 〜 BEGAN (EE, their version of the Extra Stage theme)
  • ダブルキーパー ~ 魄い盧のつがひ鳥 (RMI, shared with Yabusame Houlen)
  • アナザーマインド (BPoHC)

Tsubakura Enraku (燕楽 玄鳥, Enraku Tsubakura) is a young scientist revered as a prodigy. They're known as highly capable, experienced, and studious, with their research spanning numerous fields from experimental danmaku weaponry to investigating other dimensions. They are the current priest of the Senri Shrine, hailing from the Outside World and tasked with the protection of Mugenri. They are one of the main protagonists of the Len'en Project and a playable character in all games.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura is one of the main protagonists of the Len'en Project, first appearing as the second selectable character in Evanescent Existence. Always appearing as one of the main characters in the shoot-em-up games, they are practically an icon for the series along with Yabusame Houlen. However, unlike Yabusame, Tsubakura has more links to Mugenri and overall indepth storytelling. Therefore, it would be considered acceptable to instead view Tsubakura as the main protagonist, at least at this point in the series.[1]

Tsubakura hails from the Outside World and was spirited away to Mugenri along with their acquaintances by Tsurubami Senri. It would seem that the main goal was to call Tsubakura forth, with the others possibly only being brought in as collateral.[2][3] Through the process, they became the current priest of the Senri Shrine after Tsurubami tested their strength (along with Yabusame) to see if they were capable of being substitute priests.[4] Forced to take the job,[5] after a game of rock-paper-scissors, Tsubakura became the priest who takes care of traditional priest roles, whereas Yabusame takes care of house chores, avoiding the shrine's stiff rituals.[6][7]

Despite being young, Tsubakura is described to be altogether a mysterious genius, called "the greatest prodigy in all of history" by some people, which they humbly deny.[8][9][5] Despite being a researcher, they're skeptical towards science. Yabusame claims they're shadier than the average scientist,[10] and Tsubakura themself admits to being suspicious.[11]

Overall, both Tsubakura and Yabusame have been finding life in Mugenri much less stressful than that of the outside world,[12] although they'd like to go back at least once.[13] Tsubakura can usually be found either in their research room doing suspicious experiments, taking a quick walk around the shrine's veranda, or even just sleeping.[6][14] They generally lack any motivation for incident-solving,[15][12][7][16] preferring if others went to solve them instead.[6][12][17] Choosing to slack off if desired could cause a lot of people to be upset,[18] but they are trying to live their life in Mugenri as slovenly as possible.[19]

When Tsubakura was appointed as the priest of the shrine, they were given a large book to learn about their quota, and was taught on a daily basis of the shrine's rituals and traditions (as well as the history of Mugenri) by the shrine's shikigami Jinbei. Tsubakura was able read and memorize the book in a day, even though it's estimated to take a month to go through.[6] They are particularly interested in researching the Senri Shrine, but are annoyed that the books found there are full of lies and that Jinbei refuses to share any other knowledge.[19] They were surprised to see a place in Mugenri like Devanagara to be as advanced as the outside world, seeing potential in gathering resources for research there.[20]

When it comes to actually going out incident-solving, Tsubakura is the one doing most of the meaningful talking between themself and Yabusame during Reactivate Majestical Imperial and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. Tenkai Zuifeng, however, is worried that they are not taking this role seriously because of their loafing attitude.[10] Tsubakura does not like being the priest of the shrine, and they do not see themself as one officially.[19] Despite this, they have so far managed to prove their worth as a Senri priest.[21]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura is described to have a personality with lots of contradictions, with others not able to understand their words and actions very well.[22][8] They're shown to be quite knowledgeable throughout the dialogues of the series, but tend to give incoherent replies. Always having a long face,[7] they are very straightforward and aloof with everyone.[6] Because of their high intelligence, they can come across as conceited, impatient and condescending at times to those not sharp enough to follow their explanations immediately.[23] In contrast to the slower Yabusame, they're very analytical and quick on the uptake. They dislike putting in effort, and instead prefer cutting corners.[24] They much prefer lazing about without a care for the incidents, not doing their job as a Senri priest unless forced to by Jinbei.[6] They enjoy having naps often, instead.[9][5][24]

Tsubakura claims to be modest, and only arrogant towards certain people such as Kuroji.[25] They would sometimes choose to fight opponents just to kill time[26] and are openly a habitual trickster, examples being getting Jinbei to drink ink[6] or making a fake demon-warding charm for Souko Shirami.[27] They find the clothes of Mugenri's residents to be weird,[11] and in general find everyone there to be a nuisance.[28][13] Lumen claims that Tsubakura's heart is as dark as their hair.[11]

Tsubakura likes to eat and drink ordinary ink and think it tastes great,[29] even though it tastes like regular ink.[30] They put ink in their coffee,[6] or to any beverage.[12] They get their coffee via Yabusame's hyper-dimensional pocket.[31] Tsubakura also likes to put ink fried eggs and soap in miso soup.[32] They even think that miasma is a good spice ingredient.[33] When it comes tor regular drinks, however, they are particularly fond of alcohol (especially saké) to the point that a rumour related to saké lured Tsubakura out during Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. They also like rum.[34] As for food, they like agura-nabe the most out of the different types of nabe,[9] and are known to also like soba. They would prefer fancier food.[35]

There are a few things that they struggle to understand, however, such how barriers work (something that Yabusame Houlen, who's notoriously stupid, was able to understand).[10] They are, in some ways, still considered an idiot due to their taste in eating ink,[36] and they even consider themself to be an idiot.[19] They mention that they have hit their head hard multiple times in the past.[37]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura is thought to be a fairly strong character. They suggest putting more effort into fighting when against strong characters such as Suzumi Kuzu,[38] implying that they don't make much effort to fight most of the time. They seem to know their limits, however, mentioning that they don't want to fight Tsurubami knowing they can't win.[13] A lot of their power is thanks to technology, body modifications and special abilities, and without it Tsubakura's strength is just like any other regular human.[39]

Tsubakura already had abilities prior to coming to Mugenri, and gained new ones upon entering in Evanescent Existence.[40] Which abilities was gained upon is unknown. They were gained after Tsurubami raised their potential.[41] Tsubakura learnt about the spell card system upon being dragged into Mugenri by Tsurubami.[42]

Given their unorthodox powers, JynX excluded them and Yabusame when asked to rank the strongest characters in the series.[43] Tsubakura's abilites are, however, one of JynX's favourite abilities in the series.[44]

Tsubakura doesn't mind Shion eating away at their soul, supposedly because it's strong due to all the ink they've been drinking.[45] Shion has gotten somewhat stronger after eating Tsubakura's soul, but didn't gain their abilities and can only mimic their spell cards, such as "Monochrome Wraith" being based on "Monochrome Ray".[42]

Tsubakura's iconic "Monochrome Ray" is most potent when compressed to a narrow stream - the more it's spread out, the more its power drops.[36]

Manipulating ink
Tsubakura from EMS's title screen, showing their sword.

