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The following is a transcription and English translation of all the Peing questions and JynX's answers from February 2019.

25 February 2019[edit]

Q.鶴喰の「ちゃっちゃ」の台詞は、ダブルミーニングが意識的でしたか? Q.For Tsurubami's "quickly"/"cha-cha" line, did you write that while aware of the double meaning?
正直そこまで考えてなかったマン I-Honestly-Did-Not-Think-That-Far-Ahead Man
Q.露骨な質問です。君のゲームのソースコードを公開することについてどう思いますか? Q.A blunt question. How would you feel about publicizing your source code?
It's a messy source code so it's embarrassing.
I don't wanna~.
Q.What would happen if I grab the triangular cloth around Shion's head?
Whould they hate it?

Something that I couldn't say here might happen......

But that's a spiritual object so can you even grab it?
Q.Does Tsurubami actually own Ink Card "Obsidian Blade"?
We've only seen Suzumi use it as "Tsurubami",
so I'm not sure whether Suzumi or Tsurubami made the spell card.
鶴喰が所持してるスペル牌です It's a spell card Tsurubami owns.
Q.I think Emperor Mitori's name and stuff is based on the 40th Emperor,
but is their design based on the first Emperor?
ご想像にお任せします I'll leave that up to your imagination.
Q.アオジくんのフードに描かれてるマークってもしかして「鳴」って漢字が基になってたりします? Q.Is the mark on Aoji's hood based on the "鳴" kanji?[a]
渦巻きといえば有名なのがあるしね~ It's famous for its whirlpools after all~.

24 February 2019[edit]

Q.レンエンモノクムワールドは連縁无現里の何年前のお話し何ですか? Q.How many years ago is Monochrome World before EE?
リリースしたら判明する…かな? You'll know once it's released... perhaps?
Q.How does Souko's ability affect others?
You'll fall in love at first sight or something like that?
Think about that freely~.
I love wild delusions.
Q.ジンベイの額に巻いている包帯を外すとどうなりますか? Q.What happens when you remove the bandage on Jinbei's forehead?
包帯が外れます The bandage would be removed.
Q.雀巳のドッキリさせ具合は10満点中何点ですか? Q.Original: From a scale of one to ten, how much does Suzumi spook?
Translated: For a full score of 10, what is Suzumi's surprising-ness?
「About 3」
Original: Oh, sorry, I do not understand the meaning
New answer: Allow me to answer again.
"About 3".
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English, but then reasked in Japanese, due to JynX not understanding the original question.
Q.What season does Evanescent Existence take place in?
It is about summer.
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Can Tsubakura's hat talk?
I do not kno~~w.
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Hello JynX! Did Suzumi kill Tsubakura's mother?
I do not kno~w.
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.

22 February 2019[edit]

Q.Is the Eye on Tsubakura's hat actually alive? and can it actually talks at free will?
I do not know well either.
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Is Haiji's "Origin Card" their own card?
Or is it someone else's after all?
オリジナルカードだよ! It’s an original card!
Q.宵の一人称はなんでしょう!?(ショウもない駄洒落) Q.How does Shou refer to themself!? (Shou pointless a pun)
You've made me shou, shou mad, a bit.
I've already answered this once.
Shou, what should I do~?
It can't be helped, shou~
I'll give you an "I'll-spare-you-this-time-shou-please-send-your-questions-incorrigibly" Prize.
Q.ヤブサメがサンダル(?)を履いてたり裸足の時もあったりするのはどうしてなんです? Q.Why is Yabusame sometimes wearing sandals(?) and sometimes bare-footed?
き ま ぐ れ T h e y  f e l t  l i k e  i t.
Q.About Haiji whose strength remains a mystery, around what stage boss strength are they at?
Around stage 4 like Saragimaru?
Haiji used their own card at full strength so it was at an Ex stage level, but it was just one card~.
I can’t really say.
Q.連縁の二次創作で成人向けの表現は大丈夫ですか? Q.Are you okay with mature content in Len'en fanworks?
よっしゃこーい! Come at me!
Q.剛速球の気合避け弾幕とねっとり迫り来る気合避け弾幕のどっちが得意ですか Q.For danmaku that test your raw dodging power,
are you better at high-speed ones or slowly looming ones?
ねっとりと剛速球が迫りくる気合避け弾幕が苦手です I'm bad at the slowly looming and high-speed ones that test my raw dodging power.
Q.Do you plan to make some len'en fighting game in the future?
I want to maaaaaaake it.
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q....I'm bad at Japanese, so I'm using a translator.(omitted
It is said in the dialogues that Xeno a and Tsurubami are good friends, but how good of friends are they?
たびたび周りの環境を巻き込むレベルで殺し合いをするほどに仲がいいです They're so close that they often fight to the death while impacting the area around them.
Q.玄鳥達はどうやってコーヒー豆を持って来たんですか? Q.How did Tsubakura and the others get coffee beans?
超次元ポケット〜 Hyper-dimensional Pocket~.
Q.レンエンモノクロムワールドは連縁无現里の何年前のお話し何ですか? Q.How many years does Len'en Monochrome World take place before EE?
実際のとこよく分かんにゃい I don't really know.
Q.天影战记里平蝶鬼的左手画反了吧(*^_^* ) Q.You drew Taira no Chouki's left hand reversed in BPoHC, didn't you? (*^_^* )
J・ガイル It's like J. Geil.[b]
NB: This question was originally asked in Simplified Chinese.

