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Secret Team's Neutral Ending


~Somewhere in Mugenri

スズミ 「今回はこんなとこかしら?」

Suzumi (Hamee): "I think that's about it this time?"

スズミ 「だな」

Suzumi  "Yeah."

スズミ 「これで何回目かしら?」

Suzumi (Hamee): "How many times had it been now?"

スズミ 「その質問が何回目だろうな」

Suzumi  "The real question is how many times have I heard that question now?"


To an outsider, the form a person grumbling to themselves would be a weird sight.


However there were no people looking at that form, and this might have been bliss for Suzumi.

スズミ 「どのみち巻き戻すんだから、気色悪がられても関係ないじゃない」

Suzumi (Hamee): "In any case we'll rewind, so it doesn't matter even if we seem weird."

スズミ 「うるせぇ、人が書いてる記録に勝手に口出すんじゃねぇよ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "Shaddup, don't interject when someone's writing a record."

スズミ 「あなたってセンスないわよね、やっぱり記録係は私が適任よ~」

Suzumi (Hamee): "You've got no taste in writing after all, I'm better suited for the recording job after all~."

スズミ 「記録するのに必要なのはセンスじゃなくて正確性だろうが、ボケ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "You don't need taste in recording, you need accuracy, you idiot!"

スズミ 「センスがなくちゃ、せっかく記録しても読者が飽きて読まなくなっちゃうわよ?」

Suzumi (Hamee): "You have to have taste too, the readers will get bored and stop reading y'know? Even though we worked so hard to record this."

スズミ 「誰に読ませるわけでもないのに、そんなこと気にしなくていいだろ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "I'm not going to let anybody read this though, so there's no need to worry about it."

スズミ 「あなたって、つまらないヒトね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "You, are such, a boring person."


The informant, acting behind the scenes in the dark, is again exposing the concealed and seeing what's behind the curtains tonight.


Fabricating people's memories, manipulating the past, deceiving the heart.


Today too, history is probably being repeated again just like this....

スズミ 「やっぱりあなたって、センスないわね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "I still think that you lack taste."

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

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