Tsubakura can control ink and use it as weaponry.[8][46] Correctly speaking, it's not ink but nanomachine-like objects that resemble it.[22] Tsubakura is able to materialise a long sword made of ink, and make practical use of it.[47] The shape of it can change depending on their mood.[48]

Using technology

Using their scientific knowledge and aptitude for technology, Tsubakura has created various spell cards and danmaku toys.[22] They were even able to grow an artificial arm for Hooaka Shitodo with ease,[49] but they can grow any part of the body as long as they have a cell sample.[50]

They also perform their experiments on themself, such as remodelling their body structure so that they can't feel the cold.[9] They can do just about anything when it comes to genetic modifications.[51]

Tsubakura (at least during their time in the outside world) developed their own gadgets without releasing them to the public.[52] They can still create astonishing inventions as before coming to Mugenri, but with some limitations due to being located in the Sanctuary.[53] Tsubakura made Yabusame Houlen a "Two-Dimensional Cloth" with zero thickness, preventing Yabusame from flying off into different dimensions unprompted.[54]

Enjoying that which is enjoyable

They have the ability to quickly find out about anything interesting even if it is meaningless games.[22] However, for currently unknown reasons, they purposefully do not use this ability,[55] which may play into their loafing personality most of the time.

Superior flight speed

While Tsubakura's current ability to fly is thanks to Mugenri's dimensional properties, they do possess the potential to become one of the fastest flyers in all of Mugenri if they got serious, based on the impressive flight speed of the swallow, Tsubakura's bird namesake.[56] In fact, Tsubakura's flying speed without anything weighing them down can get up to 2600km/h, which is a little over Mach 2.[57] They can simply control this speed with their eyes and abilities.[58] Interestingly, Tsubakura has apparently had experience with flight even prior to the events of Evanescent Existence, possibly due to having travelled to a dimension which allows flight.[59]

Abilities as a Senri priest

A Senri priest's duties involve "mostly incident resolving, maintenance of public order and maintaining the Mugenri Barrier," as well as performing exorcisms and good-luck charms.[16][27] Tsubakura briefly mentioned that they already had connections to such matters prior to arriving in Mugenri,[4] although time and time again, they've shown little interest in being a priest. According to Tenkai, the Senri Shrine exists as a "pillar" for Mugenri, and without it and its priests, Mugenri would collapse. Tsubakura simply existing as a priest maintains the "pillar" while Tsurubami is away.[60]

An important symbol related to the Senri as a whole is the "eye", which is always shown as half-closed with a black background. It's mainly seen on Tsubakura's and Tsurubami's hat. It is implied that this eye is conscious.[61] Yabusame says that the hat with the eye was borrowed from Tsurubami, although it is unclear whether this means that it is a different hat or the same hat with the eye added to it. Yabusame also compares it to the Tasouken, claiming that they are both sacred treasures. However, its function remains unclear.[62]

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Teaser image of Monochrome World that is meant to be a prequel to the series, showing Tsubakura without the Senri eye on their hat.

Tsubakura is estimated to have been born on the 10th of October.[24] Prior to arriving in Mugenri, Tsubakura was talented enough to be appointed as the general chief researcher at a research lab under the EN corporate group,[63] in which they spent day and night conducting suspicious research. Because of their popularity, they were sometimes a slave to sponsorships.[22]

Tsubakura accidentally made a nuclear weapon in one instance,[64] although it can apparently be argued that it was not their fault either.[65] They presumably also created the Wings of Magritte or, at the very least, were in charge of ensuring it cannot be boarded without authorization.[66]

Tsubakura has also made sentient creations, such as the Monochroids. They're known to be NiLU's creator[63] and, while their direct relation is unknown,[67] Rei is modelled after Tsubakura. Creating androids with artificial intelligence is not their only achievement - they even made an artificial human, Kurohebi, with the help of Suzumi Kuzu, estimated around 22nd of November.[24] Unfortunately for Tsubakura, Suzumi has tasked Kurohebi to assassinate them.[68]

Some time just before being spirited away, Tsubakura was looking into a "Country of Non-Humans", which is likely a name for Mugenri.[69] Tsubakura is said to have strong connections to Mugenri even prior to being spirited away by Tsurubami.[70] More interestingly, Tsubakura may have even hopped to different dimensions with the help of Yabusame Houlen, given that they have experienced flight before coming to Mugenri.[59]

Tsubakura may be a member of the Ponderer of the Ivory Cup due to having worked on researching with Hoojiro Shitodo, who is an official member. It is also implied that Tsubakura is the only one to have seen the Ivory Cup, given Haru's disinterested response.[71]

Their disappearance along with the rest of their acquaintances is known to have made a huge news story in the Outside World.[72] Tsubakura set Hoojiro a "deadline" of one year, after which Hoojiro was to start an investigation should they not return.[73]

At some point, Tsubakura and Suzumi were acquaintances, but for unknown reasons, the two ended up attempting to trick and even kill each other.[38] Through most of the Len'en Project, Suzumi has been plotting Tsubakura's destruction, while Tsubakura has no idea what these motives are.[74] They admit that they might be recording Tsubakura's exploits just to make eventually killing them more enjoyable.[7] Hamee in particular has such an elaborate plan on killing Tsubakura that Ardey, Suzumi's other personality, finds it demented and prefers to just kill Tsubakura here and there.[75]

Tsubakura's mother passed away at some point prior to the series, bringing grief to Tsubakura.[66] This ties in to Suzumi finding pleasure in seeing Tsubakura's reaction to this, and believes that killing other people close to Tsubakura (such as the Shitodos) can bring more sadness to Tsubakura.[66]

Clearly, Tsubakura has went through a lot of suffering, and will continue to do so in the future.[76]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Concept art of Tsubakura in Len'en Wiki:Interview with JynX (2015).