21 February 2019[edit]

Q.私に秘密を話す Q.Tell me a secret.
いま口内炎が3つできててツライ I have three ulcers in my mouth right now and it hurts.
Q.I love your Touhou PC-98 arranges so much I listen to them every day.
Won't you make BGM and stages outside of the final bosses and extra bosses?
Thank you!!
If I had time I would like to try to do the other stages~
If I...... had time......
Q.What are good ways to expose more people to Len'en?
Also, do you approve of Len'en tattoos? I want the Senri eye or the Dragonfly Army emblem.
I do not know a good method. You can use tattoos freely
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.将来Daijin師匠のOSTを発表することができますか? Q.Does Master Daijin plan to release a soundtrack sometime?
僕からはなんとも言えないけど、その可能性は低いと思います I can't say anything about this, but I think the probability is low.
NB: This question was originally asked in Japanese and English.
Q.From stage 1 to 6 in BPoHC, which route is the longest?
Does the Senri Shrine Road go on for much longer than the distance of the route to the Dragonfly Castle or Devanagara?
Hmm, I can't say much about this since I've never compared them,
but I think the capital route is the longest one.
Q.ゼノアの能力の説明を見てると0%の可能性も必然にしてるように解釈できるんですけど能力の自動発動も合わさって藪雨みたいに雀巳の過去の改変を受けても記憶が残ると思うんですけどどうなんでしょう Q.I read the explanation for Xeno a's power, and it is explained as being able to make 0% events a certainty, so I think that combined with its natural activation, they should be able to retain memories from Suzumi's past alterations like Yabusame, but what do you think?
They can't manipulate that which is 0%.
However, to the human mind, there's not much that's actually 0% is there?
Xeno a is unable to control the ability's natural activation, so it won't activate at convenient times.
Q.What vsts, virtual instruments, or other software/hardware do you use to make your music? I love the instruments you use.
I am using the standard one of Cubase
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.I love Yago.
Well, let's leave it at that, where does Yago's accent come from?
連縁に出てくる方言は色々とごちゃ混ぜになってるのでどこの方言かは特定のできませぬ〜 The accents that show up in Len'en are from mixing up all types of accents,
so you can't pinpoint it as being from somewhere~.
Q.How does the ink(?) that Tsubakura always drinks taste to them?
墨の味がするんじゃないかなぁ? Wouldn't it taste as ink does?
Q.黒曜刀という牌がありますがあれは牌の名前なのかそれとも黒曜刀というアイテムがあるんでしょうか? Q.There's a card called "Obsidian Blade", is that just a card name or is there actually an item called the Obsidian Blade?
牌の名前でもあり、アイテムでもあります It's a card name, as well as an item.
Q.ずいふぉんのあの髪飾りはなんですか?なにか元ネタがありますか? Q.What is Zuifeng's headband? What is it based on?
わかーんなーいよ I dooooon't knoooooow!
Q.なんで顕界オーバーホールにはエンパイアパワーのフレーズが入ってるんですか? Q.Why is a phrase from Empire Power in Present World Overhaul?
わかーんなーいよ Noooo ideaaaaaaaa.
Q.I love Len'en songs!!!!
So, what song do you personally like? And what song do you have fond memories of?
Hmm~ Which is it?
It changes day to day, but today feels like "The Untruth Patronizes the Truth".
As for fond memories, perhaps "Eternal Dance Engine"?
The reason's a secret~
Q.Do Tsubakura and others from Evanescent Existence think of Clause as a friend? (English or Japanese answer is ok!)
No Comment...
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.I love your surprises and games💕.
But please don't overwork yourself.
Thanks! I love you!!
I'll take care of my body without forcing myself, surprising you every second.
Did you know that Len'en danmaku was respected in this, at around 5:50?
作品は知ってたけどこの事は知らなかったぞ! もっとやれ! I knew about the game but I did not know about this! Do it more!
Q.Nice to meet you. I am an unskilled guy that can only clear on Easy, but I love the Len'en series.
For my question, what kind of abilities do the "Eyes of the Four Sacred Beasts" on Hibaru's back have?
To end off, I look forward to your new games and soundtracks from the bottom of my heart.
Thanks for playing~.
Even clearing it on Easy is amazing!
The eyes on Hibaru's back house the power of one of the four sacred beasts each~.
Details are up to your imagination.

16 February 2019[edit]


1. 蛇叢釼4面に出る潤い腐る庭は迷えずの森の一部ですか?
2. 巨人の隠れ穴の中にある、霊烈傳4面の結氷が産みし洞窟の氷は、
3. 天影戦記に出る戦線となる川の名はなんでしょうか? そしてそれは霊烈傳に出る川とは同一のでしょうか?
4. 最後に、その川の一部の魂の通りはまだあるですか?

Q.Hello JynX, I'm always looking forward to your games.

I have a few questions regarding Mugenri’s geography:
1. Is the Sodden Decaying Garden from EMS stage 4 a part of the Unlost Woods?
2. Is the ice in RMI stage 4, the Cavern From Which Frost is Born inside the Giant's Burrow,
natural or from the effect of the souls?
3. What is the BPoHC Frontline River's name? And is it the same river as the one from RMI?
4. Finally, is the Spirits' Crossing, a part of said river, still there after RMI?

Thanks for reading and answering, I'm sorry if there are any errors in my Japanese.
こんばんはー! 日本語完璧です!ちょー読めます! それでは質問に答えていきますね
Hello~! Your Japanese is perfect! I can read it just fine! Well then, I'll answer your questions:
1. It's a part of the forest.
2. There's an underground natural water system in those caves, and it froze over due to the souls.
3. It doesn't have a name right now, but everyone calls it "The River". It's the same river as the one in RMI.
4. There no souls anymore so it's just a normal river now.
Q.I love how the BPoHC system makes you immerse in the world by making you feel like the main character. What are the particulars that made you come up with such an idea...?
あら〜、ありがとうございます〜 あのシステムは閃いたものではなく、理詰めで考えて出来たものなんです。
Oh my~, thank you~! The system wasn't an idea that just flashed across my mind but was born from logical thinking.
Playing STGs multiple times is basic, but I do understand that some people come to hate STGs because of how repetitive they can get. So in order to make subsequent plays fun, I added "randomness", "stage splits" and "growth elements". Having a stage split wasn't just to add choice to the game, but also to add a sense of immersion and action from moving left and right in the game.
Q.Sometimes I can't read the homing on Xeno a's dice,
can the pathways be changed with their probability manipulation as well?
アレの軌道は乱数が使われているのでそうなのかもしれぬ! I just used random numbers for those so it might be so!
Q.玄鳥はモノクロムレイの威力はそのままに紅魔郷、妖々夢、永夜抄の魔理沙のマスタースパーク並みの広範囲に撃てますか? Q.Can Tsubakura's Monochrome Ray be shot as wide as Marisa's Master Spark back in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom and Imperishable Night, while keeping the power?
That's impossible for Tsubakura under normal circumstances.
Its power comes from shooting it while it is compressed, so widening it would only weaken it.
Q.I thought of this because of ehomaki.
You once tweeted that you forgot why Tenkai Zuifeng's hair band looks like that,
have you remembered since then?
思い出せません、もう恵方巻きって事でいいです I have not, it's fine to think that it's because of ehomaki.
Q.Hello Jynx!
My knowledge on Japanese is very little but I wanted to ask you if there's a particular reason why Haiji Senri's hair color doesn't match their eye color like most characters.
Thanks for reading this!
Thank you for the question! But it's a secret~
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Hello JynX!
How is Tsurubami able to speak English in Evanescent Existence?
Can they speak any other languages?
(Sorry for my bad Japanese!)
Even people like Tsubakura, Kuroji and their other smart friends can speak foreign languages.
However, some other smart people can do so as well.
Details are secret.
Q.番狂(クニミツの剣)の読み方は何ですか? Q.How do you read "番狂" (Kunimitsu's sword)?
Huh? Didn't I write it down?
It's read as "Bankuruwase".
Q.玄鳥もお莫迦なんですか? Q.Is Tsubakura also an idiot?
墨食ってる奴が莫迦でないわけないじゃない How could someone who eats ink not be an idiot?
Q.Does Tsubakura wears shorts or a skirt thing? (Sorry for English)
Please think as you like
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.

