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The following page details information about combat unit management in Book of the Cafe.

Obtaining New Units[edit | edit source]

Most units are obtained through the various gacha machines in the game. For details, see the following pages:

Additionally, certain units have special conditions behind unlocking them:

  • Players begin with a single Yabusame Houlen [EE].
  • A Tsubakura Enraku [EE] unit is obtained upon completing the Evanescent Existence: Yabusame's Route back issue stages.
  • A Rei-kun unit is obtained after beating the April Fools Event stage on easy.

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

Each combat unit has certain information that a player should look over in order to better understand the unit.

Parameter Description
Unit Name The name of the unit, may be changed by selecting the name field.
Level Displayed in the format of "LVXX(XX)", in which the number next to "LV" is a unit's current level and the number in the bracket is the maximum level they can attain.
Rank Found on the left-top corner of the unit portrait, mainly determines what disc rank is needed to enhance the unit.
Cost It is currently unclear what the cost parameter means.
Original Reference The original Len'en character that the unit is based on.
Race There are nine races in the game, which are as follows:
  • Human (ヒト)
  • Demihuman (亜人)
  • Youkai (妖怪)
  • Horror (ホラー)
  • Fairy (妖精)
  • Animal (動物)
  • God ()
  • Machine (機械)
  • ??? (???)
Size Determines how many squares a unit takes up on the battlefield.
Tier Shows how many tiers have been unlocked for the unit, starts at 00.
Battle Power Shows the overall power level of the unit.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Status Description
HP The amount of damage a unit can take before being knocked out.
MP Consumed when using skills.
Attack (ATK) Mainly determines the damage dealt by Strike, Slash and Shot attacks.
Special Attack (S. ATK) Mainly determines the damage dealt by Magic, Science and Trick attacks.
Defense (DEF) Mainly determines the damage reduction when hit by Strike, Slash and Shot attacks.
Special Defense (S. DEF) Mainly determines the damage reduction when hit by Magic, Science and Trick attacks.
Speed (SPD) Determines the turn order, etc.
Critical Rate (CRI) Determines the chance a unit will perform a critical attack.
Evasion (AVD) Determines the chance a unit will dodge an attack.
Luck (LUK) Determines various probabilities.
Movement (MOV) Determines the movement range.
Appearances Lists the game from which a unit originated. Some stages limit the units that can be brought based on appearances, and certain abilities only affect units with certain appearances.

Resistances[edit | edit source]

The resistances screen is divided into 3 columns, "Elemental Resistance", "Debuff Resistance" and "Status Ailment Resistance". A positive number indicates resistance while a negative number indicates weakness, zero indicates that the unit is neither strong nor weak in that field. Each weakness/resistance is also indicated by color when reaching certain thresholds:

  • Blue text indicates a significant resistance (starting from [50])
  • Orange text indicates a significant weakness (starting from -[50])
  • Indigo text indicates a major resistance (starting from [80])
  • Red text indicates a major weakness (starting from [-80])
  • Yellow text indicates an immunity (starting from [100])
  • Cyan text indicates a complete immunity (found in boss/major enemy encounters on Unreal difficulty)

In addition on to how numbers affect the respective resistances:

  • Elemental Resistance: Indicates whether the unit would take increased or decreased damage against an attack of that particular element (e.g. -50 weakness = 50% received damage increase).
  • Debuff Resistance: Indicates whether the unit has an increased or decreased chance of being afflicted with that debuff (e.g. 50 resistance = 50% is deducted from base debuff chance). All basic stats mentioned above can be reduced by a debuff, in addition to a debuff to cast speed which increases the number of turns needed to cast a spell.
  • Status Ailment Resistance: Indicates whether the unit has an increased or decreased chance of being afflicted with that debuff (e.g. -50 weakness = 50% is added from base debuff chance).