Origin[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura's design, down to the color scheme and large hat, is an homage to Daijin from Emergency Everyday, the predecessor to Len'en as it is known today. Their technological prowess and ability to "enjoy that which is enjoyable" might've also been inspired by Daijin's tinkering with game consoles and ability to enjoy games, but this is not nearly as evident. Tsubakura's character as a whole was created before Yabusame Houlen,[77] but after Suzumi Kuzu.[78]

Title[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura's title throughout the series is Loafing Monochrome (酒嚢飯袋な単彩, Shunōhantaina Tansai). 酒囊饭袋 literally means "saké bag, rice bag", referring to a person who only eats and drinks and nothing else, and thus is an incompetent person who doesn't do much. This pretty much references their lazy personality. 単彩 refers to their general colour theme, which is primarily black and white.

In Book of the Cafe, their chef form holds the title Waiter With a Bad Attitude (態度の悪いウェイター, Taido no Warui Ueitā).

Name[edit | edit source]

Diagram of a hidden meaning in Tsubakura's name

Their full name is Tsubakura Enraku (燕楽 玄鳥). According to JynX, Tsubakura had over 50 different name candidates during their character development, and 10 had significant meaning before finalising the name.[79] Paired with Yabusame's last name (Houlen, as in Len'en), theirs might be reflected in the name of the game series: Enraku, as in Len'en.

The kanji used in their first name, (玄鳥), mean "mysterious bird" when taken literally. It is one of the Japanese terms for the "swallow", a type of bird, although with a different pronunciation (tsubakura rather than genchou (げんちょう)). Their last name, Enraku (燕楽) is homophonous with a word for "partying" (宴楽), most likely a reference to their ability of "enjoying that which is enjoyable". En () is also a kanji that can mean swallow, or even swifts. In addition, can also itself be read as tsubakura, again referring to the swallow.

JynX created a poll on Twitter to revealing some information about the Len'en Project, with one option having a secret meaning to Tsubakura's name revealed. Because it received the least votes, JynX took pity on it and revealed the secret anyway: Each kanji in the name has a hidden meaning of either "black" or "white" (ironically, they already hinted at this in Evanescent Existence's omake[79]). The kanji and contain the kanji in them, giving them the meaning of "white". The kanji can inherently mean "black". The kanji is the most complex of the four: Parts of it can be taken to form the kanji for "north" (), which then plays into the philosophy of the five phases, where the direction of "north" is correlated with the color "black". The name is meant to represent the colors of a swallow, which has a white torso and black wings.[80]

Design[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura has short, neck length black hair and deep black eyes. They're usually seen scowling and hardly display emotions other than boredom and anger, aside from the occasional wry smile.

They are dressed in clothing similar to a tuxedo, modeled after many different types and genus of swallows, such as their red ribbon-tie resembling the red throats of most Hirundo swallows. Their black and white vest stretches down the sides and not covering the abdomen or back. This may be designed based on the black chests some swallows have, namely the black-collared and white-throated swallows. They wear two white bell sleeves on their arms in a similar style to a kimono. Underneath the vest is a sleeveless white tailcoat, called "swallow tail clothes" (燕尾服) in Japanese, with coat tails modeled after those of a swallow, a green "hakama", and a purple-blue cloth tied around their waist. The cloth and hakama resemble the colors found on vibrant Tachycineta swallows, golden and violet-green swallow specifically. Although, most Tachycineta have at least the bluish color.

Most notoriously, Tsubakura wears an oversized, poofy black top hat. JynX chose this style of hat simply because they think that big hats are nice.[81] It has a dark red interior and band, sharing the same color as the ribbon-tie. This hat gains an eye resembling the Eye of Senri after the events of Evanescent Existence. Additionally, the red on the hat may be inspired by the red-feathered heads of many swallows, such as the greater and lesser striped swallows.

For shoes, they wear dark geta over white socks closed with buttons.

The clothes they are wearing were what they had right before being spirited away to Mugenri. They would've worn different clothes or even had their iconic clothes since long ago.[82]

Tsubakura is considered shorter than average.[7] They're shorter than Yabusame Houlen, but taller than Kuroji Shitodo.[83] If the unit heights from BOOK of the CAFE are to be taken as accurate, they're the same height as Tsurubami and are the shortest of the entire Evanescent Existence cast aside from Kuroji. Arde quips about their height at one point, making it seem as if Suzumi is taller than Tsubakura, as well.[84]

Tsubakura's design process was the most difficult of all the characters in the series.[85]

Danmaku Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura's Shot-Type

Tsubakura is a standard playable character throughout the series, being best suited for average players due to their narrow range. They have high speed, but have a small hitbox. Their shot-type is a forward concentration white laser, providing high firepower, along with ink bullets shot in the same line. Their bomb, "Monochrome Ray", deals a huge amount of damage with a single laser blast, although it doesn't last long. They might struggle with stage enemies, but can defeat bosses quicker. Their flash bomb, called "Vertex Emit", has four lines go in all four directions that can erase bullets.[86]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Evanescent Existence[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura Enraku
Fake Tsubakura Enraku
The real Tsubakura in EE (left), compared with Tsurubami Senri disguised as Tsubakura (right)

Tsubakura appears as the second playable character of Evanescent Existence. Initially unlockable, playing as Tsubakura requires defeating the Extra Stage boss with Yabusame Houlen. The gist of Tsubakura's story is that they were spirited away from the Outside World to a strange land called Mugenri along with their acquaintances. Worried, their friend Yabusame used their power to cross over dimensions to search for Tsubakura. The culprit being the priest Tsurubami Senri, who placed the outsiders in different spaces to train their newfound abilities.

Main Scenario
Fake Tsubakura's boss sprite in EE
Tsubakura's back sprite in EE

Tsurubami took Tsubakura's appearance and started to pick fights with the outsiders in order to test their strength. Because of this impersonator, the player doesn't actually play as Tsubakura during the main scenario of the game, but instead Tsurubami. While their portrait showed an eye on the hat, it'll close whenever Tsurubami talked to an outsider.[87] All the characters who encounter Tsurubami believed them to be the real Tsubakura. There are various clues dropped around the game which imply Tsurubami's true identity, such as the talismans use in their fight against Yabusame, which foreshadows Tsurubami, since Tsubakura uses technology.

Tsurubami picked a fight with Kurohebi in the Dimensional Cave, then with Aoji Shitodo in their personal spaces. They also bump into Yabusame Houlen in the Interconnecting Corridor (a dimension that only Tsurubami has authority to enter), with Yabusame finding this "Tsubakura" to be more annoying than usual. They further picked on Hooaka Shitodo and Kuroji Shitodo, with Kuroji feeling something was off with "Tsubakura". Clause was the last for Tsurubami to fight, with Clause being to first to realize that they were a fake all along. What Tsubakura was doing during this time is unknown.