15 February 2019[edit]

Q.If they were in space, how would Lumen react to it?
Do the sun, moon and other celestial bodies in Mugenri work differently from ours?
(I used Google Translate)
ルーメンが宇宙空間にいたらってことかな? 薄着だし凍死しちゃいそう
So "What would happen if Lumen is in space?". They aren't wearing much, so they might freeze to death.
Celestial bodies might move slightly differently from our universe~.
Q.Does shion like fashion shows?
YES faSHION shows
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.您的后续stg中还会沿用天影战记的系统吗? Q.Will you continue using BPoHC's system in future games?
ぬゃー! 中国語はサッパリ分からんとです!
「天影戦記のシステムのSTGを作りますか」的な意味かなぁ? いつか作ると思うよ!
Wha~!? I dunno Chinese at all!
I think it means "Will you make another game using BPoHC's system?", something like that? I think I might one day!
NB: This question was originally asked in Simplified Chinese.
Q.ルーメンの背中にある赤いお皿みたいなものは何ですか? なんか割れちゃってましたけど………… Q.What is that red dish-like thing on Lumen's back? It's kinda broken.........
It's Nevinyrral's Disk.
Use 1 mana and tap it to destroy all artifacts, creatures and enchantments. [c]
Q.ツルバミはツバクラの同祖体ですが? Q.Is Tsurubami Tsubakura's homeologue?
わかーんなーい Ahhhh don't knoooooow.
Q.シオンちゃんの体からはみ出ている霊魂はどうして虫の翅や草花のような形をしているんですか? Q.Why do the souls we see coming out of Shion's body take on forms like bug wings and flowers?
I wanted to show that the non-human souls got mixed in too.
But their physical body is almost human, amazing isn't it~?
Q.What's the first thing you do when drawing a new character?
First, look for people and things to model
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.ツバクラさんの自己評価とクラウゼの自己評価の高さを物で表してください!! Q.Please represent Tsubakura and Clause's evaluation of self-worth in terms of items!!
Clause→Mt. Everest

14 February 2019[edit]

Q.无現里の宗教の中のキリスト教も存在しますか? Q.Is Christianity one of Mugenri's religions?
あると思うよー! I would think so~!
Q.藪雨が感じているニオイとシオンが感じているニオイに違いはありますか? Q.Is there any difference between the scents Yabusame and Shion smell?
んー、根本は同じ感じだけど嗅ぎとる範囲が違うかなぁ〜 Hmm~, they're based on the same thing but the two of them might have different smelling ranges~.
Q.玄鳥達はコーヒー豆を何処で持って来たんですか? Q.Where did Tsubakura and the rest get coffee beans from?
藪雨がポケットから出したんじゃない? Didn't they come from Yabusame's pocket?
Q.レンエンモノクロムワールドは連縁无現里の何年前のお話し何ですか? Q.How many years before EE does the story of Len'en Monochrome World take place in?
完成したらわかるよ〜 You'll know when it's finished~.
Q.なぜ'瑞風'の'風'は中国式で読みますか。 Q.Why is "" in "Zuifeng" read in its Chinese way.
まぁ陰陽五行思想といったら中国ですもの Well, if we're talking about the Ideology of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements then it's China.
Q.You've explained your reason for having genderless characters in an interview before,
but are there any other reasons?
まだまだ沢山あるよ! んー、じゃあもうひとつだけ公表するとね
There's still tons! Hmm~, well, I'll announce one.
I was aiming to give users more room for imagination as well.
Q.I only speak English, so I'm sorry for not being able to ask in Japanese! I want to know, does Clause ever lie? Or are they always honest when they talk to others?
Clauses may be lying and may not have awareness of lying
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Will there be a restock on the len'en Acrylic figures or the physical albums?
If there are many requests, we will sell it!
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Len'en Wikiでは、タイトルケースに「Brilliant pagoda or haze castle」の代わりに「Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle」を使用しています。 これで大丈夫ですか? Q.On the Len'en wiki, "Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle" is used instead of "Brilliant pagoda or haze castle", is that fine?
どっちでも大丈夫だよ〜 Both are fine~!
Q.无現里やデーヴァナガラや闡裡神社にはフラグがありますか? Q.Does Mugenri, Devanagara, the Senri Shrine, etc. have flags?
フラグというと国旗とかかな? 无現里にはないけど都にはありますよ
You mean like a country flag? Mugenri doesn't have one but the capital does!
The Senri Shrine doesn't have a flag but it does have a shrine crest, it's still a secret though.
Q.i love you!!!!
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Greetings from Eastern Europe!
Is there a reason for you to use "" instead of the more commonly used ""?
Also, is there a reason for the "无" kanji to be on the amulet bullets in Len'en?
Only Haiji, Tsurubami and Xeno a were shown to use them throughout the games, but can other people use the amulets at well?
東ヨーロッパぁ!? めっちゃ日本語お上手だけど日本人なのかな?
ちなみにあのお札は闡裡神社で売ってます 初詣の時にでも買いましょう
Eastern Europe!? Your Japanese is amazing, are you Japanese?
The word "" does have a special meaning, but I have no plans to explain it in detail.
Well, it's because it's uncommon, that's the trick.
By the way the ofuda are sold at the shrine, get them on your first shrine visit of the new year!
Q.Is the reason Orochin is fine holding Tasouken with their tail and not their hand because of the fact that they are a youkai that came from an arm?
Or is it ok because they're not technically using the sword?
どっちなんでしょうかね〜 ご想像にお任せします I wonder which is it~? I'll leave it up to your imagination.
あとこれも made in YAGO ですか?
Q.What's Mitori's main reason for using the Rudhira? I think it could be:
To increase their popularity parameters,
pride from being a military emperor to want blood to be shed from their own initiative,
to rally the army's morale by putting their own life on the line.
Also, is that made in YAGO too?
個人的にはそんな感じだと思います 敵味方問わず、リスクなしに戦うことが嫌いなんでしょう
ちなみnot made in YAGOです
Please think of it as it pleases you.
Personally, I feel it's like that. Regardless of the enemy, they do not like to battle without risk.
By the way not made in YAGO. JynX: Do you want to create the stories about the Adagumo's?I'm so wander about it_(:з」∠)_
Maybe I'll make it
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.雑魚のデータ(.csv)を変更することについてどう思いますか? Q.How do you feel about people altering the common enemy data (.csv)?
個人で楽しむ分には勝手にやっていいんじゃない? Isn't it fine to do what you want to do to have fun?
Q.I want to support you JynX so,
would it be possible for you to tell me your bank name, branch name, deposit classification and account number…………?

My real name's gonna be revealed~.
Well then, I'll tell you a bit!

It's an ordinary deposit.
Q.番長生きしてるキャラは誰ですか? Q.Who is the character with the best longevity?
んー、主観年齢と客観年齢でだいぶ違ってくるけど、どっちにしろ内緒です Hmm~, it's quite different between objective and subjective age, but both are secret.