All status ailments are as follows, note that the effect percentage is dependent on the level of the debuff (e.g. [-1] Blindness = 10% increased chance to miss, etc.):

Status Ailment Japanese Description English Description
Poison Poison () 毎ターンの初め、
At the beginning of every turn,
unit takes damage equal to XX% of their maximum HP.
Burn Burn (炎上) 毎ターンの初め、
At the beginning of every turn,
the maximum HP is decreased by XX%
Freeze Freeze (凍結) 効果中は行動ができなくなり、
While the effect is active, the unit will not be able to take any actions and the damage received is increased by XX%.
Paralysis Paralysis (麻痺) 効果中は☓☓%の確率で行動ができなくなる While the effect is active, there is a XX% chance that the unit will be unable to take action.
Confusion Confusion (混乱) 効果中は☓☓%の確率でアホな行動をする While under the effect, there is a XX% chance of doing something stupid.[a]
Blindness Blindness (暗闇) 命中率が☓☓%減少する Hit rate is decreased by XX%
Fear Fear (怯み) Currently unavailable in-game. Currently unavailable in-game.
Sleep Sleep (睡眠) Currently unavailable in-game. Currently unavailable in-game.
Instant Death Instant Death (致死) Currently unavailable in-game. Currently unavailable in-game.

Spells[edit | edit source]

Each unit has a normal attack and can have up to 4 spells, as well as a bomb and flashbomb spell.

  • Bomb: A bomb spell can be instantly activated without consuming MP by consuming a certain number of bombs. Each stage allows a certain amount of bombs to be brought in, and some may seal bombs off entirely.
  • Flashbomb: During combat, the flashbomb gauge increases as turns pass and actions are taken, to a maximum of 7. A certain amount of the gauge can be consumed to activate a flashbomb spell, putting the unit into "flashbomb standby". If the unit is hit during the standby turn, a certain percentage of damage taken will be reduced and the spell's effects will take place.

All spells are separated into 9 elements and 6 systems:

List of Elements
Red [Fire/Flames] Red [Fire/Flames] (赤属性[火炎]) Cyan [Water/Ice] Cyan [Water/Ice] (青属性[水氷]) Yellow [Lightning/Thunder] Yellow [Lightning/Thunder] (黄属性[電雷])
Brown [Earth/Metal] Brown [Earth/Metal] (茶属性[土金]) Green [Wind/Explosion] Green [Wind/Explosion] (緑属性[風爆]) Purple [Spirit/Illusion] Purple [Spirit/Illusion] (紫属性[霊幻])
White [Light/Divine] White [Light/Divine] (白属性[光聖]) Black [Darkness/Nether] Black [Darkness/Nether] (黒属性[闇冥]) Blank [Null] Blank [Null] (無属性[無无])
List of Systems Notes
Physical Attacks Strike Strike (打撃) Slash Slash (斬撃) Shot Shot (射撃) Damage is dependent on the ATK and DEF stats.
Special Attacks Magic Magic (呪文) Science Science (科学) Tricks Tricks (奇術) Damage is dependent on the S.ATK and S.DEF stats.

Spells also have various other attributes, which are listed below:

Attribute Description
MP Cost
The amount of MP needed to use the spell.
Shot Distance
How many squares away from the unit a spell will be cast on.
Where a spell will hit relative to the square chosen
Cast Time
The number of turns needed before a spell can be cast.
A homing spell will always hit its target no matter where the unit has moved to.
Targets Party Members
The spell targets one of your own units instead of an enemy unit, typically found on healing and buffing spells.
Damage Reduction: xx% (Cost: x)
Only found on flashbomb spells.
Indicates the amount of damage reduced during flashbomb standby, as well as the number of flashbomb gauges needed to activate the spell.

For all the spells available in-game, see:

Unit Organization[edit | edit source]

In the upgrades menu, players can select Combat Unit Organization (戦闘ユニット編成), where the player can organise party formation, assign unit tactics and equip implants to units.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Unit Organization menu:


Party Formation menu


Here you can "Adjust Party Formation", "Change Auto-combat Tactics" and "Change Equipment" for the units that will enter combat.


◆ Adjust Party Formation
By tapping the character icon or black square at the top of each vertical column, you can enter the "unit selection screen".
By closing the menu while a unit is selected, they are added to the specified square.
※ The same unit cannot be in a party more than once.


◆ Change Auto-combat Tactics
By pressing the button right under the unit square, you can switch that unit's tactics.
The unit's actions during auto-combat will be dependant on the tactic they are on.


◆ Change Equipment
In the two black spaces below, you can add equipment implants to your units.
※ Equipment implants cannot be equipped to multiple units in the same party.