Extra Scenario

The real Tsubakura is playable in the Extra stage. Since their impostor and Yabusame have defeated everyone, Tsubakura crosses the spaces with ease. They enter the sun that casts a shadow only to meet Clause, with Tsubakura telling them to "go back to the hospital". After defeating them, Tsubakura vows to punish the one impersonating as them, with Tsurubami appearing. Tsurubami admits to being the impostor and introduced themself as the Senri Shrine priest. After a duel Tsurubami tests their strength, Tsubakura "defeats" Tsurubami, with Tsurubami simply revealing that they had caused this all because they wanted a new protector for Mugenri as a temporary Senri priest. They see that Yabusame is coming into their direction and Tsubakura asks the priest to give them a hard fight.

Yabusame initially thought they were talking to Tsubakura before realizing it was Tsurubami. After Tsurubami took care of Yabusame, they explain the same thing to Yabusame. They wanted to reveal Tsubakura to Yabusame, but they already left, not before leaving Yabusame a mocking note. The priest was considering for Tsubakura to be their replacement, but after witnessing Yabusame's potential, they handed both of them their job as a youkai exterminator. After that, Yabusame and Tsubakura settled in Mugenri.

Earthen Miraculous Sword[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura in EMS

Tsubakura appears as the second playable character in Earthen Miraculous Sword.


Shortly after settling in Mugenri, Yabusame and Tsubakura are adjusting to a new life in the Senri Shrine. Tsurubami's familiar, Jinbei, is the one who monitors them and makes sure they do youkai extermination properly. Tsubakura pulled a prank on Yabusame and Jinbei by giving them a suspicious black drink that they claimed was coffee. After the prank was pulled, Jinbei notes that the weather has recently been cloudy and asked them to resolve it. However, only one can go, so they decided on a game of rock-paper-scissors. Tsubakura lost and was forced to resolve the incident, despite showing multiple times that they had no interest.

Main Scenario

Upset upon losing at rock-paper-scissors to Yabusame, Tsubakura is forced to resolve the incident, but decides to finish the mission quickly. They encounter Jun Amanomiya, a rain youkai who then proceeds to have a chat about how troublesome rain is. Because Jun's powers are similar to the incident, Tsubakura defeats them believing to be the mastermind. Thinking they solved the incident, they head to the Human Village to get some saké. Shortly after, a slug youkai called Shou Amanomori attacks Tsubakura in revenge for having defeated Jun, but they're defeated and the human teases them about how the sun will return to Mugenri. They encounter Lumen Celeritas, who too is trying to solve the incident and found Tsubakura suspicious. Realizing the incident is still not over, they move closer to the clouds only to encounter Hibaru Kokutenshi, a youkai salaryman who attacks Tsubakura in a poor attempt to make them repay the sun's dept.

Eventually, Tsubakura found themself at the Ritual Site, where they met Sukune Katano. They tried to chase them off from interrupting an "important ritual". Failed, Tsubakura entered the building and climbed the stairs to find Adagumo no Yaorochi, who was holding a ritual to transfer the Tasouken's spirit into a clay sword that Sukune made. Tsubakura hazard a guess that it was called the "Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi", but due to poor communication, Yaorochi mistakenly assumed that Tsubakura is there to take their sword away and the two fight. However, after Yaorochi is defeated, the sword attacks Tsubakura on its own. Fortunately, the clay vessel was too much for the Tasouken and it stopped. After everything was cleared, Sukune reveals that the clay replica is actually a sword-shaped bottle opener, much to Yaorochi's chagrin. In the end, Tsubakura drinks some saké with them.

Extra Scenario

The night after Yaorochi's defeat, Tsubakura had a drinking party with Yaorochi, Sukune and the other heroes inside the Ritual Site, which has been repurposed into a banquet hall. Running out of saké, the three protagonists decide to fetch more from the Senri Shrine, deciding who will go with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Tsubakura loses and heads out. Drunk, they dealt with an overpowerd Lumen Celeritas, who blasted themself away with a powerful attack. They quickly sobered up and realised it was snowing more than usual. Eventually, they meet Adagumo no Saragimaru, Yaorochi's younger sibling, who had been lying in wait to kill Tsubakura for ruining the ritual and messing with Yaorochi's happiness. Tsubakura invides Saragimaru for a drink, who refused. In the way, Tsubakura attacks them. After Saragimaru is defeated, Tsubakura invites them to drink together without caring of their feelings.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura in RMI

Tsubakura returns as a playable character in Reactivate Majestical Imperial, although this time teamed up with Yabusame Houlen. During gameplay, the two can swap turns between shooting and passively collecting souls, either through bombing or dying. Tsubakura in particular can enable the active character (Yabusame) to pick up spirit items (although those items can't be drawn in by focusing). They are also a possible Stage 4 boss teamed up with Yabusame if the player chooses to play the Slaver Team.


There is a long winter that is out of season and a sudden flow of spirits, with Tsubakura showing no care about and ignoring Adagumo no Yaorochi's explanation of the incident. Jinbei forces Yabusame and Tsubakura to head out.

Main Scenario

Tsubakura and Yaubsame started with ignoring Sese Kitsugai then beating up Tsugumi Umatachi for collecting souls. Arriving at the Giant's Burrow cave, they encountered Fujiwara no Iyozane, who refused to answer questions after the team learn that they are manipulating the spirits. After dealing with them, they bumped into Sukune Katano and Adagumo no Yaorochi, who told the humans to go home. Yabusame wanted to resolve the incident together, but everyone refused. Defeating them, the team left the cave onto a river, where Taira no Fumikado was trying to take advantage of the sudden influx of spirits to revive Taira no Masakado. However, their plan was foiled as something else was attracting the spirits. After defeating them, they found out that all the spirits are attracted to the Harujion in the Withered Grove. There was a newborn chimera soul, who Yabusame gave the name "Shion" to. Shion could sense people's minds by smelling them, and is particularly interested in Tsubakura because they have a blank, neutral soul, wanting to consume it. Realizing that the Harujion was causing the long winter, they defeat Shion.

In the ending, Yabusame and Tsubakura returned to the Senri Shrine, bringing Shion with them, much to Jinbei's chagrin. Shion indicated that they were attracted by the essence of the shrine and that they were still interested in consuming Tsubakura's soul. Even with the Bottle Opener and Slaver Teams ending, Shion would still end up at the Senri Shrine with the same results, being attracted to Tsubakura's soul.

Boss Encounter
Tsubakura's boss sprite in RMI

On their way through the Giant's Burrow, Kuroji Shitodo and Adagumo no Saragimaru bump into Yabusame and Tsubakura, who are curious about their partnership. Kuroji tells the two to go away, but provoked a fight. Yabusame and Tsubakura take turns fighting seperately before teaming up for the final spell card. Kuroji beat Yabusame and Tsubakura, who were actually going easy and now have an excuse to return to the shrine, leaving Kuroji and Saragimaru to deal with the incident.

