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Shikigami (式神) are godlike spirits that provide different services for an onmyouji master. Among these services are: running errands, protecting shrines, battling alongside their masters, and other duties. They may take on multiple different forms (or none at all), but are commonly depicted as paper mannequins.

Shikigami in Len'en Project[edit | edit source]

In the Len'en Project, the strength of the shikigami is dependent on how much spiritual power they have received from their master, once the master's spiritual power is used up the shiki contract will deactivate. It is unknown how shikigami are summoned within Mugenri, but it is likely through onmyodo practices.

Jinbei is the shikigami of the Senri Shrine. They are in charge of managing the shrine while Tsurubami is away. While they are inferior in rank to Yabusame and Tsubakura, they do not always follow orders from them.

Kujiru and Kaisen have Garaiya Ogata as their master. Though Kaisen is the assigned superior of the two, Kujiru is favored for being more useful, which frustrates Kaisen.
In addition, Garaiya also employs various fairies and ghosts as shikigami in the Dragonfly Army.

Taira no Chouki is the master of a lantern youkai known as a burabura, through which they talk, as they cannot talk themself.

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