Party Formation[edit | edit source]

Each stage has its own requirement on the party formation, which are categorized based on the number of units in it, they are:

Party Formation Number of Units
Duel (デュエル) 1
Double (ダブル) 2
Delta (デルタ) 3
Quartet (カルテット) 4
Hex (ヘックス) 6
Overkill (オーバー) 9

The player can save up to 10 combinations for each formation type, for 60 total patterns. Prior to each battle, the player has the option to freely set their units within their playing field; or they may go with the default preset for each formation.

Unit Tactics[edit | edit source]

Tactics decide the role a unit takes on when put on auto-battle and can be changed anytime mid-battle, by disabling auto-battle on one of your units' turns and going into the unit details screen.

Role Japanese Description English Translations
Attacks with a focus on maximum damage.
Doesn't use healing, buff or debuff spells.
Attacks with a focus on keeping distance.
Doesn't use healing, buff or debuff spells.
状況に合わせて様々な行動をする Performs various actions based on the situation.
Prioritizes using substitution spells or
moving to as close to the frontline as possible.
Prioritises healing.
Basically doesn't attack.
Buffs their own party members.
Basically doesn't attack.
Disrupts the enemy.
Basically doesn't attack.
MPを消費する特技を使わない Avoids using skills that consume MP.

Unit Enhancement[edit | edit source]

In the upgrades menu, under Combat Unit Enhancement (戦闘ユニット強化), are 9 options, which are as follows:

Core Enhancement [Level Up]
Core Mutation [Awaken Traits]
Spell Installation [Learn Spells]
Core Augmentation [Raise Depth Level]
Limiter Release [Raise Level Limit]
(Currently Unavailable)
Spell Augmentation [Spell Enhancement]
Spell Extraction [Obtain Spell Chips]
Mimetic Override [Overwrite Appearance]
Implant Augmentation [Augment Equipment]

Core Enhancement: Level Up[edit | edit source]

Each unit starts at level 01 and levels up through earning EXP to a maximum of 90 levels. Level-ups increase some or all of a unit's base stats. While all units participating in a battle gain the amount of EXP listed at the battle result screen, the same amount of EXP is also added to an overall EXP pool, which can be found in the "Core Enhancement" (コア強化) screen. This pool may also be added to by obtaining Battle Unit EXP Cards (戦闘ユニット経験値カード). EXP here can be given to any owned units, making it possible to level units not actively used in any party.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Core Enhancement menu:


Core Enhancement (Leveling up combat units)


You can use any EXP you have to level up your combat units.
Lv. 90 is currently the maximum, but I plan to allow this limit to be raised in the future.

Core Augmentation: Increasing Depth[edit | edit source]

Each unit has 4 depth levels, each of which can be unlocked by consuming a number of discs and money in "Core Augmentation" (コア深化). The required discs and money are as follows:

Material Unit Rank Depth 1 Depth 2 Depth 3 Depth 4 Total
Discs Rank S 100 100 100 100 400
Rank A 100 100 100 100 400
Rank B 100 200 300 400 1000
Rank C 100 200 500 1200 2000
Rank D 100 400 1000 2500 4000
Money 5000 10000 15000 20000 50000

Currently, Rei-kun is the only unit that does not follow the above table, requiring 100 discs for depth level 01, 400 discs for level 02, 1000 discs for level 03 and 2500 discs for level 04.

While abilities earned through unlocking depths vary from unit to unit, common abilities include:

  • Unlocking bombs (Depth 1)
  • Unlocking flashbombs (Depth 2)
  • Unlocking inherent traits (Depth 3)
  • Unlocking party skills (Depth 4)
  • Increasing all base stats by 5% (Every Depth)
  • Increasing various stats
  • Obtaining various traits

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Core Augmentation menu:


Core Augmentation (Increasing Depth)


Consume Discs progress to the next Depth level.
Various abilities are unlocked through raising depth.
The number of Discs needed to raise Depth may increase for each depth level.
"Base stats" refer to HP, MP, ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD.