Extra Scenario

A few days after the events of the main story, Fumikado ends up at the Senri Shrine and confess that they only took advantage of the affluence of spirits coming through a hole in the Mugenri Barrier. Jinbei tells the team that a few months ago, they asked a friend and skilled barrier builder, Tenkai Zuifeng, to repair the barrier. Jinbei would like to check Tenkai's progress on the repairs, so they ask the heroes to regroup and consult with them. Arriving at the Road Traveled by Light, Yabusame and Tsubakura confront Tenkai, while the latter is curious if the two are strong enough to replace Tsurubami Senri as protectors of Mugenri. Tenkai is defeated, but was left satisfied and fixed the barrier during their battle. On the way back home, the team are ambushed by Sese Kitsugai, who absorbed the spirits the heroes had been recollecting and transforms into a much more powerful form, but they are still defeated and the spirits leave their body.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura in BPoHC as a team member

Tsubakura returns as a playable character in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, as part of the Shrine Team along with Yabusame Houlen and Shion. The player can choose Tsubakura to either be a main (the shooter), a sub (bombing) or a support (providing skill upgrades). Their upgrade is to increases movement gauge's tilting speed, and they have three skills that allows wider damage with a flash bomb, 55% chance to automatically dodge, and allowing bombs to cover the screen and damage Stage 6 and EX bosses.


Taira no Fumikado and Fujiwara no Iyozane arrived at the Senri Shrine to warn about the upcoming war, as tension between the Youkai Alliance and Devanagara have increased. Tsubakura took no interest in their problems and made them leave. After, the Shitodo siblings visited to say that they were attacked by a mysterious person, and needed Tsubakura's help to aid Hooaka's arm injuries. They were able to grow an artificial arm for Hooaka. In return, Kuroji shared with them the rumour that had been circulating Mugenri, to which Tsubakura believes it will rain free saké. As they left, Kuroji tossed a few coins onto the shrine's veranda as further compensation. Yabusame noticed the coins were all standing on their edges, to which annoyed Tsubakura. Jinbei said nothing to the others and went into the shrine. Eventually, Jinbei tells Tsubakura to go out to deal with "something dangerous", which they won't specify. They reason that it would be safer to travel in larger groups due to the ongoing war, so they loosened Shion's seal to allow them to leave the shrine with Tsubakura. Tsubakura, Yabusame and Shion left the shrine and heads for the battlefields.

Brilliant Route

If the player chooses to go right, then they will head towards the imperial capital, Devanagara. Hoping to stop the war, Tsubakura and co. head there. They defeated Mitsumo, who threatened to possess them, along with various people from the Imperial Army on the way (Medias, Kunimitsu, Kaoru and Sanra). They climbed the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror to reach the Heavenly Mausoleum, where they witness the emperor Ooama no Ake no Mitori break the Great Mirror. Mitori explained that they did so to lift the curse it put on the capital's people, as well as the reason they orchestrated a coup d'état to overthrow the previous Fujiwara dynasty. Realizing that the "mirror breaking" mentioned by the rumor isn't about saké after all, the protagonists decide to leave after requesting that Mitori withdraw their troops. However, Mitori, wanting to test the priests' powers and to demolish the Senri Shrine in order to conquer all of Mugenri, challenge the protagonists to a duel.

After Mitori's defeat, Mugenri is once again enjoying peace while our heroes enjoy their free time at the Senri Shrine. Mitori and Sanra visit them, imploring them to go talk to the Dragonfly Army as well, so as to make sure the flames of war are completely put out. Tsubakura agrees with them and the three set out once more, with the unresolved rumor still looming over them.

Haze Route

If the player chooses to go left, then they will head towards the Dragonfly Castle. Hoping to stop the war, Tsubakura and co. head towards the origin of the youkai troops after defeating Souko Shirami, who Tsubakura wanted to defeat in order to keep their secret of making fake charms for Souko from being known. Along the way, they learn that they belong to the recently-formed Dragonfly Army, lead by the new emperor as chosen by the Dragonfly Castle. They defeat their followers (Kujiru, Kaisen, Garaiya and Para) as they progress and finally reach the throne room of the castle, Ukifune's Room, where they meet said new emperor, Taira no Chouki. Tsubakura asks them to stop the war, but Yabusame compares their name with Fumikado's, who Chouki sees as their enemy. This angered Chouki and they fight.

Mugenri is once again enjoying peace and our heroes enjoy their free time at the Senri Shrine. Chouki comes by to bother them, demanding that they give back the Dragonfly Castle, which followed our protagonists home after they defeated Chouki.

Neutral Route

If the player chooses to go the middle route (or not go full-left or -right), then Tsubakura and co. will wander around Mugenri, trying to find the saké that the rumour speaks of. They will randomly meet just about anyone they've already encountered from previous games, each having various reasons to battle. Most notably, they will learn more about the war, the rumour, the person that attacked the Shitodo siblings and how these affected the residents of Mugenri.

If the party has beaten every final boss of the game, and played a full run while remaining on the Shrine Road, then they would meet Suzumi Kuzu (Hamal Cine). Here, the protagonists contemplate the true reason Kuroji shared the rumor with them, which Tsubakura figures out that it was bait for them to head out. Thus, they bump into Suzumi, who "reminisces" about the times that they had spent together. Tsubakura mentions the number of times they've both tried to kill each other. Suzumi says that it is still too early to fight the protagonists, but do so anyway. After the party defeats Suzumi, they erase their memories of the fight by showing them a book, leaving Suzumi to disappeared.

Extra Scenario

After the three got their memory erased by Suzumi, they continue on the Shrine Road, a strange feeling looming over them. Yabusame remembers their encounter with Suzumi, however, but failed to tell Tsubakura about it.

  • On the Brilliant route, they run into Haiji Senri, who challenges them to a spell card battle in order to get the trio's spell cards.
  • On the Haze route, they run into Yago Ametsukana, who battles them to test their power. They win and Yago deems that something or someone's future is in safe hands, although they wouldn't reveal what.
  • On the Neutral route, Tsubakura wonders if Suzumi entered Mugenri, which prompted Yabusame to clarify that they encountered Suzumi earlier. Suddenly, they then run into the "dangerous thing" that Jinbei warned them about, Xeno a. They explain that Tsurubami used to be their sparring mate and that they miss fighting with them ever since they left Mugenri. Xeno a challenged the trio to see how powerful Tsurubami's successors are. They lose but express satisfaction after fighting them.

