Kunimitsu Ooya

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大宅おおや 都光くにみつ
Kunimitsu Ooya
o̞ːja̠ kɯᵝnimit͡sɯᵝ
Kunimitsu Ooya
Character Titles
Royal Court's Youkai Exterminator
Species Human
Abilities Vanquishing evil
Occupation Youkai exterminator
Location Devanagara
Music Themes
  • キリングスペリオル ~ Giant killing (BPoHC)

Kunimitsu Ooya (大宅 都光, Ooya Kunimitsu) is a human that works as a professional youkai exterminator for the current emperor. They are also the stage 3 boss of the Brilliant route of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit]



Vanquishing evil

Kunimitsu is a professional youkai exterminator. They're famous in Devanagara for their swordsmanship proficiency, the extent of which even made Mitori consider taking them on as their vassal. In spite of their blade's length, they can draw and sheathe it with lightning speed, to the point of leaving ordinary people unable to even see said sword in motion.

Bankuruwase -DaviD-[edit]

Kunimitsu wields the Bankuruwase -DaviD- (Japanese: 番狂 —DaviD—), which is a long sword that grows in power whenever it cuts an opponent more powerful than its wielder. The sword's sheath has a predominantly white design with some blue parts, since the sword was never shown unsheathed, it is unknown how the sword itself looks like. The sword cannot be unsheathed unless it has confirmed that its wielder is Kunimitsu, making them the only one that can make use of the sword.[1] It was created by Yago Ametsukana.[2] As indicated by the Star of David on its hilt, its name and its defining trait, it's based on the biblical David, who killed the much stronger Goliath in battle using a sling.

Background Information[edit]

Kunimitsu was childhood friends with Fujiwara no Iyozane and Ooama no Ake no Mitori, until Iyozane was killed and poisoned by Mitori. Meanwhile, Kunimitsu gained fame because of their sword skills and youkai extermination, so they were hired by Mitori to help them with numerous favors, such as exterminating youkai and the assassination of the emperor.


Kunimitsu is based on Ooya Tarou Mitsukuni (大宅太郎光圀), a samurai appearing in the legend of Takiyasha-hime (depicted in these pieces). Following the death of Taira no Masakado, Tarou Mitsukuni confronted Masakado's daughter Takiyasha-hime in the ruins of the old Sōma palace, where she summoned a gashadokuro to attack him. Mitsukuni was also said to have been a onmyoji who had exorcised numerous youkai and demons, which may be why Kunimitsu is a Youkai exterminator.


Their full name is Kunimitsu Ooya (大宅 都光). "Ooya," a common Japanese family name, means "large manor." "Kunimitsu" is composed of kanji meaning "capital city" and "light." Both their first name and surname are derived from Ooya Tarou Mitsukuni (大宅太郎光圀).


Kunimitsu has short red hair and red eyes. They wear a black turtleneck under orange clothing and a black hakama. On their head is a golden crown with a frilled veil, which is actually the crown of the Emperor of the Capital City. They carry a long blue sword called Bankuruwase. Their pose is based on that of Ooya Tarou Mitsukuni in this woodblock print.[3]


Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Upon realizing that they weren't related to the emperor's family, Mitori organized a coup d 'etat to destroy the Fujiwara dynasty. Because of their long friendship, Kunimitsu agreed to help Mitori with the assassination. Since Mitori decided to throw away everything related to the Fujiwaras, they also discarded the crown, giving it to Kunimitsu. The heroes approach Kunimitsu, who tries to turn them away.

On the way towards the Capital City, Yabusame Houlen and company encounter Kunimitsu, who advises them to go home. Shion senses something bad coming from the crown Kunimitsu is using, since it reeks of fresh blood and it's apparently stolen. Kunimitsu says that they actually robbed it, but then changes it and says that the Emperor bestowed it upon them. Things only get worse when Tsubakura lets it slip that they're from the Senri Shrine. Apparently Tsurubami has a bad story in the Capital and by extension Kunimitsu, making them enemies. They settle it on danmaku duel and Kunimitsu loses. After Yabusame and company fly away, they find out that they want to resolve the incident because they believe it's going to rain sake.

When flying towards the Capital City, Fumikado and their lackeys encounter Kunimitsu, an old friend of Iyozane. Having passed a long time, Kunimitsu doesn't recognize the boater. However, Fumikado recognizes that the headwear on Kunimitsu's head is the Emperor's crown, demanding where they found it. Kunimitsu claims that the current Emperor gave it to them, but Fumikado doesn't believe it because the Emperor would never pass it to someone not related by blood. In order to prove who is worthy of being the Emperor, they deal it with a danmaku duel. After being defeated, Kunimitsu mocks Fumikado for deluding themself into believing they are the true Emperor.


Fujiwara no Iyozane

Iyozane and Kunimitsu used to be friends in their youth, until Iyozane was killed and poisoned by Mitori. Kunimitsu never knew that Iyozane was revived until they met again during the events of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. Iyozane and Kunimitsu used to be so close that Iyozane called them by the pet name of Micchan (みっちゃん, Micchan).

Ooama no Ake no Mitori

Mitori is appreciative of Kunimitsu's swordsmanship and cooking skill and while Kunimitsu refused to become an exterminator for the empire, they often accept Mitori's favors since they know each other. Apparently, Kunimitsu was an accomplice in the emperor's assassination.

Tsurubami Senri

Kunimitsu holds a grudge against the Senri Shrine for reasons unknown.[4]

Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
遅技「凡人の斬撃」 Slow Skill "Commoner's Sword Slash" BPoHC St. 3: E/N
遅術「影討ち」 Slow Art "Attack from the Shadows" BPoHC St. 3: H/U
早技「風斬り」 Fast Skill "Wind Slashing" BPoHC St. 3: E/N
早業「音斬り」 Fast Work "Sound Slashing" BPoHC St. 3: H
疾業「景斬り」 Swift Work "View Slashing" BPoHC St. 3: U
「番狂わせ」 "Sudden Upset" BPoHC St. 3: E/N
「大番狂わせ」 "Giant Sudden Upset" BPoHC St. 3: H / Upgrade
「ジャイアントキリング」 "Giant Killing" BPoHC St. 3: U

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