Hoojiro Shitodo

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しとど 頬告鳥ほおじろ
Hoojiro Shitodo
ɕito̞do̞ ho̞ːʑiɾo̞
Hoojiro from a twitter image
Species Most likely Human
Occupation Philosopher-scientist
Location Unknown (Likely the Outside World)
Gender Female
Online Media

Hoojiro Shitodo (鵐 頬告鳥, Shitodo Hoojiro) is an outsider who, along with Haru, travels on the Wings of Magritte. She is a main character in A World Outside Fantasy. She once worked alongside Tsubakura Enraku has shown to communicate with Rei on Twitter.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro's first appearance was in Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell, a music video before the creation of the modern Len'en Project in 2012 and where she was riding the Wings of Magritte along with Haru. Later on, a picture of them appeared on JynX's twitter. At this point, this wasn't confirmed to be Hoojiro. However, further on 9 November 2018, a Twitter account named "鵐 頬告鳥" was created separately along with Haru, who both did conversations with Rei. This didn't confirm the connection, but eventually down the line, the conversations with Rei confirmed it.[1]

She is a philosopher-scientist that worked for Tsubakura Enraku prior to their disappearance and is tasked by them to deal with the aftermath if they ever disappear for more than a year, although what needs to be done is unrevealed. She also belongs to the mysterious organization "The Thinkers in Eibon", which study the "Black Boxes" of the world.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Background Information[edit | edit source]

Name[edit | edit source]

Her full name is Hoojiro Shitodo (鵐 頬告鳥). The name follows the pattern of the Shitodo siblings' names. Just like the Shitodos, her family name Shitodo () uses a kanji which is used in an alternative spelling of black-faced bunting.

The spelling of her first name, Hoojiro (ほおじろ)[2], is the Japanese word for meadow bunting, a kind of bird. The first kanji means "cheek" (, Hoo), referring to the Japanese word for meadow bunting, the second meanis "reveal" or "inform" (, ji), and the third means bird (, ro). It should also be noted that the putting the last two kanji of Hoojiro together gives 鵠, an archaic spelling of 白鳥 (lit. White bird), the swan. Her given name is also made up of the Shitodo siblings' names, Hooaka, Aoji and Kuroji; whether this is intentional is unknown.

Design[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro has white hair and eyes, wearing a black blouse with brown capelet, a light brown necktie, and a green skirt with what appears to be a pattern design going down the front. However in A World Outside Fantasy, Hoojiro has a white coat and white pants with belt, different capelet (with pattern on the back), blouse with red ribbon tied up and black shoes.

Twitter Icon Design

Hoojiro's Twitter icon features a cartoon meadow bunting, resting on a branch.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro was shown to be riding the Wings of Magritte in the video Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell, which focused on the train's theme, along with Haru. The video contained drawings, which JynX said were scribbles and were not to be taken seriously. These drawings were not coloured. She was shown to be on the train doing miscellaneous things, like reading and drinking tea, and at the end walking on the train's tracks. Although this was her first canonical appearance on 24 June 2012, this would not be confirmed to be her until 1 April 2019.

Twitter[edit | edit source]

On 14 October 2016, JynX uploaded two coloured drawings of Hoojiro and Haru in a train on Twitter. She was shown looking out of the window into what seems to be outer space, and writing something in their room.

Starting at 10th November 2018, Hoojiro has spoken up on Twitter on multiple occasions, along with Haru and occasionally Rei.

References in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit | edit source]

Although Hoojiro does not appear in-game, her existence is alluded to twice, both by Aoji Shitodo. The first is in the Scoundrel Team's Haze Route, where Aoji says that even if all three siblings die in the fight with Chouki, "the Shitodo line won't end", implying the existence of another sibling. The second is in the Secret Team's Neutral Route, where Aoji fears that they're "just a burden to Shiro, Kuro, and Aka". "Shiro"'s identity was unfamiliar at the time of the game's release, but was later connected to Hoojiro via JynX's tweets.

A World Outside Fantasy[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro had her official début in the Len'en Project along with Haru in the album A World Outside Fantasy. She appears as a focus character in the album's short stories, looking into the "spiriting away" of Tsubakura Enraku and the others from Evanescent Existence, where she chats with Haru about various things on a train, notably the mysterious organization "Thinkers in Eibon" and the "Country of Non-Humans", which they believed the missing people might have ended up in.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Haru[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro seems to be great friends with Haru and is constantly concerned for her well-being. Hoojiro refers to herself as Haru's "guardian".

Tsubakura Enraku[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro used to work on researches for Tsubakura Enraku, and has a great deal of respect for them, referring to them as "Dr. Tsubakura".[1] Interestingly on one of the Twitter images, stuffed toy versions of Tsubakura Enraku, along with Yabusame Houlen, are present.

The Shitodo Siblings[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro is the eldest of the Shitodo Siblings, which include Kuroji, Hooaka and Aoji Shitodo along with her.[citation needed] When Haru mentioned Hoojiro's family, she reacted with indifference and expressed confidence in the fact that they are fine despite being missing for more than a year, as Kuroji was with them.

Rei and Zelo[edit | edit source]

Hoojiro has been shown to communicate with Rei and Zelo on Twitter along with Haru. Although their relationship with her is still unclear, Hoojiro has started to vaguely remember the technology used to create them from "the lab".[1]

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • Hoojiro, along with Haru, are the first major Len'en characters to have an official gender.
  • Hoojiro's appearance in Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell makes her, along with Haru, the oldest modern Len'en characters. However, with their reintroduction in A World Outside Fantasy, at the time of release, also made them the newest characters as well.

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