After fighting Xeno a, Tsubakura tells Yabusame that their and Shion's memories were tampered with by Suzumi. Yabusame told the others that they fought Suzumi and Tsubakura explains that Suzumi's powers don't work on Yabusame. Thanks to Yabusame's mention of the fight, the others recover their memory. Tsurubami suddenly appears, announcing that since they've returned from the Outside World, the new priests need to "disappear". Tsubakura doesn't wish to fight Tsurubami, knowing that they can't win. The two parties fight, with Tsurubami "promising" to give the outsiders their freedom if they win. Eventually however, Tsurubami reveals themself to be Suzumi (Arde) in disguise, with quickly learning that it wasn't a mere disguise. Tsubakura and Suzumi decide to fight due to personal grudges and the former wins. Tsubakura demands answers from Suzumi, but Suzumi makes Tsubakura get emotional, uses their ability to alter reality and disappears. It once again doesn't affect Yabusame, but no one believes that they fought Suzumi since they are unable to recall the event after Yabusame reminds them of it. Regardless, Tsubakura keeps up their guard.

Boss Encounter
Tsubakura in BPoHC as a boss

If the player is playing as any other team of the game that's not the Shrine Team, then Tsubakura can appear as a possible final boss of the game, appearing on stages 6:2 and 6:3, randomly on 6:0 if Suzumi is not unlocked, or randomly on 6:4 if playing as the Pre-School Team. Tsubakura will be roaming around the Dragonfly Castle or the Shrine Road, looking for clues related to the incident.

  • With the New Emperor Team, Tsubakura finds the trio in hopes of learning more about the leader of the Dragonfly Army. They engaged in an exchange of wordplay with Fujiwara no Iyozane, with some lines mocking Taira no Fumikado, although they didn't understand them. Due to this, Fumikado refused to share any information until Tsubakura explained those lines, which Tsubakura disagreed to. They decide to fight to settle the matter.
  • With the Preschool Team, Tsubakura comes to complain about their new duties as the official new Senri priest. Although not a fan of their new responsibilities, Tsubakura does express interest in the Senri Shrine itself but bemoans that all the shrine's official documents are lies. In order to learn more, they attack Tenkai in an attempt to force information out of them.
  • With the Scoundrel Team, Tsubakura hopes to force Kuroji to explain who severed Hooaka's arm and why Kuroji shared the rumour with them, Tsubakura attacks the trio.
  • With the Secret Team, Suzumi Kuzu run into Tsubakura. Figuring that Tsubakura had been having things too easy ever since they arrived in Mugenri, Hamal Cine attacks them in order to bring them anguish again.

Tsubakura casts six spell cards, with five re-used from Evanescent Existence. They are eventually defeated, although left unknown with what the outcome was with each team.

Book of the Cafe[edit | edit source]

Tsubakura is a playable character in Book of the Cafe. In a battle state prototype, they can attack with a paint brush.[88]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

By virtue of being one of Mugenri's main incident solvers, Tsubakura has been shown to interact with most characters in the series.

Yabusame Houlen

Tsubakura and Yabusame Houlen have been friends since long ago, although it is suggested that their relationship is troublesome and that the two have been through various things.[89] Being gullible and slow, Tsubakura tends to pick on them a lot, much to Yabusame's chagrin. Yabusame tends to not understand what Tsubakura is saying.[12] Even though Yabusame likes Tsubakura, apparently Tsubakura dislikes Yabusame.[24] They are often annoyed at Yabusame's airhead personality. It is implied that Yabusame will always be by Tsubakura's side because they're a "Tsubakura-loving missile", hence why they followed Tsubakura to Mugenri.[90]

Suzumi Kuzu

Suzumi Kuzu has an intense love-hate relationship with Tsubakura. In the past, Suzumi was presumably close with the other outsiders,[91] and had cooperated with Tsubakura on at least one occassion to create Kurohebi.[68] For reasons unknown, their relationship turned antagonistic, ending up in them deceiving and attempting to murder each other several times.[38] As such, Tsubakura considers Suzumi incredibly dangerous, to the point of claiming that there is no real threat in the world besides them.[33] On the other hand, Suzumi says that between the two, Tsubakura is the nastier one.[13]

Suzumi's personality souls seem to have different opinions of Tsubakura. It is unclear if Tsubakura is aware of each soul, but they at least know that Suzumi has different "moods".[38]

  • Hamal Cine has an unhealthy obsession with Tsubakura, speaking of them with awe and glee while simultaneously wanting to cause them as much suffering as possible, alternating between teasing and threatening them all the while. They always refer to Tsubakura as "Tsubakura-sama", adding an honorific title as though they are of a higher status. They want for Tsubakura to feel the same despair as on the day of their mother's death[13] and consider it their main objective,[92] alongside bringing their demise in an overly elaborate way.[75] Despite their perversions, Hamee's reverence of Tsubakura appears genuine, as they take offense towards any insults towards them[84] and refer to them just as highly when fantasizing about them as in person.
  • Arde, on the other hand, feels little but disdain towards Tsubakura, considering them a pest and mocking them after their victory.[13] Unlike Hamee, they take a more pragmatic approach to their revenge, wanting to strike Tsubakura down swiftly and as soon as possible.[75] Also unlike Hamee, they do not call Tsubakura with an honorific title.
  • It is unclear what Benny's opinion is of Tsubakura, but it could be assume that they have similar motives with the other two personalities. Interestingly, Benny has the same eye colour as Tsubakura.
Shitodo siblings

Kuroji Shitodo, Hooaka Shitodo and Aoji Shitodo are all acquaintances with Tsubakura. They trusted Tsubakura enough to let them treat Hooaka's arm injury.[7] In addition, Tsubakura occasionally visits the Shitodos at their house, albeit unwelcomed by Kuroji.[93]

With Kuroji specifically, their and Tsubakura's interactions consist of polite insults and sarcastic remarks. Kuroji considers Tsubakura to be better than them in every area, believing the latter is always one step ahead.[94] Despite their dismissive attitude towards the gap between them, Kuroji's feelings of inadequacy do weigh on their pride - while they appear to have resigned themself to being inferior, they often make self-depreciating remarks upon losing against Tsubakura as if they never had a chance at victory,[25] and the Scoundrel Team's Haze route ending shows them wondering if they could finally stand on their own against Tsubakura.[95]

