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This article describes the overall gameplay and background information for Reactivate Majestical Imperial.


Reactivate Majestical Imperial plays much like a typical Touhou Project game in that the player character always faces the top of the screen, shooting at stage enemies, dodging through intricate bullet patterns and confronting challenging bosses at the end of each stage.


The game can be played using a keyboard. Gamepad support was also added as of version 1.01a.

  • The Arrow keys (+++) moves your character around.
  • Z shoots a short burst of bullets. It can be held down for rapid fire.
  • X unleashes a bomb, assuming you have any left. If your flash bomb gauge is full and you are unfocused, it unleashes a flash bomb instead.
  • ⇧ Shift slows down your character's movement speed and changes the nature of your shots, usually by reducing their range and directing them straight ahead.
  • ⇧ Shift+X can still be used to unleash a bomb, assuming you have any left, if your flash bomb gauge is full
  • Esc pauses the game and brings you to the in-game menu.


There are four levels of difficulty to choose from in the main game. Additionally, there are three levels of difficulty for the Extra Stage.

Easy 初心者向け、がんばって! For beginners. Do your best!
Normal さっくり楽しめる難易度かも This might be an easy-to-enjoy difficulty level.
Hard ちょっとした手ごたえを Better have some pretty good reflexes.
Unreal 非現実へようこそ Welcome to unreality.
Easy Extra 初心者向け、がんばって! For beginners. Do your best!
Extra そんなことはない It's not what you think.
Absurdly Extra 次にお前は『馬鹿げてる』と言う Soon you'll be saying: "This is ridiculous!"

Each difficulty level features differences in the rate of enemy fire, bullet pattern density, enemy health bars, and enemy spell cards used.

As of v1.20a, two modes were added to the game:

Basic Level 基本的なモード、弾幕STG経験者向け
The standard mode, for people experienced with danmaku STGs.
For people who want a little thrill in their playing!
Why not give this mode a spin?

Light Level

初期残機&パワー増加! 被弾時リスク軽減! アイテム数二倍!
An easier mode, for people new to danmaku STGs.
Increased lives and power, less power loss, and doubled items!
But scores are multiplied by 1/10, and replays don't save.


A character's "shot" is their primary means of attack. The shot's attack range, behavior and power depend on the chosen player character as well as the current power level and whether or not the player is currently focused.

Point of Collection[edit]

At the start of the game, a line labeled "Item Get Border Line!" appears on the screen for a few seconds. If you move your character above this line, all items currently on-screen are drawn towards them. The point of collection is always available.


Bombs (more specifically: spell cards) are a limited-use method for getting out of sticky situations. A bomb's appearance, power, range and duration depend on the chosen character, but it typically deals large amounts of damage to every enemy it touches in addition to cancelling out every bullet currently on-screen or fired during the bomb's duration. Characters are also invincible for the duration of the bomb.

You start the game with either 3, 4, 2, or 5 bombs, depending on whether you pick Yabusame/Tsubakura, Yaorochi/Sukune, Kuroji/Saragimaru, or Suzumi/Suzumi, respectively. Extra bombs can be obtained by collecting green bomb items, which are dropped by certain enemies and midbosses. You can carry a maximum of 9 bombs. Dying will reset the amount of bombs to whatever you had when you started the game.

If you get hit by an enemy bullet or an enemy itself, you have a short window of opportunity to use a bomb in order to save yourself. This is called deathbombing. Doing so successfully will prevent you from losing a life.

If you lose all your lives and choose to continue, you will automatically use a bomb. This is not deducted from your bomb stack, though.


You start the game with 3 lives (2 extra lives). You lose a life either by getting hit by an enemy bullet or running into an enemy yourself.

Your hitbox is very small in comparison to your character, only about 6 pixels in diameter. If you hold down Shift, a white dot with a red outline will appear, showing the hitbox precisely. If it comes into contact with a bullet or an enemy, you have been hit and will lose a life unless you can save yourself with a deathbomb.

In this game, lives are represented by red stars. Extra lives can be obtained by collecting purple 1-up items dropped from certain enemies and midbosses. They are also awarded at 10, 20, 50, and 100 million points. You can have up to 10 lives.

When you lose a life, your power is reduced by 1.00 and 10 small power items are scattered for you to collect. A barrier around you shatters, destroying all bullets within its radius. You also become invulnerable for a short period of time.

If you lose all your lives, you are given the option to continue right where you left off. However, continuing will reset your score to 0, you can no longer save your replay, and you will obtain the bad ending if you finish the game. You may continue up to 3 times in the main game. You may not continue in the extra stage.

