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Below is a timeline of events within the Len'en Project universe.

Long Time Ago[edit]

  • Yago Ametsukana made the Tasouken[1], which was given to Adagumo no Yaorochi's ancestral clan by the heavens[2]
  • Orochi was betrayed and killed; seven pieces of their body became the Adagumo siblings, including Yaorochi from their severed arm and Adagumo no Saragimaru from one of their eyes; the Tasouken was also stolen[2][3]
  • Many of the Adagumo siblings passed away in the search for the Tasouken; only Yaorochi and Saragimaru remain
  • The Tasouken fell into the ocean and Yaorochi dived after it; Saragimaru mourned for their sibling's apparent death[2][3]
  • Yaorochi emerges from the ocean with the Tasouken, which lost its power; the two Adagumo siblings get separated
  • Creation of Mugenri - Partly created by the first-generation priest of the Senri Shrine[4]
  • Spell Cards are introduced by the second-generation priest of the Senri Shrine[5]
  • A mysterious third-generation priest takes over the Senri Shrine[4]
  • Hibaru Kokutenshi lent the sun some money; the sun then left the land of Mugenri and went high up in the sky[6]
  • Lumen Celeritas solved a certain incident; they were crowned as one of the "Three Lights"[7]

Previous Events[edit]

In Mugenri[edit]

  • Xeno a finds their way into Mugenri and finds employment at Devanagara's government-operated casino[8]
  • Haiji Senri became obsessed with the Senri Shrine, changing their last name to "Senri"[5]
  • Tsurubami Senri became the n-generation priest of the Senri Shrine; works to become the dictator of Mugenri
  • Tenkai Zuifeng, Tsurubami Senri's long-time friend, became the co-dictator of Mugenri
  • Hibaru Kokutenshi attempted to assassinate Tsurubami[9]
  • Tsurubami Senri visited the city's casino and got into a fight with Xeno a; the two became sparring partners from then on[8]
  • Taira no Fumikado's parents, Taira no Onikado & Fumina, were killed in a political power dispute in Devanagara; Taira no Iwakado, Fumikado's grandfather, adopted them, along with Taira no Chouki
  • Yago Ametsukana hunted various demons and beasts for Iwakado in order to build a new vessel for the next emperor; Para is born and swapped bodies with Fumikado
  • Taira no Chouki sacrifices their body to use the Saeda: it fails as they are rendered voiceless afterwards, unable to use the flute
  • Fujiwara no Mitori secretly climbed the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror; they learnt of the Fujiwara clan's dark past through the Great Mirror
  • Mitori killed Fujiwara no Iyozane with poison, claiming they were taking pity on Iyozane
  • Mitori succeeded a coup d'état on Devanagara; proclaiming themself to be the new emperor and renaming themself Ooama no Ake no Mitori
  • Iyozane was revived by an unknown person through unclear means; they now work as a ferryman at the Gloomy Straits
  • Medias Moritake was dispatched from the far South to Devanagara; achieved some moderate feats of valor under the emperor, and earned the Kanji name "Moritake"[10]
  • Yaorochi and Saragimaru find their ways into Mugenri separately

Outside Mugenri[edit]

Current Story Era[edit]

The Past Arc[edit]

The Mugenri Arc[edit]

  • In-between events
    • Tsurubami leaves for the Outside World; outsiders being missing hits widespread news
    • Outsiders settle in Mugenri (Shitodo siblings build a home near the Human Village, Kurohebi settles in Devanagara, and Clause becomes homeless)
    • Tsubakura becomes the main priest while Yabusame is an "Honorary Priest", separate tasks declared under a game of rock–paper–scissors
    • Saragimaru requests Sukune Katano to make a new vessel for the Tasouken
    • Yaorochi wanders into Sukune's house and sees the clay Tasouken; they trick Sukune into giving them the clay sword
    • Yaorochi begins the ritual to revive the Tasouken's power, causing clouds to gather over the Unlost Woods
  • Reactivate Majestical Imperial events (winter time)
    • Main Article: Story for more details
    • Each team goes to resolve the incident in "what if" scenarios (only one team actually solved it, but which one of the teams is unknown, due to Suzumi manipulating history[17])
    • Souls travel in hundreds into Mugenri
    • Fumikado plans to revive the soul of Masakado to create the true emperor
    • The Harujion fully grown; the birth of Shion
    • Tenkai Zuifeng fixes the Mugenri Barrier and arranges a small prank for their superiors[18]
  • In-between events
    • Shion is put under house arrest at the Senri Shrine
    • Saragimaru now works at the Shitodo House as a servant to the Shitodo siblings
    • Due to Fumikado's failure, along with Taira no Chouki being accepted as the new emperor, many of Fumikado's supporters no longer follow them, choosing to follow Chouki instead
    • The Dragonfly Castle and Devanagara equally declare war due to Suzumi's influence on informing
    • Yago Ametsukana made and supplied weapons to both sides of the war[1]
    • Clause is rescued by Garaiya Ogata and now works under them, tasked to capture Fumikado
    • Kujiru Kesa came to know of fellow slug youkai Shou Amanomori, and wants to add them to the forces they command[19]
    • Balance maintained by Tsurubami has officially collasped by this point[20]
    • Mitsumo possesses Terumi, using them to move and speak
    • Xeno a hears rumours that Tsurubami left, but heard that new priests took over and plans to provoke them[8]
  • Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle events (spring time)
    • Main Article: Story for more details
    • Prologue - Suzumi rips Hooaka's arm off, Tsubakura grows a new one for them
    • Four teams of three travel throughout Mugenri during the on-going war for numerous reasons. The majority of scenarios exists as "what if" worlds because Suzumi was rewinding the timeline, making all events happen simultaneously
    • The true outcome of the war is unknown; no interaction from a team means the factions declare a draw[21]

Unknown Chronological Events[edit]

The following are plot-relevant events that are left unknown where they take place in the timeline.


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