However, their relationship isn't entirely antagonistic - Kuroji's been shown to worry about Tsubakura at times to the surprise of their siblings[96], with Tsubakura themself saying Kuroji tends to meddle in their affairs out of worry to the point of being annoying. They have known each other for years, enough for Kuroji to know how Tsubakura handles things.[25] Kuroji's feelings of inferiority appear to stem from genuine admiration for Tsubakura's talent as well, as they've been shown to praise the young prodigy on occasions.[17][33]

Kuroji took inspiration from Tsubakura for one of their spell cards.[97]


Being the shikigami of the Senri Shrine, Jinbei is Tsubakura's shikigami, although they don't listen to everything Tsubakura tells them.[98] Jinbei will occasionally tell Yabusame to solve incidents. Tsubakura seems to respect Jinbei a lot and calls them "Sensei", but they're also prone to Tsubakura's pranks.[6] Despite this, there are secrets that Jinbei refuses to tell Tsubakura.[19]

Tsurubami Senri

Despite Tsubakura's annoyance towards Tsurubami for impersonating them, they reluctantly agreed to replace Tsurubami as the current Senri priest, along with Yabusame.[4] While Tsubakura doesn't make much opinion about Tsurubami, they express that they don't know which is scarier between "Tsurubami" and "Senri".[33]

Tsubakura and Tsurubami have a lot in common. They resemble each other in appearance to the point of Tsurubami being able to mimic Tsubakura so perfectly they fooled their long-time acquaintances from the outside world despite their stilted behavior. They share the monochrome theme in their attacks and have similar outfits, eyes, hair color and even the exact same height. In addition, while manipulating ink is only directly stated to be Tsubakura's ability, Tsurubami's manipulation of letters might have similar roots, as shown by them using an ink brush to create a talisman to undo their disguise[99] and both character sharing the "Ink Card" class of spells. Interestingly, Tsurubami and their hat have a slightly duller eye color than usual in their disguise despite the disguise not affecting their body.


Shion and Tsubakura are generally on friendly terms. Shion becomes very attached to Tsubakura after noticing that they have a neutral soul and wants to consume it. Tsubakura dislikes Shion's clingy and childish attitude and considers them an annoyance. Nonetheless, Tsubakura allows Shion to consume their soul on a daily basis.[100]


Tsubakura is one of Kurohebi's creators. Tsubakura is the only person to be addressed by Kurohebi with an honorific, and they outright call Tsubakura their parent.[68] Tsubakura was surprised to see them alive in Mugenri.[101] Although Kurohebi has been ordered to kill Tsubakura by Suzumi Kuzu, who likely also played a role in their creation, they seem reluctant to do the deed.

Hoojiro Shitodo & Haru

While they haven't been shown to interact directly thus far, both Hoojiro Shitodo and Haru presumably worked with Tsubakura before their disappearance - the two know of a one-year "deadline" set by Tsubakura and their research into Mugenri.[73] They were allowed to travel on the Wings of Magritte, which Tsubakura seemingly has to personally allow.[66] Hoojiro appears to place trust in Tsubakura and calls them the doctor, believing that her siblings will do fine with them around. Haru, on the other hand, does not seem to have too high of an opinion for them, and always refers to Tsubakura by their full name.


Tsubakura is one of NiLU's creators.[63] It's unknown what their thoughts on NiLU are, but the monochroid was excited to learn more about them.[102]

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

EE icon
EMS icon
RMI icon
BPoHC icon
.exe icons of all the games with Tsuba
An unused sprite of Tsubakura
  • Tsubakura's face is shown on all of the game icons on the .exe files.
  • In Evanescent Existence, Tsurubami as Tsubakura has curly hair and is seen smiling. However in the Extra Stage, when the real Tsubakura finally appears, they have straight hair and are seen frowning.
  • Tsubakura is capable of speaking English, having understood, and responded to Tsurubami Senri using the language during their encounter in Evanescent Existence's Extra Stage.[4] It is even implied that they can speak other foreign languages.[36]
  • Adagumo no Yaorochi and Adagumo no Saragimaru, both seperately, have referred to Tsubakura as a spider. This relates folklore terms not unique to Len'en.[103]
  • In pre-v1.10a versions of Evanescent Existence and Earthen Miraculous Sword, there is an unused player sprite of Tsubakura. The design appears different, which may be an early prototype.
  • "In This World ~ Monochrome eye", Tsubakura's Evanescent Existence theme, starts in the key of E-flat minor and changes to A minor. In accordance with the song's title, the former scale uses all the black keys of a piano, while the latter includes solely the white keys.
  • JynX might make games that don't have Tsubakura and Yabusame as the main protagonists.[104]
  • When JynX compared characters for their self-worth, they compared Tsubakura to NIMBY.[105]
  • Tsubakura shares the same spell background with Yabusame, which features silhouettes of Asian stubtails/sparrows, swallows, phoenixes and cranes; the bird names of Yabusame/Suzumi, Tsubakura, Yabusame and Tsurubami respectively.
  • While Tsubakura is now paired with Yabusame as the main protagonist duo of the game, they were originally instead paired with Suzumi in the very beginning of development, though neither of the characters were as fleshed out as they are now then.[106]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards[edit | edit source]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 27
4 spells only imitated by Tsurubami Senri and never performed themself.
无牌「玄鶴-徒花-」 Nothingness Card "Mysterious Crane -Fruitlessness-"[a] Impersonated by Tsurubami Senri (EE Only) EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
无牌「玄鶴-帚木-」 Nothingness Card "Mysterious Crane -Hahakigi-"[a][b] 〃 (EE Only) EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6: H/U
墨牌「ピクチャーインク」 Ink Card "Picture Ink" EE St. 3: E/N
墨牌「エンボディインク」 Ink Card "Embody Ink" EE St. 3: H/U
黒牌「暗転車輪」 Black Card "Fadeout Wheel" EE St. 3: E/N
花牌「暗転墨花」 Flower Card "Fadeout Ink Flower" EE St. 3: H/U
闡牌「墨と銀」 Clarity Card "Ink and Silver" 〃 (EE Only) EE
St. 3: E/N
St. 6: E/N
闡牌「墨黒銀雪」 Clarity Card "Ink-Black Silver Snow" 〃 (EE Only) EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6: H/U
「モノクロムレイ」 "Monochrome Ray"[c] 〃 (EE main game only), Bomb EE
St. 3: E/N
玄牌「モノクロムストーム」 Mysterious Card "Monochrome Storm" 〃 (EE Only) EE
St. 3: H/U
St. 6: H/U
「ブラックアウト」 "Blackout" 〃 (EE only);
Titled "Black Out" (ブラック・アウト) in Reactivate Majestical Imperial and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
St. 3: E/N/H
St. 4: H/U
St. 6: E/N/H
終幕「ゲームオーバー」 Curtain Fall "Game Over" 〃 (EE Only) EE
St. 3: U
St. 6: U
「ヴァーテックス・エミット」 "Vertex Emit" Flash bomb EE
『天然次元生物のすゝめ』 "Recommending the Airheaded Dimension Creature" RMI Standby Skill
染彩「黒い帳」 Dye "Black Curtain" RMI St. 4: E/N
「モノクロムレイ・オールレンジ」 "Monochrome Ray -All Range-"[d] RMI
St. 4: E/N
St. 6: E/N
「モノクロムレイ・スパイラル」 "Monochrome Ray -Spiral-"[d] RMI
St. 4: H/U
St. 6: H/U
元玄「墨と銀」 Mysterious Origin "Ink and Silver"[e] Co-owner with Yabusame RMI St. 4: E/N/H/U
「モノクロムレイ・オリジン」 "Monochrome Ray -Origin-" BPoHC St. 6: E/N
玄牌「燕返し」 Mysterious Card "Swallow Reversal"[f] BPoHC St. 6: E/N
燕牌「弐太刀」 Swallow Card "Double Long Sword" BPoHC St. 6: H/U
モノクロムレイ・フラッシュ Monochrome Ray -Flash- Upgraded Flash bomb BPoHC
鳥の目「臙脂色の瞳」 Bird's Eye "Dark Red Eyes" BPoHC Upgrade
黒い翼 Black Wings Upgraded bomb BPoHC
飛燕 Flying Swallow BotC Inherent Trait
ゲテモノクロム・レイ Monochrome Ray of Bizzare Foods[g] As Tsubakura Enraku [Waiter Form]; Bomb BotC Use
へい、おまち Here, sorry 'bout the wait As Tsubakura Enraku [Waiter Form] BotC Inherent Trait

