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An incident (異変, ihen) is an unusual phenomenon that occurs within Mugenri and they are of unknown cause at the time that they occur. The main plot of the Len'en games generally surrounds the occurrence of an incident.

Lists of Incidents in Chonological Order[edit]

Modern Spiriting Away (Evanescent Existence)

While not considered an incident within Mugenri, the Modern Spiriting Away (現代の神隠し, gendai no kami-kakushi) is the name given by the residents of the Outside World to the event where Tsubakura Enraku and co. disappeared.

The event's true cause was Tsurubami Senri pulling them into Mugenri in order to find a replacement Senri priest while they would go on a vacation to the Outside World. The incident was never resolved and is still under investigation by Hal a year after its occurrence, aided by Hoojiro Shitodo.

Gathering Clouds (Earthen Miraculous Sword)

Sometime during autumn, clouds started gathering above a certain spot of the Unlost Woods without ever dispersing. This allowed youkai of the night to be able to run rampant underneath the clouds, which blocked out the sun. On the other hand, youkai that relied on the sun, such as Lumen Celeritas, were weakened. The humans of the Human Village, while unsure of the nature of the event, were unsettled by the unmoving clouds and decided to call it an incident.

The true cause was Adagumo no Yaorochi's ritual to transfer the essence of the Tasouken into a new vessel, which summoned the clouds to them. The incident would have resolved itself naturally after the ritual was completed, but some of the clouds were dispersed early during the battle between the protagonist and Yaorochi, during which the latter mowed the clouds down.

Prolonged Winter (Reactivate Majestical Imperial)

Mugenri was experiencing an especially long winter, caused by the wandering spirits all over Mugenri. Taira no Fumikado and their subordinates made use of the influx of souls in an attempt to revive Taira no Masakado in order to take over the capital, but were instead interrupted by the untimely blossoming of the Harujion. The youkai flower attracted all the souls to its side instead, allowing for the creation of chimera souls, along with the birth of a particularly powerful one named Shion.

The true cause of the event was Lumen's moonlight-drunken rampage from the events of Earthen Miraculous Sword, during which they blasted a hole in the inner Mugenri Barrier, allowing souls from the outside to slip into Mugenri. The incident was resolved by Tenkai Zuifeng, who repaired the barrier, albeit with an unknown twist. Shion was adopted by the Senri Shrine.

War Games and Rumours (Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle)

Mugenri had entered spring and the skies were filled with danmaku bullets. The capital Devanagara had suddenly invaded the Sanctuary and the newly emerged Dragonfly Army intercepted them at the Frontline River. At the same time, a strange rumour had begun circulating in Mugenri.

The true cause of the event was Suzumi Kuzu manipulating the two warring factions behind the scenes, as well as spreading the vague rumour in order to lure the protagonists out. However, Tenkai theorizes that the entirety of the event was ultimately caused by Xeno a's abilities, although this cannot be proven or disproven. The ultimate outcome of the event is unclear due to Suzumi repeating history, obscuring the final outcome. If the protagonist doesn't deal with either the Imperial Army or the Dragonfly Army, the war will end in a draw with devastating losses on both sides.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Despite not being a true incident, the Modern Spiriting Away is the only event to have an official title.
  • Only the events of Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial are referred to as incidents in-universe.

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