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The following is a list of all currently available skills in Book of the Cafe β version, sorted according to system.
It should be noted that flash bombs are limited to the character they originate from, and cannot be made into a spell chip through Spell Extraction to be learnt by another unit. Additionally, spell attributes under "Bomb Effect" and "Flash Bomb Effect" only apply if the skill is used as one.

Strike Strike[edit | edit source]

Slash Slash[edit | edit source]

Shot Shot[edit | edit source]

Magic Magic[edit | edit source]

Science Science[edit | edit source]

Trick Tricks[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Possibly a quote by Genichiro Ashina from the game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. (Translated in English as "A shinobi would know the difference between honor and victory".)
  2. Literally "Fantasy Feet", but is meant to look visually similar to Gensokyo (幻想郷)
  3. A reference to Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series. As the spell name "Slit Snake" (スリットスネーク) only differs from "Solid Snake" (ソリッド・スネーク) by two characters (or only one if you ignore the bull) in Japanese.
  4. A quote from the manga series Gambling Apocalypse: Kaiji.
  5. A quote said by Dio in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.
  6. This chain of mojibake garbled text was created by changing the encoding of original text for Cut Card "Slit Snake" from UTF-8 to Shift JIS.
  7. Originally a pun on "shotgun" (ショットガン, shottogan) by combining "shot" (ショット, shotto) and "boulder" (, gan).
  8. Original translation: It's read as "shotto-gan".
  9. A reference to the similarly named "Air Cannon" gadget from the Doraemon series, albeit written differently in Japanese (空気砲).
  10. Likely a contraction of ignite (イグナイト).
  11. Despite the name, it refers to non-allergic rhinitis caused by sudden changes in temperature.
  12. A reference to the Yubari King cantaloupe cultivar, one of Tenkai Zuifeng's favourites.
  13. A reference to a similar line from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle: Preschool Team vs. Fujiwara no Iyozane.
  14. "Melopepon" (μηλοπέπων) is the Greek word for melon.
  15. A reference to a fictional wrestler of the same name from the Japanese comic series Dr. Slump.
  16. A pun on ゲテモノ (getemono, "bizarre food") and モノクウロム (monokuromu, "monochrome").