Core Mutation: Awaken Traits[edit | edit source]

Each unit can awaken up to 4 traits in addition to their Inherent Trait and traits obtained through depth. They are obtained randomly by consuming "Zero Base Cores" (ゼロベースコア) to perform a "Core Mutation" (コア変異). There are two types of ZBCs, which affect the rarity of traits obtained. Black ZBCs cost 800 combat money per use and red ZBCs cost 2,000 combat money per use. Up to 9 ZBCs can be used at once, after which four traits can be chosen out of the 9 pulled.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Core Mutation menu:


Core Mutation (Awaken Traits)


Here you can consume ZBCs to teach your units traits.
Each ZBC gives you 1 random trait.
You can use up to 9 ZBCs at once. Along with any traits already owned by the unit, you can choose 4 out of them to teach them.
You cannot have two or more traits of the same name.
You also cannot learn traits that are already featured in a unit's inherent trait.
You can learn traits that are featured in Depth levels.
The rarity of the traits received depend on the ZBCs used.

Traits currently available are as follows:

Trait Possible Parameters Japanese Description English Translation ZBC (Black) Rates ZBC (Red) Rates
Trailblazer [XXX]+1
ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD 戦闘開始時にXXX強化[Lv1]がかかる
Gain a buff to XXX [Lv1] as the battle starts.
(Lasts 3 turns.)
70% 50%
Trailblazer [XXX]+2
ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD 戦闘開始時にXXX強化[Lv2]がかかる
Gain a buff to XXX [Lv2] as the battle starts.
(Lasts 3 turns.)
29% 40%
Trailblazer [XXX]+3
ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD 戦闘開始時にXXX強化[Lv3]がかかる
Gain a buff to XXX [Lv3] as the battle starts.
(Lasts 3 turns.)
1% 9.9%
Resistant [XXX]+5%
All elements, debuffs & status effects. XXX耐性が5%上がる Increase resistance to XXX by 5%. 70% 50%
Resistant [XXX]+10%
All elements, debuffs & status effects. XXX耐性が10%上がる Increase resistance to XXX by 10%. 29% 40%
XXX Trainee
All elements. XXX属性の技の威力が5%上昇する Increase damage of XXX element/system attacks by 5%. 70% 50%
XXX User
All elements. XXX属性の技の威力が10%上昇する Increase damage of XXX element/system attacks by 10%. 29% 40%
XXX Master
All elements. XXX属性の技の威力が20%上昇する Increase damage of XXX element attacks by 20%. 1% 9.9%
XXX Trainee
All attack systems. XXX系統の技の威力が5%上昇する Increase damage of XXX element/system attacks by 5%. 29% 40%
XXX User
All attack systems. XXX系統の技の威力が10%上昇する Increase damage of XXX element/system attacks by 10%. 1% 9.9%
Frugal [XXX]
All elements & attack systems. XXX属性/系統の技の消費MPを5%軽減する Decrease MP cost of XXX element/system skills by 5%. 70% 50%
Frugal [XXX]+
All elements & attack systems. XXX属性/系統の技の消費MPを15%軽減する Decrease MP cost of XXX element/system skills by 15%. 29% 40%
XXX+5% HP, MP, ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD XXXが5%上昇する XXX is increased by 5%. 70% 50%
XXX+10% HP, MP, ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD XXXが10%上昇する XXX is increased by 10%. 29% 40%
XXX+15% HP, MP, ATK, S.ATK, DEF, S.DEF & SPD XXXが15%上昇する XXX is increased by 15%. 1% 9.9%
XXX+3 LUK, CRI & AVD XXXが3上昇する XXX is increased by 3. 70% 50%
XXX+6 LUK, CRI & AVD XXXが6上昇する XXX is increased by 6. 29% 40%
XXX+9 LUK, CRI & AVD XXXが9上昇する XXX is increased by 9. 1% 9.9%
MOV+1 MOV 移動範囲が1マス増加する Movement range is increased by 1 space. 0% 0.1%
Bane of [XXX]
All races. 種族[XXX]に対しての技の威力が10%上昇する Damage dealt to the XXX race is increased by 10%. 70% 50%
Bane of [XXX]+
All races. 種族[XXX]に対しての技の威力が20%上昇する Damage dealt to the XXX race is increased by 20%. 29% 40%
Bane of [XXX]++
All races. 種族[XXX]に対しての技の威力が30%上昇する Damage dealt to the XXX race is increased by 30%. 1% 9.9%

Spell Extraction: Obtain Spell Chips[edit | edit source]

Spell chips are used to teach combat units new spells. They are specific to spell slot numbers, leading to potentially four versions of each spell chip at maximum, although some spells are slot-specific. Certain spell chips can be obtained as rewards from the Memories of Spells event stages, while some can only be earned through "Spell Extraction" (スペルの抽出).

