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Character Titles
Stolen Omniscience and Omnipotence
Species Human (Formerly homuncular oni)
Abilities Stealing knowledge
Location Dragonfly Castle
Music Themes
  • ミクロコスモス ~ Homunculus nightmare (BPoHC)

Para (パラ) is the soul of the homunculus whose body Taira no Fumikado now inhabits, now residing in Fumikado's original body. They are the Stage 5 boss of the Haze route in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

General Information[edit]



Stealing knowledge

Para has the ability to extract knowledge from any source, but with certain drawbacks. They can only withdraw a limited amount at a time, and the difficulty of doing so depends on the amount of knowledge within the source. The more knowledge there is, the more difficult the task is.


Although it was never explained why, time has stopped for Para's body, making them effectively unaging and immortal.[1]

Background Information[edit]


Their known name is Para (パラ), although it's unknown if it's their real name. JynX was asked if there are any special meanings in their name, but they responded with "you can theorize away!".[2]

A possible origin for their name may be derived from Paracelsus, a Swiss alchemist of the German Renaissance who first theorized an outline for creating a homunculus. Notably, Para's name may derive from Paracelsus's books "Volumen paramirum", "Paragranum" and "Opus paramirum", which are collectively called the Three Para Works (パラ三部作) in Japan. It may also be a short-form of "parapara" (パラパラ), an onomatopoeia meaning "flipping through a book", as suggested by Rei's Twitter.

According to JynX, "Para" is written as "帕拉" in Chinese[3], which is a phonetic translation of Para and is the same kanji as the one used for "Para" in Paracelsus.




Taira no Chouki

Chouki was the one who removed the seal on their body, reawakening them. As an expression of gratitude, Para serves under them.

Garaiya Ogata
Taira no Fumikado

Their soul inhabits Fumikado's original body, as Fumikado's soul is in their body. Para resents Fumikado for sealing their body away after the procedure.

Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 9
罪科「身から出る錆」 Transgression "Rust Emanating from the Body"[a] BPoHC St. 5: E/N
天誅「因果応報の識」 Divine Retribution "Knowledge of Retributive Justice" BPoHC St. 5: H/U
「ホムンクロス」 "Homun-cross" BPoHC St. 5: E/N
魔剣「アゾット剣」 Devil Sword "Azoth Sword" BPoHC St. 5: H/U
秘密「カードオブアルカナ」 Secret "Card of Arcana" BPoHC St. 5: E/N
神秘「アルケウスフォース」 Mystery "Archeus Force" BPoHC St. 5: H/U
造牌「失われる叡智」 Creation Card "Lost Wisdom" BPoHC St. 5: E/N
識牌「賢者の意思」 Knowledge Card "Philosopher's Will"[b] BPoHC St. 5: H/U
複製蘇生 Replica Revival BPoHC Upgrade


  1. A Japanese phrase symbolizing karmic retribution for one's actions; "body" refers to the main shaft of a sword, which becomes rusty (and/or bloodied) after use.
  2. Pun on "philosopher's stone (賢者の石, kenja no ishi), both pronounced "kensha no ishi".

Additional Information[edit]

  • Para lacks a common phrase in their theme that most people associated with the Youkai Alliance have, this is because they had their own separate reasons for joining other than following Chouki.[4]


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