Senri Shrine

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Senri Shrine
sẽ̞nɾi d͡ʑĩnd͡ʑʲa̠
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Location Somewhere in the Sanctuary; Connected to the Shrine Road

The Senri Shrine (闡裡神社, Senri Jinja) is mostly the prime location of the Len'en Project. It's a big Shinto shrine that is the home of the Senri priest Tsurubami Senri and their shikigami Jinbei. It is the only known shrine in Mugenri aside from the shrine run by youkai, although it is known that there are many others.[1] It's a key location that has appeared in many of the games' prologues and endings. It's the home of the Len'en Project's protagonists: Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku.

General Information[edit]

The Shrine is described as a "typical Shinto shrine" where exorcisms and good-luck charms can be performed. It is also said festivals can be held there. The head priest's duties are described as "involving mostly incident resolving, maintenance of public order and maintaining the Mugenri Barrier."[2] There is known to be a grounds, a garden, a veranda, a kitchen and a research room for Tsubakura.[3] It is also known that the shrine sells the ofuda talismans that Tsurubami, Haiji Senri and Xeno a are seen to use, with the symbol found on top.[4] Given Mugenri's similarities to Gensokyo, the shrine could have basis in the Hakurei Shrine.

Despite its apparent importance, it is said that the humans of Mugenri are unable to even pass through the first torii on the Shrine Road, making worshippers a rare sight.[5]


The shrine has had generations of Shinto priests who had the head role of taking care of the shrine:

  • The first-generation priest: known to have created Mugenri and being the strongest priest ever[6]
  • The second-generation priest: known to have introduced the spell card system[7]
  • The third-generation priest: largely unknown, but was just as strong as the previous priest

Tsurubami Senri is the current official owner of the shrine, although unknown which generation they are in. Since they travelled to the Outside World for a holiday and other tasks, they employed Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku as youkai exterminators and are currently living there. Tsubakura is the official successor of Tsurubami, and Yabusame is the "Honorary Priest", mostly taking care of house chores. Despite agreeing to it, Tsubakura does not like being the priest of the shrine, and they do not see themself as one officially.[6]

Also for some reason, the current owners officially adopted Shion to live in the shrine. Jinbei has also been the shikigami of the shrine for generations, and holds many secrets about the shrine's history, not telling anyone about them.

Shrine's Appearances[edit]

Evanescent Existence

The shrine's road was the setting of Tsubakura's Extra stage of Evanescent Existence. Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku separately found the shrine and found the one behind the incident of the game, Tsurubami Senri, where they spirited various humans to Mugenri. They were defeated and gave their role to both of them.

Earthen Miraculous Sword

The shrine appears in the prologue of Earthen Miraculous Sword. Here, Yabusame and Tsubakura live a carefree life at the shrine. The time of peace ended in the autumn, one day, mysterious thick clouds covered the land. Upset, the familiar of the shrine, Jinbei, forces one of them to go. Yabusame and Tsubakura can't actually decide who should go, so they decide on a game of rock-paper-scissors and they both head out.

Reactivate Majestical Imperial

The shrine appears in the prologue of Reactivate Majestical Imperial. Here, Yabusame and Tsubakura are bothered by the abnormal long winter in Mugenri, so they go and investigate after some pressure from Jinbei. Shortly after, Adagumo no Yaorochi and Sukune Katano visit the shrine and they decide which team will resolve the incident.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

The shrine appears once again in the prologue of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. After the Shitodos go to the shrine to fix Hooaka Shitodo's arm, Yabusame, Tsubakura and Shion go out to investigate the rumor Kuroji Shitodo told them. After they go, Tenkai Zuifeng visits the shrine and tries to wait for them, but is dragged away by Sukune Katano and Sese Kitsugai who were plotting revenge against the priests. It is mentioned by Tsubakura that all the documents in the shrine are lies.[6]