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Character Titles
Strong-Willed Shadow
Species Pseudo-human; unknown
Abilities Hiding their presence
Birthday 22 November
Occupation Assassin
Location Capital City
Music Themes
  • メラニンインブラック ~ Colt_Snake (EE)
  • メイドインブラック ~ Double Snake (BPoHC)

Kurohebi (烏蛇) is an artificial human trained to be an assassin. They are the first stage boss of Evanescent Existence and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the first and fourth game of the Len'en Project respectively.

General Information[edit]

They're an artificial human made to be an assassin, so they have lots of parts that are different from humans. Despite being created for the purpose of assassination, they are actually bad at it and have yet to kill. Originally from the Outside World, they were spirited away by Tsurubami Senri to Mugenri. As of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Kurohebi eventually settled in Mugenri and they currently reside in the Capital City, but their living situation is rather harsh. Their species is not clear; they are apparently a "pseudo-human", indicating that they may not be entirely human, but it's unknown if they're a youkai.


Kurohebi is mostly interested in killing, since they were created for that purpose. They are normally indifferent to other people, but they seem to have respect for Tsubakura Enraku, implying a past between the two.


Hiding their presence

Kurohebi has the ability of hiding their presence. It's unknown if they just hide normally or manipulate darkness to cover themself, since in some of their spell cards, they cover their knives in darkness before dissipating it at the moment the knife approaches the target. The appearance the darkness outside its region looks like black mist. The names of their spell cards are also related to invisibility and darkness (Darkness Card "Blind Shot", "Imperceptible").

Background Information[edit]


Kurohebi is likely inspired by Big Boss from Emergency Everyday, the predecessor to the Len'en Project as we know it today. Both characters are stage 1 bosses in their respective games and have the ability to conceal their presence. In addition, like him, they could also be taking cues from Solid Snake of the Metal Gear series, such as the snake motif, artifical creation or mild resemblance in appearance.

Their ability being shown in gameplay as darkness manipulation might be a homage to Rumia.


Their full name is Kurohebi (烏蛇), which contains the kanji that means "crow" and "snake" respectively. The pronunciation is the same as "black snake", fitting with their ability to hide bullets in darkness.


Kurohebi has short, spiky brown hair, tied up in a black bandanna. They wear grey and red clothing and they carry daggers with them. In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, their hair appears darker.


Kurohebi in EE
Evanescent Existence

Like everyone else in Evanescent Existence, Kurohebi is spirited away to Mugenri and ends up in the Dimensional Cavern.

While trapped in the cave, they run into Tsurubami Senri disguised as Tsubakura Enraku. The assassin seems concerned for them, but after the fake Tsubakura insults them by calling them the lowest-ranking member, Kurohebi gets angry and attacks them, only to be defeated. Kurohebi tells that everyone else was trapped at the cave as well, but they escaped and are far away. Tsurubami accidentally slips that they aren't the real Tsubakura by asking what people Kurohebi is talking about, but Kurohebi believes they're just feigning forgetfulness.

After being defeated by Tsubakura, they run into Yabusame Houlen who asks for everyone's location. Kurohebi refuses to say anything about it, because everyone has been convinced that if they defeat Yabusame, they'll find a way to escape and get a prize. They also confess that "Tsubakura" defeated them a short while ago, while Yabusame just laughs because Kurohebi is weak. The assassin gets angry and attacks them, only to be defeated again. After that, Kurohebi insists that they only lost to Yabusame because they were weakened.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Kurohebi returns in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle after a few game absences. It's revealed they eventually settled in Mugenri and they currently reside in the Capital City, but their living situation is rather harsh.

They run into Yabusame and company. Tsubakura is genuinely surprised to see them, having taken the artificial assassin for dead after they did not return back from the Dimensional Cavern in Evanescent Existence. Kurohebi seems displeased upon seeing Shion, noticing that Tsubakura has "adopted another stray child". When Tsubakura denies it, Kurohebi concludes that they brought the chimera soul to them as a present, with intent to kill Shion. The heroes attack, and Kurohebi is defeated. Shion is curious about eating the soul of an artificial human, but Kurohebi begs Tsubakura to stop them.

Kurohebi eavesdrops on Taira no Fumikado and their lackeys, but Fujiwara no Iyozane finds them anyway. Kurohebi comments that Fumikado is a wanted criminal so they might as well catch them, but they are defeated.


Tsubakura Enraku[edit]

Tsubakura contributed to Kurohebi's creation, though not entirely. Kurohebi acts respectful towards them, and seems even fond of them. However, they are conflicted with this as they have been ordered to kill them.

Suzumi Kuzu[edit]

Suzumi is the other contributor to their creation, and appears to presently be in active authority over them. Suzumi gave them the order to assassinate Tsubakura, and though they are willing to face them in battle, Kurohebi is very hesitant to follow through completely. They're even willing to rebel against Suzumi's orders at times.

Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 6
暗牌「ブラインドショット」 Darkness Card "Blind Shot" EE
St. 1: E/N
St. 1: E/N
暗牌「メラニスティックショット」 Darkness Card "Melanistic Shot"[a] EE
St. 1: H/U
St. 1: H/U
切牌「スリットスネーク」 Cut Card "Slit Snake" EE
St. 1: E/N
St. 1: E/N
斬牌「スリットドラゴン」 Slash Card "Slit Dragon" EE
St. 1: H/U
St. 1: H/U
「インパーセプティブル」 "Imperceptible" EE St. 1: E/N/H/U
偲ばれる残影 Remembered Remnants BPoHC Upgrade


  1. Melanism is the development of melanin in the skin.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Kurohebi is the only non-human character in Evanescent Existence, or at least not fully human like the rest of the game's cast.
  • The Remembered Remnants skill given by Kurohebi in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle may have been inspired by Zer0's action skill in Borderlands 2; both characters are assassins, both abilities involve throwing out a fake copy, and JynX has said that they were influenced by the Borderlands series for some aspects of BPoHC.
  • Their sudden disappearance to Mugenri along with the rest of the Evanescent Existence cast is known to have made a huge news story in the Outside World.[1]


Official Sources[edit]

Official sources


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