Flash Bomb[edit]

On the left side of the screen, a vertical bar fills up as you graze enemy bullets. Once it is full, it turns red and a flash bomb can be used by pressing X while unfocused.

Flash bombs are a lesser bomb with a duration of only about 1 second and an overall narrow range. Aside from that, flash bombs differ between characters in both range and behavior. They can also be used during a boss's spell card attack without forfeiting the bonus, making them situationally useful. You can only carry one flash bomb at a time.


Reactivate Majestical Imperial uses a team system. The active character is the one visible in the playing field and is controlled by the player. The passive character can be seen below the playing field as they follow you on a horizontal axis. The passive character can collect power and spirit items that fall off the screen, provided they can reach them (the reach is indicated by purple brackets flanking the character). Power items collected by the passive character are twice as valuable while spirit items can only be collected by them, although Yabusame can collect spirit items even as an active character.

Each passive character has a unique ability to distinguish themselves from each other:

  • Yabusame Houlen does not follow you and instead goes for falling items independently.
  • Tsubakura Enraku enables the active character (Yabusame) to pick up spirit items. Those items can't be drawn in by focusing, though.
  • Adagumo no Yaorochi unleashes a brief screen-filling attack when the flash bomb gauge fills up.
  • Sukune Katano draws all the falling items towards the active character.
  • Kuroji Shitodo causes the flash bomb gauge to fill twice as fast.
  • Adagumo no Saragimaru gradually fills up the flash bomb gauge.
  • Suzumi Kuzu has no passive abilities.

Partners switch active and passive roles when a life is lost or a bomb or flash bomb is used. In the event of death, only the character who got hit loses power.

Team switching can be disabled by toggling the option labeled "自機交代の固定"; the active character will always be in front and controlled by the player, and the passive character will always be collecting power items and spirits. Bombs will come from the active character.

Spirit Jar[edit]

As spirit items are collected, the jar gradually fills up. At every multiple of 200, the team enters Jar Zenith Mode. The active character obtains a barrier that serves as an automatic deathbomb if you get hit and depending on the team, another perk is added for its duration:

Each instance of jar zenith mode lasts longer than the previous one. In the Extra stage, collecting 1000 spirits allows you to access the Extra+α stage.

Boss Battles[edit]

The main challenge of the game. A boss waits for you at the end of each stage. Each boss has multiple health bars, and whenever they use a spell card, a counter appears showing you how many spell cards you have to endure for the entirety of the stage. A boss's attack patterns usually alternate between a normal attack and a spell card, though bosses may use two or three spell cards in a row towards the end of the fight.

Normal attacks are typically incrementally stronger versions of a character's basic attack. Spell cards employ much more complex bullet patterns to both bedazzle and challenge the player. If the player manages to deplete a boss's health bar during a spell card attack without getting hit or using bombs, a bonus is awarded.

Each attack is accompanied by a timer. When it runs out, the boss proceeds to their next phase, regardless if their health bar had been depleted. Simply waiting out a boss's attacks may be enough to beat them, but it won't award the player any significant score bonuses. The exception to that are spell cards during which the boss is invulnerable. Surviving these without getting hit or bombing will award a bonus just the same.

When fighting a boss, a marker will appear below the playing field, showing the boss's position on a horizontal axis. Since the boss may be obscured by their own bullet patterns, this indicator can help the player locate their target.

Fighting Shion[edit]

The final boss of the game, Shion, introduces notably-different mechanics for their fight alone;

  • The ability to lose lives upon dying is completely nullified at the start of the fight; This is visually referenced by your lives being covered up on the game HUD.
  • Your Spirit Jar becomes a timer, with the spirit counter decreasing by 1 every half-second.
  • Instead of losing lives when the player gets hit by any danmaku, you lose 300 spirit items from your total amount; you also lose 100 spirit items at the beginning of every one of Shion's spell cards, barring the four consecutive spell cards proceeding Mastication "Margaret Mahler".
  • You only lose 0.50 Power items per death, as opposed to losing 1.00 power in every other situation.
  • If the Spirit Jar counter reaches 0 at any point in the fight, Shion prematurely explodes as if they were defeated, causing the game to end and show you the final score tally, before giving you Good Ending A; if Shion is properly defeated before the Spirit Jar counter reaches 0, the player will receive Good Ending B instead. Either ending will count toward unlocking the Extra Stage and/or the Absurdly Extra difficulty setting, but the latter ending is considered more acceptable towards contributing to your final score.


As of v1.10a, Reactivate Majestical Imperial has had 4 teams with 2 characters each to choose from: Yabusame Houlen with Tsubakura Enraku, Adagumo no Yaorochi with Sukune Katano, Kuroji Shitodo with Adagumo no Saragimaru, and, after being unlocked, Suzumi Kuzu (Hamee) with Suzumi Kuzu (Arde). Each has their own shot type and bombs, as well as different movement speeds.