13 February 2019[edit]

Q.Do you like fighting games? And are you planning to make a Len'en fighting game?
I like it, but I do not have plans for production at the moment
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.When will you open a commission?
Well, I will consider but it is undecided
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Do you plan to play any Len'en fangames?
When I have time I would like to do it at any time
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.最近飲んだ中でおすすめのお酒は何ですか? Q.Can you recommended an alcohol you drank recently?
I've only been drinking cheap liquor recently so it may not be a good reference,
but low-malt beer's been delicious to me recently~.
Q.「結界というのは物質じゃなくて2つの事象の境界線」みたいな事を天影戦記で言ってましたが、天堺は霊烈傳の時に持っていたアナログ感満載のコテで穴の空いた結界を修繕したのでしょうか……?どうやって……? Q.In BPoHC, it was said that "A barrier is not a physical object but a border separating 2 differing phenomena", but was Tenkai in RMI repairing the barrier with that super analog-looking trowel......? How......?
ここをぉー! こうー、やっ、て、だぁー!!
In actuality, it was like,
"Here! Do this, and... Haaaa!!"
(It looks like a trowel but it's actually a magical tool, I guess?)
Q.Undertaleは好きですか? Q.Do you like UNDERTALE?
I didn't play it yet so I don't know.
But I've listened to a few songs and I liked it.
Q.In Aoji's boss portrait in BPoHC, they don't have the usual dangly sleeves,
is this just an image change?
僕の気分です I just felt like it.
Q.何故か宵ちゃんだけ一人称が何処にも書かれていないのですか、宵ちゃんの一人称ってなんですか? Q.How does Shou refer to themself was never written down, but how does Shou do that?
たぶん「ショー」とか「このショー様」とかじゃないかな? バカっぽそうだし
Now that I think about it they never did do so.
Probably something like "Shou" or "The Great Shou"? They seem stupid after all.
Q.I love both the Len'en Series and JynX!
Now, as for my question, what spell cards do Haiji attack with?
ありがとう! 好き!!
Thank you! I love you too!
Haiji uses others' spell cards even on an everyday basis.
They only have one of their own.

10 February 2019[edit]

Q.外界と无現里は表と裏のような関係らしいですけど、无現里から見える太陽や月、星などは外界に存在しているものとは違うものなのでしょうか? Q.The Outside World and Mugenri seems to have a frontside-backside relationship, but are the stars, moon and sun seen from Mugenri different from that of the ones outside?
若干違いますね、詳しくはいずれ明らかになると思います That's not quite it, I think the details will be revealed eventually.
Q.In the weapon type spell cards, are they attacking with the actual weapon?
I'm especially interested in Tsubakura's Swallow Card "Double Long Sword" and Tsurubami's Ink Card "Obsidian Blade"!
It differs from spell to spell.
Some of them have uses the actual weapon, some of them are materialized from the spell cards magic, etc.
For Tsubakura and Tsurubami, they use long swords made of ink.
Q.Please let me send you money.
Also, please let me send you money.
Finally, please let me send you money.
お金振り込むのだけは勘弁してください、代わりにお金振り込んでいいので Please refrain from sending money, in return sending money is just fine.
Q.連縁のMMDモデルを作成してもよろしいでしょうか? Q.Is it okay for me to make Len'en MMD models?
Of course! Of course!
Please do so!!!!
Q.鶴喰の能力はどのように作動しますか? Q.How does Tsurubami's power work?
It activates as they touch someone while thinking about it.
However there's no point in using on something that doesn't have potential.
Q.Does Lumen and Haniwa, etc. wear skirts?
Also, what material are they made of?
It's fine to think of the clothes freely.
As for the materials anything you can get nowadays is fine as well, so it can be cotton or polyester or whatever.

9 February 2019[edit]

Q.ハイジは「オリジンカード」以外のオリジナルスペルを持ってますか?もしあるならハイジはどんな時にそれらを使いますか? Q.Does Haiji have other original spells other than "Origin Card"? And if they do when would they use it?
いまのところないです 他人のスペル使うの大好き They have none other right now. They love using other people's spells.
Q.Can you confirm that Tsurubami is Tsubakura homeologue
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Do you have "principles" for the characters' abilities?
(e.g. For a character that can use telekinesis, "how can they move objects without touching them", kind of reason)
Hmm~, it's not like all the characters have it, but some of them do.
It might not quite be reasons, but it's like "Why do people with special powers exist?".
Q.連縁キャラの中で、トングで威嚇されて一番怖がるのはどのキャラですか? Q.Out of all the Len'en characters, who would be the most scared from being threatened with tongs?
ハイジとか なんか頭が掴みやすそうじゃないですか Haiji or something? Doesn't their head somehow seem easy to clamp on.
Q.無負荷のツバクラの対気速度は何ですか? Q.What is Tsubakura's airspeed without any baggage?
通常状態なら2600km/hぐらいまではいくんじゃないかなぁ Under normal circumstances, they can go up to 2600km/h.

