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The dining car within the Wings of Magritte

The Wings of Magritte (マグリットの翼, Maguritto no Tsubasa) is an "interdimensional transcending limited express train" that was first featured in the video "Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell". Released on 24 June 2012 under the name of JinX, this came along before the release of the modern Len'en Project.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The Wings of Magritte is described to be an "interdimensional transcending limited express train".[1] The video it featured in showed two passengers on the train, Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo, which seemed to be travelling in outer space. At the time, both had unknown names, and it wasn't made clear whether they had relevance to the Len'en Project.

The Magritte was first mentioned in the Project proper in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle by the Shitodo siblings in their neutral scenario. When asked about it, JynX simply said that it is "a secret to be revealed at a later time".[2] Later on, the Magritte was officially introduced through the Mugenri Revitalization Committee, and later featured on the cover of A World Outside Fantasy [Frontside].

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell[edit | edit source]

The Wings of Magritte first appeared in the video Critical Point Bidding its Last Farewell, the main focus of which was the musical theme of the train. The video shows Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo on what seems to be the train itself, doing various things like playing instruments or drinking tea. At the end of the video, they're shown walking along the train's tracks, facing away from the viewer. An interesting point to note is that the view outside the train seems to show outer space, with many celestial bodies like stars, planets, black holes and even an hourglass. In the video description, JynX says that the drawings are just scribbles and that there's no need to pay attention to them.

JynX's Twitter[edit | edit source]

On 14 October 2016, JynX uploaded two coloured drawings of Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo on The Wings of Magritte to their Twitter. One shows them in what seems to be a dining carriage with stuffed toy versions of Yabusame Houlen and Tsubakura Enraku on one of the tables, and a banner above the door which reads "Eel Pie".

The other shows the two characters in their rooms on the train, with the view outside shown. Hoojiro seems to be writing something with an ink brush, while Haru is eating a cake and is now looking outside the window. Interestingly, there is a giant scroll in the sky, titled "Ketchup", most of the scroll is unreadable, but the words "style" in English and "crab stick" in Japanese can be read. The ground shows train tracks with torii built on top. While it's unclear where the train is heading towards, the torii would imply a shrine of sorts.

At this point, JynX did not establish a connection with The Wings of Magritte and the Len'en Project, but only said that they may be related.

Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle[edit | edit source]

In the Scoundrel Team's Neutral Scenario, the Shitodo siblings are shown contemplating how Suzumi Kuzu was able to enter Mugenri, when Hooaka Shitodo suggests that they could've used "the Magritte". Kuroji Shitodo doubts this as "Tsubakura is very careful about security", which in turn suggests that the Magritte was an invention by Tsubakura Enraku.

Mugenri Revitalization Commitee[edit | edit source]

The train is mentioned by Rei, who mentions that they were made aware of Haru and Hoojiro's actions through a backup of the Magritte's data.

A World Outside Fantasy[edit | edit source]

The album's short stories, written from Hoojiro's and Haru's perspectives, may have taken place on the Magritte, showing the two's interactions. The train itself isn't described in much detail, besides having a lounge car and a food-dispensing machine.

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • The train tracks outside the Magritte on the Twitter image vaguely resemble the Senri Shrine Road from the Extra Stage of Evanescent Existence.
  • The name "Wings of Magritte" may allude to Belgian surrealist artist René Magritte, whose works often featured "ordinary things in unusual settings" and themes of reality and illusion. The name could refer to the Magritte's function as transport to other, fantastical worlds, including Mugenri. One of Magritte's paintings, Time Transfixed, features a train.

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