Yabusame Houlen
Tsubakura Enraku
Adagumo no Yaorochi
Sukune Katano
Kuroji Shitodo
Adagumo no Saragimaru
Suzumi Kuzu
Shot Type Widespread, weak. Gains a homing shot at 1.00 power. Narrow, strong. Gains a penetrating laser at 3.00 power, but loses options and has to regain them. Narrow and powerful. Widespread with gaps in-between, weak. Shoots in random directions when unfocused, shoots forward when focused. Weak at first, but becomes highly powerful at 5.00 power. Options shoot lasers instead of bullets from 3.00 power upwards. Meandering bullet streams. Greater range when focused. Gains options at 1.00 power that shoot straight on. Decently powerful. When holding down the shot key, knives begin to gather in circular formations around Suzumi and burst either outward (unfocused) or straight forward (focused) for massive damage when the key is released. At 1.00 power and onwards, Suzumi gains familiars which shoot in a very wide range when unfocused, or home in on enemies when focused. Average/good damage.
Bomb Dimensional Detachment: Long duration, harms everything on-screen, intermediately powerful. Monochrome Ray: Short, only hits what's in front of you, massive power. Cloud-Mowing Sword: Short, screen-filling, powerful. F.A.E.B. "Haniwa Bomb": Semi-long duration, range depends on how close to the center of the screen you are. RNA "Retrovirus": Long duration, low range around the bomb's origin, brutalizes everything it touches. Transmigration "Eye of Hihayahi": Very long, range gradually increases to the entire screen, weak. (unnamed): Extremely short, powerful.
Flash Bomb Maiden Pit: Small circle around Yabusame. Vertex Emit: Cross-shape with Tsubakura in its center. Black Rotted Ropes: X-shaped with Yaorochi in its center Lost Torus: Big circle around Sukune, but it doesn't reach all the way from the outer rim to the center Negative and Positive: Rectangle in the middle of the screen that flips bullet trajectories. Ladder Built Between Clouds---[Fake]: A rainbow laser that cuts once across the screen. It also does damage. (unnamed): Suzumi becomes completely invulnerable. Can be held down and be prematurely released before the gauge runs out, but the whole duration is rather short.

Screen Layout[edit]

Screen layout
  1. Player character (this is Sukune)
  2. Support character (this is Yaorochi)
  3. Score data:
    • HiScore: Shows your current best score with this character on this difficulty
    • Score: Shows your current score in this playthrough
  4. 残機 (Lives): Remaining lives
  5. ボム (Bombs): Remaining bombs
  6. Point item data:
    • 総点 (Total points): Amount of point items collected over the course of this playthrough
    • 得点 (Points): Amount of point items collected in this stage
  7. Thrill: Amount of times an enemy bullet has grazed your hitbox
  8. Power:
    • Top: Your current shot power (maxes out at 5.00)
    • Bottom: Your partner's current shot power
  9. Spirit jar
  10. Flash bomb gauge
  11. Boss character (this is Sese)
  12. Boss data:
    • Health bar
    • Spell card progress
  13. More boss data:
    • Timer
    • Spell card name
  14. Difficulty level
  15. Indicates the game mode



  • Hitting an enemy or a boss: 10 points per bullet
  • Killing an enemy: 100 points
  • Point item (any size): 500 points
  • Small power items at max power: 100 points
  • Large power items at max power: 500 points
  • Full power item: 10,000 points
  • Bomb item: 100,000 points
  • Extra life: 1,000,000 points

When bullets are destroyed, they generate grey yin-yang items. These have an initial value of 5 points, but after about a second, each consecutive item collected will increase that value by 5 points, up to a maximum of 1000 points.

Blue point items are dropped by enemies and bosses and come in two sizes. However, both have the same value which, unlike the point items in Touhou, is not affected by where on the screen they are collected. The only difference lies in the increase of the point item counter: Small items increase it by 1 while large items increase it by 5.

End-Of-Stage Bonuses[edit]

This bonus is calculated as follows:

((Stage number * 10,000) + ((Shot power / 5) * 10,000) + (Thrill count * 100)) * (Points / 100) * (Difficulty multiplier)

(The stage number for the Extra stage is 7.)

The difficulty multiplier is as follows:

Easy: Normal: Hard: Unreal: Easy Extra: Extra: Absurdly Extra:
0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 0.8 1.0 1.2

Furthermore, at the end of the game, you get 10,000,000 points per life remaining, independent from the end-of-stage bonus.