8 February 2019[edit]

Q.Will 空想自動人形 ~ Learning chance! ever get a release?
I will do so soon!
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.プレイ可能なキャラクターの好きな音楽は何ですか? Q.Out of the playable characters, who has your favourite piece of music?
When it comes to the name I like "In This World".
When it comes to content I like Sukune's theme, well it changes from time to time though.
Q.I was really bad at STGs.
I couldn't dodge and kept getting hit, I was just really bad and couldn't progress, I didn't understand its fun at all.
However, I met Len'en and for the first time thought that "I want to clear it on my own. I want to come to know the world by playing it on my own."
Now I'm really into Len'en, and am able to no continue cleared all of them (RMI was on basic easy), and can challenge all kinds of STGs too.
For allowing me to enjoy STGs, thank you so much!
The cold days are still going on, so please pass them while taking care of yourself. I'll support you from here on out too!
多くの人にSTGの魅力を知って欲しいがために複数の難易度を設定したので、そう言っていただけると、とて〜も嬉しいです!!! 寒さもぶっ飛ばして生きていきます!
Thanks so much!
I want many more people to understand the allure of STGs so I made a bunch of difficulty settings, I was really happy to hear your story. I'll blast away the cold and live on!
Q.What is "デーヴァナガラ" (Devanagara) in Sanskrit?
今手元に資料がないから間違ってるかもしれないけど、たしか「神聖なる都」って意味だったかな? I don't have the references on hand right now so I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it meant "Holy capital"?
NB: This question was originally asked in English.
Q.ヤゴさんと蒼枯さんは二人とも神様だけど、お互い会ったこととか会話したことってあるんでしょうか? Q.Both Yago and Souko are gods, but have they ever met and talked to each other?
ご想像にお任せします。 少なくともお互い名前と顔は知ってるはずです I'll leave that up to your imagination. But they should at least know of each other's name and face.
Q.天堺はメロンが好きでメロンみたいな服を着てるくせにメロンと呼ばれることは嫌ってるの、ちょっと酷くないですか? Q.Tenkai dressed like a melon because they like melons, but doesn't like it when people call them "melon", isn't that a bit cruel?
メロンが好きだからメロンみたいな服着てるんだっけ? まぁどのみちメロンなやつですよ Do they dress like a melon cause they like them? Well, whatever the case, they're still a melon-ish guy.
Q.I have noticed a similarity between Sese Kitsugai from Len'en and Sans from Undertale. Both characters are weak skeleton bosses that attack with bones and a skeletal cannon, have groovy minor-key theme songs, have an affinity with the underground, and even have similar names. Do you think Mr. Toby Fox took inspiration from Len'en? It's a stretch but he's a fan of Touhou and even met ZUN, right? Anyway, I love your games, thanks for making them! (Thanks for making Sese's theme too, I like it more than I like most Touhou songs...)
Undertail released in 2015. RMI is released in 2014. I think that possibility is low. But, if so, I'm happy
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.Do 「you」 have any plan to 「reveal」 the real name of 「Clause」?
Not the "TIME" yet
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.I'll wait patiently for 3, 4 years so can you make a Len'en fighting game like Tasoxxxx does?
Also please take care of yourself while working hard.
Making a fighting game alone seems like it'd take perseverance.
Someone make it...(Desperate wish
I'll work hard while taking care of myself.
Q.In general, a certain melon is referred to as "Tenkai".
But why does Tsurubami call them "Zuifeng"?
Seems like they like the sound of "Zuifeng".
Also since others call them "Tenkai", it sounds like they've got a special relationship with Tsurubami.
Q.Shall we do the cha-cha?
I never cha-cha
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.In Len'en Café, does the Shrine Team go to the capital?
How would the other characters show up?
完成をお楽しみに(待たせすぎ) Look forward to the complete game. (Letting you wait too much)
Q.鶴喰さんの本当の容姿っていつか明かされるんでしょうか…? Q.When will Tsurubami's true form be revealed...?
よくわかんにゃい I dun really know.
Q.天影戦記のEX+aで最終ボスのXXXX(ネタバレ注意)を倒した後の会話中、XXXX(ネタバレ注意)の反撃を受けたことによる違和感を覚えるキャラに蒿雀くんとツグミがいるのが印象的でした。この2人は劇中では妙に侮られていますが、もしかしてやればできる子? Q.In the dialogues after defeating the final boss of BPoHC's EX+a stage, xxxx(spoilers), I especially remember Aoji and Tsugumi feeling that something was wrong after xxxx's(spoilers) retaliation. These two are oddly despised in their own scenarios, but do they actually have potential?
どっちも鳥の名だしねぇ… They both have Bird's Names after all...
Q.Hi, JynX! i want to ask a few, can Xeno a get exhausted or their ability set the probability of getting exhausted to zero? and how does the celestials personality in general (the ones that humans usually met)?
英訳自信ないから間違ってたらごめんね! 「ゼノアは疲れる可能性をゼロにできる?」→できるよ! 「どうやったら一般人は天人になれるの?」→血統で決まるから一般人は無理! I'm not confident in my English translation so forgive me if I got anything wrong!
"Can Xeno a set the possibility of them getting tired to zero?"→Yes!
"How does a normal person become a celestial?"→It's decided by lineage so they can't!
NB: This question was originally asked in English.
Q.結構前に玄鳥のアクションゲームを作るみたいな話あったような気がするんですが、連縁カフェはそれの代わりってことで制作しているのでしょうか Q.I remember talk from a while ago about a Tsubakura action game, but has that been replaced by Len'en Café instead?
違うよー、作る予定あるよー けどカフェを優先して作ってます
Nope, I still plan on making it. It's just that Café takes priority right now.
Also, it's still a mystery as to whether it will be a Tsubakura action game or not.
Q.Do you have any plans to release Clause's conversation text from when they were planned to be playable for EMS?
I'm so curious I can only sleep for 24 hours at night.
面倒だし予定はないです、起きて It's a bother so I don't, wake up.
Q.鵐 頬告鳥 と HAL は何者なんですか!
Q.Who are Hoojiro Shitodo and HAL!?
There hasn't been any information.
いつか分かりますわ You'll know one day.
Q.Has Kurohebi never succeeded even once in an assassination?
Also, does Kurohebi know about Rei & Zelo?
クロヘビ自身は成功したことないかなぁ? ちなみにレイゼロの事は知りません Not Kurohebi themself, no. By the way, they don't know about Rei & Zelo.

7 February 2019[edit]

Q.お体ご自愛ください Q.Please take care of yourself.
お気遣いありがとうございます 生きます Thanks for caring about me. I'll live.
Q.Will we ever get to see Medias's home country?
Is there even a Southern Country of Penguins in Mugenri?
无現里内にあるよー 予定はまだないけどいつか登場するかも? There is one in Mugenri! I have no plans to show it right now but it might show up one day?
Q.アンダーテイルをプレイしましたか? Q.Have you played UNDERTALE?
I checked and noticed that it was thrown onto the pile of games I've yet to play ever since I downloaded it back in 2016.
I heard it was a good game so I would like to play it whenever I have a good chunk of time.
I only know fragmental information of what it was about... Spoilers are scary.
Q.If the hidden character's (the informant's) bomb (the skip bomb) had a name, what would it be?
(Waiting for the CD!)
That's not a spell card, the cheater.
Therefore it has no name, but the ability name might be revealed eventually.

