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At the Senri Shrine...


Compared to other places, the shrine grounds felt as if far more spirits were hanging around.
In fact, it almost seemed like they wanted to claim the souls of the people living there.


Kuroji and Saragimaru had business with those people.

ツバクラ  「それで、なんだって?」

Tsubakura: "Okay, so, explain this one more time?"

クロジ   「聞き返すってことは、『イヤだ』ってことか」

Kuroji: "I assume that your asking again means your answer is 'no'?"

サラギマル 「どうしてそうなるんだ?」

Saragimaru: "Why's that?"

ヤブサメ  「ねぇねぇ、ところでなんでサラミくんが黒巫鳥さんと一緒にいるんだっけ?」

Yabusame "Hey, hey. What are Salami-kun and Kuroji-san doing together, anyway?"

クロジ   「関係のない話だ、藪雨くんが知る必要はない」

Kuroji "That topic's unrelated. There's no need for you to know, Yabusame-kun."

ツバクラ  「っで、そのガキんちょを何でウチで引き取らなくちゃならんのよ?」

Tsubakura: "'Kay, so why do we have to take that weird brat off your hands?"

シオン   「とってもいいニオイがするから〜」

Shion: "Because you smell really, really good~!"

クロジ   「・・・っだそうだ」

Kuroji: "...So they say."

ヤブサメ  「ツバはいいニオイだよね〜」

Yabusame: "Tsuba smells very good, don't they~?"

サラギマル 「ずっと遠くからニオイを辿ってここまで来たらしいけど、

Saragimaru: "Apparently, they followed the smell aaall the way here.
Do you stink that bad?"

ツバクラ  「ヒトを生ゴミみたいに言うなよ」

Tsubakura: "Eugh. Don't talk about people like they're raw trash."

クロジ   「まぁ、きっと藪雨くんに似たタイプなんだろ、ならお前の管轄だろ?」

Kuroji: "Well, it's probably because they're a similar type to Yabusame-kun. Which puts them under your jurisdiction, yes?"

ツバクラ  「反論しても無意味だろうから止めとく」

Tsubakura: "Arguing against that would probably be pointless, so I won't try."

ヤブサメ  「友達が増えたね〜♪ ツバ〜」

Yabusame: "Seems like we made a new friend, Tsuba~. ♪"

シオン   「やったねー、ツバー♪」

Shion: "Well done, Tsuba~♪"

サラギマル 「まぁ本人の希望のようだし、頼むよ神主」

Saragimaru: "Well, looks like the kid wants to stay here too. We're countin' on you, Priest."

ツバクラ  「なんで正体も分からない奴を保護しなきゃアカンのよ」

Tsubakura: "Why do we have to go an' adopt some weird thing-we-don't-even-know-what-it-is?"

クロジ   「ハルジオンから産まれた自我の群体、生きてる幽霊、キメラソウル」

Kuroji: "It's an aggregate of wills born from the Harujion, a living ghost, a chimera soul..."

ヤブサメ  「なんか黒巫鳥さんが闇魔法を唱え始めたよぉ」

Yabusame: "Uhh, guys, Kuroji-san started reciting black magic!"

シオン   「そんな難しくないでしょ?」

Shion: "Aw, c'mon. It's not that hard, is it?"

ツバクラ  「・・・それがこいつの正体ってわけか」

Tsubakura: "...Okay, so, that's what the kid is?"

クロジ   「私からの紹介は済んだな、それじゃ私達はこれで失礼しよう」

Kuroji: "My work here is done. Now, if you'll excuse me."

サラギマル 「それで、この後はどこに連れまわすつもりなんだ?」

Saragimaru: "Okay, so where do you plan to drag me off to after this?"

クロジ   「霊を集めてあいつ等に売りつけるぞ、まだまだそこらじゅうにいるからな」

Kuroji: "We'll gather more spirits and hawk them off on those ritual-havers. There still ought to be some floating around."

ヤブサメ  「あはは〜、また悪巧みしてるよー」

Yabusame: "Ahaha~, you're up to just as much shady stuff as usual!"

サラギマル 「・・・・犠牲者同士、あいつ等とは仲良くしていきたいな」

Saragimaru: "...As a fellow victim of yours, I'd rather try to go an' make friends with them."

クロジ   「勝手にしろ、それぐらいの権限は与えてやる」

Kuroji: "Do as you wish. I'll grant you at least that much authority."

ツバクラ  「・・・・・どうしてアイツはいつもなんか偉そうなんだか」

Tsubakura: "...Why are they always acting so high and mighty...?"

シオン   「イヤなニオイの奴ー」

Shion: "They smell re~ally bad!"

ヤブサメ  「黒巫鳥さんはやっぱりいつも通りでしたー」

Yabusame: "Looks like Kuroji-san is still the same as ever~."


Once again, Kuroji's actions had resulted in many, many victims.


They were more energetic with their work than usual;
it seemed they had adapted quite well to this new world.


To Kuroji, everything in the world is a give-and-take.


However, the products they force on others aren't necessarily something those others want...


Thus would their victims continue to increase.
But they'd probably live for a pretty long, leisurely time in the midst of that...


———So Saragimaru thought, while glowering in Kuroji's direction.


...They'd probably need to stick around Kuroji for a while longer, in order to monitor their actions...


They seemed quite fed up, but in the end, Saragimaru may simply
have been creating a pretext with which to kill time.

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE...

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

<やりますねぇ! けど異変はどうした・・・?(EXへ)>

<You did it! But what about the incident...? (To EX)>