In Spell Extraction, any spell in a unit's initial moveset may be copied into a spell chip of the corresponding slot by consuming a certain number of discs, in which the cost is dependent on both the spell and the unit's rank.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Spell Installation menu:


Spell Extraction (Obtaining Spell Chips)


Consume Discs to obtain a spell chip from your units.
You can only extract spells that were originally on a unit.
You can not extract spells that were learnt through overwriting slots in Spell Extraction.
Even if a spell had been overwritten, the original spell can still be extracted from a unit.
The amount of Discs consumed is dependent on the spell's and unit's ranks.

Spell Installation: Learn Spells[edit | edit source]

New spells can be learnt through "Spell Installation" (スペルインストール), in which a spell chip and some combat money are consumed to teach a unit a new spell.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Spell Installation menu:


Spell Installation (Learning Spells)


Consume spell chips you have to overwrite a new spell onto your units.
※ A spell chip can only be used to overwrite its corresponding slot.
※ The skill overwritten onto a unit will be reformatted, put back to depth level 1.
※ You can not extract spells learnt through overwriting slots.

Spell Augmentation: Enhancing Spells[edit | edit source]

Spells can be enhanced through "Spell Augmentation" (スペル深化), in which corresponding spell chips and spell enhancement items are consumed to raise a spell's depth level.
A spell enhancement memory of the corresponding attack system gives +1 point, one that is applicable to all systems gives +10 points and a spell chip gives +1000 points.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Spell Installation menu:


Spell Augmentation (Enhancing Spells)


  • スペルのランクや系統に合った「スペル強化アイテム」か同スペルの「スペルチップ」を消費することによってスペルにポイントが蓄積されます。
  • ポイントが一定以上溜まるとDEEPが上昇し、スペルが強化されます。(DEEPの段階によっては強化されないこともあります)
  • 消費するアイテムによって上昇するポイントが異なります。
  • DEEPは現状で100まで上昇します。
  • DEEPはスペルインストールで上書きしたとき、初期化され0に戻ります。

All unit's spells can be enhanced.

  • By consuming "spell enhancement items" of the corresponding spell rank and attack system or "spell chips" of the same spell, points are saved onto the spell.
  • Once a certain about of points are saved, the depth level of the spell increases and the spell is enhanced. (Spells do not necessarily get enhanced at every depth level.)
  • The amount of points gained varies with the item used.
  • At the current moment, a maximum depth level of 100 can be reached.
  • When a spell slot is overwritten by spell installation, its depth level is reset to 0.

Implant Augmentation: Augment Equipment[edit | edit source]

Each unit is able to equip two pieces of equipment known as "implants" (インプラント), which can improve their stats as well as the effectiveness of specific spells. Only one of each type of implant can be owned, while duplicates can only be used to upgrade the same implant. Implants can be upgraded through "Implant Augmentation" (インプラント深化) by consuming other copies of itself or "Weapon Enhancement Materials" (武器強化素材), the latter of which comes in different ranks ([A] and [S]) and can be obtained through the daily stage Memories of Weapons [Weapon Enahncement]. The implant augmentation does not always work, and may fail as well.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Implant Augmentation menu:


Implant Augmentation (Augment Equipment)


Here you can enhance your equipment.
You spend duplicates of the same equipment as well as equipment enhancement items to improve a piece of equipment's abilities.
How much it improves is dependent on chance, and you can raise up to 10 levels at once.
However, the higher level your equipment is, the more likely it is for the process to fail.
[Chance of Failure = Current Level/Current Level+10 (Max level 100)]

The following is a list of implants currently available in the game at level 100, as well as their effects and other additional information:

Mimetic Override: Overwrite Appearances[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other upgrade options, "Mimetic Override" (擬態オーバーライド) serves no practical purpose, but instead allows the player the make a unit take on another's appearance. Also unlike the others, only unit-specific discs can be used in Appearance Override. Regardless of the units' ranks, 100 unit-specific discs of the desired appearance are needed.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Appearance Override menu:


Mimetic Override (Overwriting Appearances)


You can change the appearance of your units.
Nothing changes outside of their appearance.
You can only use the unit-specific DISC of your target unit, and not the rank discs.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. A confused unit has a chance of accidentally hurting themself and an additional chance to move randomly to a different square if the self-damage occurs.

References[edit | edit source]