5 February 2019[edit]

Q.讚良さんって金曜日にカレー食べたりするんでしょうか Q.Does Sanra eat curry every Friday?[d]
They're not in the Japanese Self-Defense Force so they can eat curry regardless of what day it is.
You can have refills too![e]
Q.みとりちゃんお菓子全般好きそうですけど中でも特に好きなお菓子は何ですか? Q.Mitori seems to like all sweets, but what is their favourite of all?
甘ければ甘いほど好きみたいです 街で見かけたら角砂糖でもあげましょう It seems the sweeter the better. If you see them in the city, give them a cube of sugar.
もしよろしければ教えて頂けないでしょうか・・・ zzz
Q.I'm so curious about how the curves are drawn to make the outline of the eye in Bird's Eye "Pitch-black Eye" that I can't even sleep at night. Can you please tell me...? zzz
いくぞー! うぉー、ぐにゃ〜ん、うぉー、ぐにゃ〜ん、うわぁぁぁあああ
I drew them like, "Here I go~! Whoah~, gunyaan, wow, gunyaan, uwaaaAAA".
Now go to bed.
Q.霊烈傳ふみかどさんの背後の馬には名前はあるんですか? Q.Does the horse behind Fumikado in RMI have a name?
『繋馬(つなぎうま)』という名前らしいです 普段は飴ちゃんぐらい小さくて、いつでも呼び出せて乗れる便利なやつです It's called "Tsunagi-Uma".
It's a convenient guy, usually as small as candy and can be called upon when you need to ride it.
Q.Clauseは友達がいますか? Q.Does Clause have any friends?
いてほしい I hope they do.
Q.JynXさんってどんな顔ですか? Q.What does your face look like?
福山雅治と火星人を小麦と共に混ぜて弱火で程よく炒めた後に塩と胡椒を切らしてたことに気がついた時の料理人の顔によく似てるねって友達に言われたという夢なんて見たことありませんって顔です It's a face that's yet to see the dream of being told that it looks like the face of a cook who realized that he's out of salt and pepper after stir-frying Masaharu Fukuyama and a martian with wheat on low heat by a friend come true.
Q.JynXさんが手掛ける連緑の世界観、音楽、キャラクターその他諸々大好きです。連緑にハマってくれた友人がいてその友人と連縁について語るのが楽しいです。作品やグッズはいつでもお待ちしますので、ご自身の体調を第一に考えて活動なさってください。これからも貢ぎます。 Q.I love the world, music, characters, and pretty much everything else of Len'en. I have a friend who got me into Len'en, and talking with them about Len'en is really fun. I'll be awaiting your works and goods, so please continue your work while taking care of your health. I'll support you from here on out too!
ありがとううううっ 貢がれるに相応しいものができるようにがんばります! Thank youuuu! I'll work hard to make something that lives up to your support!
Q.Hello, Mr. JynX! Is there a way for Clause to speak normally? Would they speak normally if they were drunk?
can not go against "FATE"
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.藪雨のテーマ曲に『時空を越える翼 〜 M_theory』と『常軌の外に飛ぶ羽 ~ Eleven-dimensional』があります。
Q.Yabusame has 2 themes, "Wings That Transcend Spacetime ~ M-theory" and " Feathers Flying off the Beaten Path ~ Eleven-Dimensional".
Are "M-theory" and "Eleven-dimensional" related to the Magritte that the Shitodo team mentioned?
んー、あるかも? Hmm~, maybe they are?

4 February 2019[edit]

Q.ケモ耳キャラが今のとこ見当たりませんが、出す予定はありますか? Q.There are not any animal-eared characters currently, do you have plans to add any?
いずれ出るかもしれませんね〜 例のアンドロイドも一応ケモ耳らしいですね Maybe sometime in the future~. Though that android kinda seems to have animal ears.
Q.作った弾幕の中で気に入っているものと避けるのが苦手なものを教えてください! Q.What's your favorite and dislike-to-dodge danmaku you've made?
んー、耐久弾幕とかエグくて好きですね 黒い瞳とか黒衣の宰相とか天目津金の槍とか
避けるのが苦手なのはやっぱり耐久弾幕かなぁ 黒い瞳とか黒衣の宰相とか天目津金の槍とか
Hmm... I like the brutality of survival spells, like Pitch-black Eye, Prime Minister in Black Robes or Spear of Ametsukana.
The ones I dislike are obviously survival spells, like Pitch-black Eye, Prime Minister in Black Robes or Spear of Ametsukana.
Q.Hello JynX,Hope you're having a good day! Would you want some memes?
thx! ...memes? what memes?
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.sorry for english, i don't speak japanese well! but len'en is a wonderful series with cool characters, good music, and fun gameplay, and i wanted to thank you for making something that i care so much about. i'm looking forward to the mobile game!
Thank you very much for your message in English! I will make something fun from now on
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.まじ好きだし、まじ愛してるしやばいですどうしたらいいですか! Q.I like you. I love you! I'm crazy! What do I do!?
そのまま愛しーてー Keep on loving me, then~
Q.Some time ago, you said that upon losing a spell card duel, "you don't have to listen to the order if you escape from the winner's sight".
Does this mean that running away instantly nullifies the order?
Or does the loser have to run away from the winner for a set period of time for the order to wear off?
If it's the latter, does the winner have to regularly monitor the loser in case of long-term orders?
That's up to your interpretation.
What matters the most is for the loser to realize that they've lost, and that they have to obey the winner's order.
