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Secret Team's Brilliant Ending 1
Secret Team's Brilliant Ending 2
Secret Team's Brilliant Ending 3


~At the Pagoda of the Heavenly Mirror


A group of buildings lines up, crowding the Capital.


Within the crowd is that pagoda, which highest point pierces the sky,
in there lies the tomb of the emperor, the Heavenly Mausoleum.


The emperor fell from the sky, but did not fall to the ground, seeming to have ascended to the heavens and returned to sea.
Will the current emperor, who did not share blood with the emperor, return to the Heavenly Mausoleum?

ミトリ 「まさか、卿がここまで強いとは・・・・

Mitori: "Impossible. How can you be this strong...?
That was quite the fine battle."


Mitori, the current emperor, lied injured on the ground, praising their opponent's fighting.


At least it appears that the current emperor has no plans of returning to the Heavenly Mausoleum at this time.

スズミ 「あなたも大概、戦闘好きよね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "You must really like fighting."

ミトリ 「今日は予想外な出来事ばかりですね、嬉しい誤算です♪」

Mitori: "Today was merely an unforeseen event, a pleasant miscalculation. ♪"

スズミ 「予想外な出来事ばかり・・・? 鏡でなにか見たのか?」

Suzumi (Ardey): "An unforeseen event...?"

スズミ 「まぁこれから記憶に潜ればわかることじゃない?」

Suzumi (Hamee): "You'll understand if you go through their memories, right?"

スズミ 「それもそうだな さっさとやれ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "That's true. Hurry it up, then."

スズミ 「なんで貴方っていつも偉そうなのよ」

Suzumi (Hamee): "What are you always acting so high and mighty for?"


Mitori watched as Suzumi held a one-sided conversation with themself,
and finally got up to confirm a suspicion they had.

ミトリ 「・・・・戦っている最中にも感じたことですが・・・
卿は一人ではありませんね 中にまだ人がいますよね?」

Mitori: "...We sensed something during our fight...
You are not alone. There is someone with you, isn't there?"

スズミ 「! あら~、察しがいいわね~」

Suzumi (Hamee): "! Oh my, you guessed it~!"

スズミ 「鳥の名の力を継いでるだけのことはあるな」

Suzumi (Ardey): "They did inherit the power of a bird's name after all."

スズミ 「腐っても鳥の名ってことなのね~」

Suzumi (Hamee): "I guess it's still a bird's name even if it's gone rotten~."

ミトリ 「・・・・・」

Mitori: "..."


At the sight of Mitori, Suzumi sneered and began to laugh.

スズミ 「その様子だと自分の出生についても、なにか知ってしまったみたいね」

Suzumi (Hamee): "It looks like you know something about the circumstances regarding your birth."

ミトリ 「卿は・・・どこまで知っているのですか?」

Mitori: "...Just how much do you know?"

スズミ 「知っていると言えばどこまでも知っているし、

Suzumi (Hamee): "If I say I know something, then I know everything.
If I say I don't know, then I know nothing. ♪"

ミトリ 「煙に巻くのがお好きなようですね」

Mitori: "You like to give confusing answers, don't you?"

スズミ 「いい加減、おしゃべりが過ぎるぞ」

Suzumi (Ardey): "Enough talk. You said too much."

スズミ 「もうっ、わかったわよぉ」

Suzumi (Hamee): "Aww, fine."


Glad that's over with. Making a gesture, Suzumi produced a book from out of nowhere.


Mitori should have watching the whole thing from beginning to end, but realized they could no longer make out the figure of Suzumi,


and then, their consciousness became enveloped in a white light.

To be continued...?

To be continued...?

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