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 The Mysterious Crane (玄鶴, Gengaku) is mentioned in several Chinese texts regarding the mythological longevity of cranes. The Sancai Tuhui mentions that cranes turn black at 360 years of age; while the Gujinzhu writes that they turn white at 1000 years of age and black at 2000. Once a crane turns black, it is referred to as "Mysterious Crane". May be a reference to Tsubakura and Tsurubami's monochrome theme.
  2. Hahakigi (帚木, literally "broom tree") refers to a certain tree which was popularized in a poem by Sakanoue no Korenori as a symbol of something or someone who can't be reached.
  3. According to JynX, Monochrome Ray's immense power comes from it being compressed and released, and thus widening the ray would only weaken it.
  4. 4.0 4.1 A variation on Tsubakura's fourth spell card from Evanescent Existence.
  5. A variation on Tsubakura's third spell card from Evanescent Existence.
  6. The Swallow Reversal was the favorite technique of Kojiro Sasaki, a prominent Japanese swordsman. Reconstructions of the technique involve a downward strike immediately followed by an upward strike, which is also reflected in this spell card.
  7. A pun on ゲテモノ (getemono, "bizarre food") and モノクウロム (monokuromu, "monochrome")

Official Profiles[edit | edit source]

Official profiles

  燕楽 玄鳥(えんらく つばくら)
  Enraku Tsubakura



◯ Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Species: Human
Ability: Something like manipulating ink; Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable

They're an altogether mysterious genius.
An oddball who avoids the beaten path. They enjoy meaningless games most of all,
and thanks to this, they gained the ability to control them.
Their personality has lots of contradictions, and people think their words and actions have no integrity.
Basically, they're not understood well, but they're relatively genius-like.
Although they're young, they have their own research team and lab,
and they spend day and night conducting suspicious research there.
They have even become a slave to sponsorships on occasions.
Although they're called "the greatest prodigy in all of history"
by a small fraction of people, they obstinately deny it.
In the past, they made a great number of discoveries, and they made various danmaku weapons (toys, that is).
They control ink and use it as a weapon, but correctly speaking it's not ink, but actually nanomachines,
or a kind of microbe...
...Maybe. It's not understood very well.

 ◯3面ボス  酒嚢飯袋な単彩

  燕楽 玄鳥(えんらく つばくら)
  Enraku Tsubakura



◯ Stage 3 Boss — Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Species: Human
Ability: Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable; etc.

Having various abilities, they're a useful person who controls fun and games.
They're always acting over the top, but this time, there's something that's not quite right.
The atmosphere is different, and they're actively causing trouble.
They're really quite a genius.


  燕楽 玄鳥(えんらく つばくら)
  Enraku Tsubakura




◯ Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Species: Human
Ability: Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable; etc.

They're an altogether mysterious genius.
Although they're called "the greatest prodigy in all of history" by a small fraction of people,
they obstinately deny it with an almost annoying humbleness.
They control nanomachine-like objects that resemble ink, and uses them as weapons.
They're always saying meaningless things that no one understands.

They like Kawai Sora[a][b] better than cloudy weather.


  燕楽 玄鳥(えんらく つばくら)
  Enraku Tsubakura




◯ Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Species: Human
Ability: Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable; etc.

They're an altogether mysterious genius.
Although they've been called the "greatest prodigy in all of history",
they mostly spend their time eating food, drinking saké and lazing about.
They remodeled their body structure so that they can't feel the cold.
They use some sort of strange ink-like,
nanomachine-like things as weapons.

As for nabe, they like agura-nabe.


燕楽 玄鳥
Enraku Tsubakura






Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku
Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable; etc.

The Senri Shrine's current (and totally unmotivated) head priest.

A human who was forcibly dragged into Mugenri by the previous head priest,
and had their work thrust upon them.

Although they're called "the greatest prodigy in all of history" by a small fraction of people,
they haven't really been doing anything prodigy-like lately.

Since coming to this land, they've been leading a considerably relaxed life.

They love saké and afternoon naps.


  燕楽 玄鳥

  趣味:昼寝 うたた寝 シエスタ
  好きなもの:うまいもん 手抜き 遊び
  嫌いなもの:まずいもん 努力 ヤブサメ

Loafing Monochrome

Tsubakura Enraku

Species: Human
Ability: Something like manipulating ink
Something like enjoying that which is enjoyable
Hobbies: Naps, dozing off, siestas.
Likes: tasty food, cutting corners, playing.
Dislikes: Gross food, effort, Yabusame.
Estimated date of birth: October, 10.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Kawai Sora is the name of a Japanese poet from the Edo period, best known for writing haikai, a type of comical poem.
  2. A pun on "cloudy weather" (Pronounced "gumori sora") and Kawai Sora.
  3. Text in grey existed in the trial version but was removed for the full release.

Official Sources[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Interview with JynX (2021): Main Characters, Question 137
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