Q.蛇穴丸の愛は異性愛ですか、同性愛ですか? Q.Is Saragimaru's love a heterosexual or a homosexual love?
皆さま次第です That's up to you.
Q.頭おかしい連縁二次創作でも受けくれますか? Q.Will you accept any crazy Len'en fanworks?
That's fine!
You are free to create and publish whatever you would like as long as you don't force your thoughts and values on others.
Q.What if someone receives two conflicting orders from different spell card battles?
For example, if Garaiya was ordered by Kuroji to become their shikigami, but then received an order from someone else to become that person's shikigami.
んー、そこらへんは皆さんに妄想してもらいたい部分でもありますが、僕個人の考えでは後からの命令が優先されるんじゃないかな〜 抜け道に使えそうですし Hmm... I'd like to leave it up to you, but I think latter one should have priority, because it might be used to create a loophole.
Q.2015年にアップされた束方恋宴戦記のDreamy Pilotアレンジは、単体で公開される予定はありませんでしょうか。大好きなのでSE無しで聴きたいです…! Q.Are there any plans to release the Dreamy Pilot remix from 束方 恋宴戦記 separately? I love it, so I want to listen to it without the sound effects...!
そっか、恋宴戦記のverは公開してなかったですね! んー、なんかのCDとかに収録しますかね〜 Oh yeah, I forgot to release that! Maybe I'll put it on some CD.
Q.JynXさんの声かわいい、好き! Q.Your voice is cute, love it!
ありがとう! 照れる、好き! Thanks, I love you too! (eek, how embarassing!)
Q.无現里の黒巫鳥さんは肩がちょっと見えていますが、以降の作品では見えていないのは何故ですか? Q.Kuroji shows their left shoulder in EE, but not in the later games. Why?
あざといのに飽きたんじゃないかな〜? I think they just got tired of being pushy~.
Q.再びコミケにサークル参加されるご予定はありますか? Q.Will you be exhibiting again at Comic Market?
何かの機会にまたサークル参加したいですねぇ! Maybe some other time!
Q.今後の作品で神社組が外の世界に行くことはあるのでしょうか? Q.Will shrine crew go to outside in future works?
んー、どうでしょう? Hmm, who knows?
Q.I love everything you make!!
I love you too, of course!!!
By the way, why was Kuroji drawn pigeon-toed until the second game?[f] It's beem bugging me for a while.
大好きありがとう! あざとくするのに飽きたんじゃないですか? I love you, thank you! I think Kuroji just got tired of being pushy.
Q.Is there a backstory behind the emblem on Sanra's hat or any of the medals on their uniform?
I love the hat's wing motif.
軍帽のエンブレムは軍の紋章を簡略化したものです、勲章も1つ1つ貰った時の話があります、いつかその辺の設定もまとめて紹介したいですね The emblem is a simplified version of the army crest, and each and every medal has a story behind it. I'd like to show those someday.
辛いときにも「もう全部やめたい……いや連縁を追うためにはここで折れるわけにはいかない……生きなきゃ……働かなきゃ…… 」と思うことでエネルギーが出るので連縁は少なくとも一人のオタクの命を救っている神コンテンツです!!!!!!
Q.I love your work!!!!!!
Even in dark times, when I want to give up on everything, my will to keep up with Len'en gives me strength! Len'en is godly content which grants salvation to at least one otaku!!!!!!!
Please take care of yourself, and please do your best!!!!!!
にゅーん!ありがとうう!!うれしみ 僕もファンの方々一人一人のおかげで生きていけてます!本当にありs Nuuu! Thank yoou!! I'm happy. I can keep on living because of each and every fan! Really, thank you.
Q.雀巳さんの能力は无現里に来てから得た能力なのですか? Q.Did Suzumi get their ability after coming to Mugenri?
ちがうよー No.
Q.JynXさんあこがれ!!!!尊敬の念です!!!!貢ぎたい!!!!!! Q.I admire you!!!! I respect you!!!! Let me support you!!!!!!
ありがとう! やったー!! グッズとかよかったらどうぞ!(宣伝) Thank you! Yay!! How about some merch? (advertisement)
Q.What are your thoughts on commercial use of derivative works (like self-published books)?
Are there any guidelines to that?
同人以外の商業流通などの場合はまずはメールやDMなどでご連絡ください その上で許諾したものはオッケーです Please contact me about that through e-mail or Twitter DMs beforehand. If I agree, it's A-ok.
Q.Yago's spell card background depicts the Paulownia Seal.
Are they related to the Japanese Royal Family?
んー、ヤゴ自身の設定はともかく、ヤゴの元ネタには関係ありそうですね〜 Dunno about Yago themself, but the one they're based on might be.[g]
Q.連縁カフェ楽しみにしています! Q.I'm looking forward to Book of the Café!
ありがとう! 頑張るぞい! Thank you! I'll do my best!
本当に突然なんですけれども、五周年記念動画の声がとても素敵でした!制作頑張ってください!( •̀ω•́ )و応援してます!
Q.Good evening, Jynx-san!
It's all of a sudden, but your voice in the 5th Anniversary video was cute! ( •̀ω•́ )و I'm cheering you on!
ありがとぉーう! けどマイク越しだから素敵に聞こえるだけかも? Thanks~! My voice might have sounded the way it did only because of the microphone, though.
Q.天影戦記の伊代真+雀巳のチート級の性能は意図的なんですか? Q.Was the broken combination of Iyozane + Suzumi in BPoHC intentional?
意図的というわけではないですが天影戦記はどこまででも強くなれるからチート性能になることはあまり気にしてません 他にもチート性能なものがあるから探してみよう! Not really, but I didn't pay it much mind, since the player can get pretty overpowered in BPoHC even without that combination. Look for more broken combinations!
Q.牌示は闡裡マニアと言うことは、あのスケスケ衣服も闡裡縁のものなのでしょうか? Q.Haiji is a so-called Senri maniac, so are their see-through clothes also related to Senri?
ハイジ自身のセンスです It's their own fashion sense.

