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The following pages details the cafe layout options and mechanics in Book of the Cafe.

Arranging the Cafe Layout[edit | edit source]

Layout tutorial screen

By selecting the Layout option from the left menu, you can rearrange the cafe's layout, including furniture, flooring, walls and decorations. The four tabs to choose from are, from left to right: Furniture, flooring, walls and decorations.

All meal preparation and dish washing will be halted while all customers will leave. New layout options may be purchased from the Interior Design Shop.

From top to bottom: The "destroy", "move" and "check access" button icons.

The following text can be seen by tapping the question mark (?) icon at the Cafe Layout screen:


Cafe Layout


Here you can set down and move furniture, floorings, and walls.
You can return to running the cafe by tapping the X button at the bottom-right of the screen.


◆ Setting down furniture, floorings, and walls
After choosing what you want from the list on the bottom, simply tap the square you want to put it on and it'll be placed there!
Then you can also tap it do change the direction a piece of furniture is facing!
※ Customers can only sit at "chairs facing tables", so make note of this!

破壊モードは全ての者を破壊しつくす! 家具のタッチすれば、その家具を削除できるぞ!

◆ Removing furniture, floorings, and walls
Tap the button with the bulldozer icon on the right to enter [Desctuction Mode]!
Descruction mode eviscerates everyone! Tap the furniture and it'll be removed!
You get to keep any removed furniture, so no worries about that!


◆ Moving furniture, floorings, and walls
Press the cross-arrow button next to the bulldozer button to enter [Move Mode]!
In Move Mode, tap a piece of furniture and then the space you want it to be to move it there!


◆ Inaccessible Furniture
After you're done changing the layout, furniture with red light and an exclamation mark (!) mean that the employee cannot access it!
Press the exclamation mark (!) button next to the move button to easily check which furnitures can't be accessed!


◆ About Decorations
Please note that some decorations can only be placed on tables or shelves.
Customers will not sit on tables with decorations on them.

Interior Design Options[edit | edit source]

The following section lists the furniture, floorings, walls and decorations available in the game.

Tables[edit | edit source]

Tables are what employees bring food to when serving customers, customers share a table with another customer and will not use a table with a decoration on it.

Chairs[edit | edit source]

Chairs must be placed facing a table for a customer to sit in it, if a table-facing chair is unavailable, customers will not enter the cafe and line up outside instead.

Kitchens[edit | edit source]

Kitchens are where new dishes are prepared, multiple kitchens can be used at once.

Sinks[edit | edit source]

Sinks are where idle employees bring dirty plates to and where an employee may be assigned to wash them. Multiple sinks may be used at the same time.

Serving Tables[edit | edit source]

Serving tables are where dishes collected after cooking go, and is where idle employees take food to serve customers from. Multiple serving tables can be placed in the cafe, but they all share the same food inventory and serving order, so only one dish may be served at once.

Floorings[edit | edit source]

Floorings are purely cosmetic and serve no functional purpose.

Walls[edit | edit source]

Walls are purely cosmetic and serve no functional purpose, except for the shelves, on which decorations can be placed.

Decorations[edit | edit source]

Decorations are purely cosmetic and serve no functional purpose. Some decorations may only be placed on tables, shelves or showcases.

Cafe Expansions[edit | edit source]

The cafe expansion icon.

Cafe expansions unlock with level ups, and may be purchased from the Interior Design Shop (内装) under the Others (その他) section. Note that only 1 of each cafe expansion can be owned at a time.

Horizontal Expansions[edit | edit source]

Vertical Expansions[edit | edit source]

Horizontal Expansions[edit | edit source]

Cafe Backgrounds[edit | edit source]

A yet to be implemented function, players will be able to change the background on which the cafe sits. The following are the backgrounds available in game:

LeCAFE Cafe Background Shrine Road.png
LeCAFE Cafe Background Haniwa.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The options below, from left to right, are "Cola" (コーラ), "Extra Large Serving" (特盛り) and "Large Serving" (大盛り).
  2. The flavour options below, from left to right, are "Mixed" (みっくす), "Ink" (いんく) and "Nasty" (まずい).
  3. The leftmost and rightmost flavour options are "Ink" () and "Soup" () respectively; The middle two are harder to make out, though could potentially be "hemorrhoid" () on the left and "Grass" () on the right.
  4. A reference to how many shaved ice flavourings are actually just high-fructose corn syrup with different food colouring and fragrances mixed in. Thus, strictly speaking, the flavour is the same, but the syrup's colour and scent lead the brain into interpreting them as different flavours.
  5. A reference to similar looking or even identical platforms on which ritual performances are typically held during festivals.