Monochrome World

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レンエン モノクロムワールド
Len'en Monochrome World
Monochrome World
A teaser image of the game
Developer Trick Nostalgie
Publisher Trick Nostalgie
Genre 2D Action Game
Len'en Series chronology
Book of the Cafe Monochrome World

Len'en Monochrome World (レンエン モノクロムワールド) is the upcoming fifth[1] game of the Len'en Project, still in development. Thus far, only Tsubakura Enraku is known to be in the game. It is stated that this is a "2D Action" game, making it possibly the first Len'en game (in order of games announced) to not be a shoot 'em up.[2]

Name and Concept[edit | edit source]

Monochrome World is the first game announced that belongs to the Past Arc[3], as mentioned on JynX's Twitter and as indicated by the use of katakana to write Len'en (レンエン) instead of the kanji 連縁 used in the Mugenri Arc. This is supported by Tsubakura shown as not having the eye on their hat, giving the impression that the game might be a prequel taking place before Evanescent Existence. JynX also answered questions on Peing regarding Monochrome World's placement on the timeline and how much time passed between it and Evanescent Existence, which also indicates that this is the case.[4][5]

Development[edit | edit source]

JynX first revealed that they were creating Monochrome World on 22 June 2016 on their Twitter, initially confirming that Tsubakura Enraku will be in the game.[2] During the first interview on August 17th 2015, JynX indicated that they were creating a game that's a different genre, which is likely to have been Monochrome World. However, development has been on hiatus for many years due to Book of the Cafe taking major priority. Eventually however, a new teaser for the game was announced on 18 November 2023 as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations, revealing more of the game's general concept.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The teaser image has been used as JynX's avatar on Twitter.
  • In the teaser imagine, a faint wing could be seen on Tsubakura's right. Turning up the contrast further reveals that there is text hidden above it, which while hard to make out, likely reads "Another Wing", as can be seen here.

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