3 February 2019[edit]

Q.I love everything (not a question).
I'll be waiting for your works to come to completion, so please take your time... Also, please let me pay you...
ありがと~う! スローリーに制作していくからスローリーに入金してください!!!! Thank you~! I'll be working slowly, so please pay me slowly!!!!
Q.今出てる連縁キャラクターの中で腕相撲1番強そうなのは誰ですか(クソ質問) Q.Out the all the Len'en characters who have appeared so far, who do you think would be best at arm wrestling? (Shitty question)
たぶん僕 Probably me?
Q.都の広さって都道府県で言うとどのくらいの広さなんでしょう…! Q.How big is Devanagara in terms of the prefectures?
んー、勢力圏を含めれば都道府県ではないけど関東と関西を足したものより広いと思います Hmm, not exactly prefectures, but their power territory is bigger than the size of both the Kanto and Kansai regions combined[h].
Q.I played Len'en after a friend recommended it to me. The characters have rich personalities and the danmaku is interesting! I'm seriously addicted right now.
JynX-san, I love you! (straight ball)[i]
プレイしてくれてありがとう! 好き!!(ホームラン) Thanks for playing! I love you! (home run)
Q.I got into Len'en recently, and I'm really enjoying it. My favorite is Xeno a, so I'm looking forward to merch of them.
As for my question - will the stage theme from 束方 恋宴戦記, "Debug World", get released somehow? That track was my introduction to you, so I really want to listen to it separately.
Thanks for getting addicted!
It won't be in a Len'en CD, but I think it will be delivered to you in some other way.
Q.I'm really looking forward to the LINE stickers and the CD.
Please look after your health.
ありがとー!ほどほどに無理せず頑張っていくよ! 最近さむいしね〜 Thank you~! I'm working hard without forcing myself! It's been cold recently~.
Q.連縁人気投票を主催していただけないでしょうか?w Q.Would you hold a Len'en popularity poll? lol
上位キャラの絵とか描いてみたりね 投票の簡単でいい方法募集してまーす!(他人まかせ
I saw fans doing that before, but an official one might be interesting as well, so I would like to hold one~.
I'd draw illustrations of the high-ranked characters or something like that. Feel free to suggest easy methods of voting! (irresponsible
Q.結婚してください!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q.MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
養って!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUSTAIN ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Q.クラウゼと瑞風の間に関係性はありますか? Q.Is there any connection between Clause and Tenkai?
ああっーー!!! こんなところに産まれたてのヒヨコが!!!!🐣 Oh oh!!! There's a newborn chick over there!!!! 🐣
Q.闡裡鶴喰さんは字が上手いのですか? Q.Does Tsurubami have neat handwriting?
真面目に書けば達筆なはずです けど普段から真面目じゃないのでテキトーな字が多いみたいです Their handwriting should be neat if they're taking their time, but since they usually don't, it's often pretty sloppy.
Q.Hello Mr. JynX!
I just want to tell you that thank you so much for making Len'en, and i hope you can finish making the upcoming Len'en game, album, and other contents!!!
thx! I will do my best to be able to meet your expectations!!
NB: This question was originally asked and answered in English.
Q.小6からずっと不.登校だったんだが質問あるか? Q.I've been truant to school since 6th grade.
Any questions?
好きなハマーンカーンはなんですか? What's your favorite Haman Karn?
Q.東方の好きなキャラを教えて下さい Q.What's your favorite Touhou character?
ん~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 最近はお燐が好きです 多くは語らぬにゃん Mmm... Orin recently. I don't have much to say, meow.
Q.質問じゃないんですけど、通りすがりの連縁のボーカルアレンジ作ってみたい連縁ファンです 最近ハマりました、新作も気長に待ってます これからも応援してます!! Q.Not a question, I'm just a Len'en fan that wants to make a vocal remix passing by. I got into it recently, and am patiently waiting for the next game. I'll support you from here on out too!!
マジでか! ボーカルアレンジしよう! 君の手で連縁を広めてくれさい! Seriously?! A vocal remix! Please spread your love for Len'en!
Q.文門の武器って大剣ですか?あれもmade in YAGOですか? Q.Is Fumikado's weapon a large sword? Is it also "made in YAGO"?
先っぽがとんがってる棍棒です ヤゴ産です It is a club with a pointed tip. It was made by Yago.
Q.蛇叢釼以降のアクリルスタンドも出してください!特にヤゴさん!ヤゴさああああ Q.Please release the acrylic stand figures of the rest of the cast! Especially Yago! Yagooooooooo.
僕も出したいぞ! がんばふ! I want to release them too! I'll work hard!
Q.神社メンバー以外のキャラが主役になる作品(整数でも小数点でも)の予定はありますか? Q.Are there any plans for a game without the Shrine team characters? (be it either integer or decimal number games)
アーリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリアリ アリーヴェデルチ!(さよならだ) AriAriAriAriAriAriAriAriAriAriAriAriARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARIARI ARRIVEDERCI! (See you) [j]
Q.どうして文門以外耳が隠れてるんですか? Q.Why does every character except for Fumikado have their ears hidden?
Everyone has long hair, so it can't be helped. It can't be heeeelped.
Fumikado has characteristic ears so I did bother drawing them.
Q.創作初心者の者です。JynXさん尊敬してます(* 'ᵕ' )
Q.I'm a newbie creator, and I look up to you(* 'ᵕ' )
Where do your inspirations come from?
ありがと〜(*´∇`*) 色んなものを好きになる事で様々な物や人からインスピレーションを受けてます
Thank you~ (*´∇`*) Liking various things gives me inspirations
(but it's so all over the place that I sometimes forget where I got stuff from~)
Q.今のところJynXさんのなかで性別きまってるキャラとかいますか Q.Do you currently have any characters with a set gender on your mind?
ゲーム内では今のところいません ゲーム外ならもうすぐそういうのもでてくるかも? Not in the games, but there might be some outside the games coming soon.
Q.連縁のCD楽しみです Q.I'm looking forward to the Len'en CD.
ありがとう! 僕も完成が楽しみです(白目) Thank you! I'm looking forward to its completion. (cold stare)
というのもBOOTHで物を買ってBOOSTするという形でしか現状支援することができず、 一通りアイテムも買ってしまって二回目を買うというのも他の人にグッズが行き渡ってほしいのであまりできず・・・
Q.I'm enjoying playing Len'en.
By the way, are you planning on using creator support services, like Fantia or pixiv Fanbox?
Right now, the only way to tip you is via Booth, but I've bought most of the stuff there, and I want the merch to be in supply, so that others might also purchase it, so I can't bring myself to buy duplicates...
Either way, I'll buy the CD you'll be releasing!
Also, please take care of yourself!
Please eat properly and keep warm when you sleep! Working overnight is bad for your body too, so please don't overwork yourself!
Also, I want more Clause merch...! I want to fill my room with Clause...! I want to paint my room, nay, the whole world in the color of Clause...!
The lack of fund is the main reason for the recent lack of activity, so I'll consider it!
I can't provide merchandise of Clause for the time being, though, cause it's a bother. Sorry.
Q.連縁のキャラで誰が一番お気に入りですか?ω Q.What's your favorite Len'en character?
んー 今日のところは玄鳥・宿禰・セセあたりが気に入っておる〜
For today, I like Tsubakura, Sukune, and Sese~.
My preferences change daily, though. Like exchange rates.
Q.ヤゴの左足に履いてある靴は、自身の足を改造したものですか? Q.Is the shoe on Yago's left foot a modification of said foot?
改造したやつですね ヤゴは職業病で足を悪くしちゃったんです It's a modification. Yago's foot had gone bad from an occupational disease.
Q.I love you so much I can't stop nosebleeding. (lie)
I'm looking forward to the LINE stickers!
僕もLINEスタンプ過ぎて鼻血が止まりません! I also can't stop nosebleeding because it's so LINE stickers!
Q.質問ではないですが、制作頑張ってください!応援しています! Q.This isn't a question, but please work hard! I'm supporting you!
おぅいぇい! ありがとう!! 応援に応えちゃうぞ! Oh yeah! Thank you! I'll live up to your support!
Q.My life has been repainted thanks to Len'en.
I've become interested in all sorts of things, like literature, for example. Everyday is lots of fun.
For bringing such a wondrous thing to the world, thank you.
Changing the topic, does Medias have tail feathers, let alone a tail?
塗り塗りしちゃった!ありがとう! 尻尾は生やそうと思えば生えるんじゃないかな? 都合のいい感じなやつです So I have painted! Thanks a lot! They could grow one if they wanted to, I suppose. It's up to their convenience, really.
Q.どうして玄鳥はシオンちゃんから魂をつまみ食いされ続けているのに平気でいられるのでしょうか? Q.How come Tsubakura doesn't bat an eye over Shion constantly snacking on their soul?
毎日墨汁すすってるから強固な精神をもってるんじゃないかなぁ? They drink ink everyday, so their soul is strong, I suppose...?
Q.旧作リメイクのBGM集(乖靈異伝、邂封魔録)を今後出す予定はありますか? Q.Do you have any plans to release remakes of HRtP's and SoEW's soundtracks?
予定はあります! 時間がありません! Plans: yes! Time: no!
Q.連縁カフェはまだですか♡(残酷) Q.Is Book of the Café done yet? (I'm cruel)
生きてりゃそのうちいい事あるよ Survive, and you'll see something nice.
Q.好きです。振り込ませてください。 Q.I love you. Lemme pay some money.
ええっー!? 僕も好きです!お金 今度CD出すから買って❤️ Whaa!? I love you! Your money that is. I'll release an album soon, so please buy it!


  1. This is in reference to the Naruto Strait (鳴門海峡), famous for its Naruto whirlpools (鳴門の渦潮).
  2. J. Geil is a character from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, notable for having two right hands.
  3. A reference to a Magic: The Gathering card.
  4. It is a tradition of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.
  5. "You can have refills too!/おかわりもいいぞ" is a meme from the manga 狂四郎2030 (Kyoshiro 2030).
  6. Kuroji's portraits in EE and EMS both depict them with their toes turned inwards.
  7. Many shrines that worship Ame-no-mahitotsu no kami, one of the gods Yago is based on, take some variant of Paulownia Seal as their shrine crest. The Japanese Royal Family specifically took the "5–7 Paulownia" as their official seal, along with the Chrysanthemum Seal, but the Paulownia Seal eventually lost its exclusivity to the royal family.
  8. The Kanto and Kansai regions combined have an area of approximately 65.5 thousand kilometers squared
  9. The term chokkyuu (直球) can mean "straight ball", i.e. a baseball term, but it can also mean "blunt" or "straightforward".
  10. Reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 5.

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