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Hidden Team's Bad Ending


In a forest, somewhere in Mugenri, a wounded Suzumi
was limping among the trees.

スズミ 「はぁ・・・・まさか負けちゃうとはね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "Haaah... to think I actually lost."

スズミ 「逃げないんじゃなかったのかよ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "Didn't you say you wouldn't run?"

スズミ 「乙女の嘘は許されるものなのよ」

Suzumi (Hamee): "A maiden's lies can always be forgiven."

スズミ 「お前、乙女って言葉を便利に使いすぎだろ・・・」

Suzumi (Ardey): "Y'know, you throw the word 'maiden' around way too often..."


Suzumi barked a bitter laugh at their own predicament,
and slumped down against a nearby tree.

スズミ 「・・・・もっと強くならなきゃね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "...Guess we'll just have to get stronger."

スズミ 「・・・ま、次は勝てよ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "...Well, make sure to get 'em next time."

スズミ 「もう一回ってわけね♪」

Suzumi (Hamee): "Once more with feeling, then. ♪"


Settling into a sweet smile, Suzumi's eyelids fell shut...

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

ROUTE4 Bad_End...
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ROUTE 4: Bad End...
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