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しとど 蒿雀あおじ
Aoji Shitodo
ɕito̞do̞ a̠o̞d͡ʑi
Aoji Shitodo
Character Titles
Weak-Willed Youngest Child
Other Names Aoi (あおい), Aoki (あおき)
Species Human
Abilities Creating whirlpools
Birthday 4 January
Location Shitodo House
Music Themes
  • 攪拌する剛体金剛 ~ Let's Joke! (EE)
  • 青嵐 ~ Plastic Vortex (BPoHC)

Aoji Shitodo (鵐 蒿雀, Shitodo Aoji) is the youngest of the Shitodo siblings. They are fairly shy and meek and often follow their siblings around.

General Information[edit]

Aoji is the second stage boss of Evanescent Existence and Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, the first and fourth game of the Len'en Project respectively. They are also a playable character in the latter game.


Aoji is shown as being gentle at heart, but also rather shy and withdrawn. They're friendly and respectful towards everyone, but they don't have a very proactive personality. As of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, they've become somewhat bolder - for example, taking after Kuroji and their money-making schemes, they're willing to extort money from the Preschool Team.[1]


Aoji had their signature powers before being spirited away to Mugenri.[2] In addition to those, they also gained the ability to shoot bullets without danmaku weapons.[3]

Creating whirlpools

Aoji can create whirlpools out of liquids, gases and even solids should the need arise.


Aoji is also capable of summoning various beasts. This could potentially be tied to some of their spell cards (such as "Leviathan"), but whether those actually invoke another being's power or are just simply themed after them is unknown. Summoned animals like Aoji because of their tasty soul.[3]

Background Information[edit]


Their full name is Aoji Shitodo (鵐 蒿雀). Their given name, Aoji (蒿雀), is the Japanese word for the black-faced bunting, a kind of bird. Ao () is also the word for blue, fitting their appearance and affinity for water. Their family name, Shitodo (), uses a kanji which is used in an alternative spelling of "black-faced bunting". There's a running gag where nobody seems to remember their name. Yabusame Houlen calls them Aoi (あおい) and Hooaka Shitodo calls them Aoki (あおき). Kuroji remembers it, though.


They have short wavy green hair and green eyes. They wear the characteristic Shitodo outfit: a black necktie and puffy shorts with a long, hooded, blue jacket. Their hood has a glowing triskelion in the front, which is significantly more visible in Aoji's Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle appearance.


Aoji in EE
Evanescent Existence

Like everyone else, Aoji and their siblings are spirited away to Mugenri and end up at the Spacetime Whirpool.

While trapped in the whirlpool, they run into Tsurubami Senri disguised as Tsubakura Enraku. At first glance, they realize that Aoji is weak and is disappointed. Out of frustration, they ask Aoji to attack them, much to Aoji's confusion. After Aoji is defeated, the fake Tsubakura explains that whoever makes it to the goal first gets to leave this place.

After being defeated by Tsubakura, they run into Yabusame Houlen who messes up Aoji's name, even after being corrected. Aoji apologizes for having a tough name to remember and asks if Yabusame was spirited away as well. They then remember that everyone has been convinced that if they defeat Yabusame, they'll find a way to escape and get a prize. Reluctantly, they attack Yabusame, only to be defeated again. After that, Aoji gives Tsubakura's location. Eventually the Shitodo siblings reunite and set up in Mugenri.

Earthen Miraculous Sword

Aoji, along with Hooaka Shitodo, are only mentioned in the prologue. Apparently, the Shitodo siblings are having problems adjusting to Mugenri. Aoji, because of their shy personality, doesn't do anything and was expecting Kuroji to do all the work, much to the latter's chagrin. In order to advertise their family and have some funds, Kuroji decides to resolve the incident.

Aoji in BPoHC as a boss
Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Suzumi Kuzu barges into the Shitodo House and attacks the Shitodo siblings, resulting in Hooaka's arm being severed. With their ability to rewrite memories, the Shitodo siblings forget about the encounter, but for some reason they remember the words "The mirror of Heaven shall split". The siblings go to the Senri Shrine to treat Hooaka's injury and inform Yabusame and Tsubakura about the words. Since Saragimaru ran away from the Shitodo House to assist Yaorochi, Kuroji goes with Aoji and Hooaka to find more ways to gain easy money.

In all routes, Aoji and their siblings deal with a few youkai and some of their human aquitances, trying to steal valuable things in the process (such as the Harujion or Yaorochi's Tasouken). At the end of the Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle routes, Aoji and their siblings find out about the war sides and the motives of the Imperial Military and the Dragonfly Army, but Kuroji decides to stay out of it, stating that they only care about their own wellbeing doesn't care about what happens to Mugenri, while Aoji and Hooaka express their interest to return to the Outside World. In the end, they meet Suzumi again, forcing the Shitodo siblings to remember they were attacked by Suzumi earlier that day. Suzumi reveals their intention to make Tsubakura's life a living hell and after a hard fight, Suzumi erases their memories again (with Aoji being the only one who vaguely remembers).


The Shitodo Family (Hoojiro, Kuroji & Hooaka)

Being the youngest of the siblings, Aoji is often left with menial tasks and chores by Hooaka and Kuroji. Being the weakest as well, Aoji occasionally feels insecure about whether they are a burden to their older siblings.[4]

Sukune Katano

Aoji is one of Sukune's patrons, purchasing Sukune's pottery for use at home.[5]

Spell Cards[edit]

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
流波「クレントブラスト」 Current Wave "Current Blast" Flash bomb (BPoHC) EE
St. 2: E/N
St. 2: E/N
流衝「クレントブラストフル」 Current Rush "Current Blast Full" EE
St. 2: H/U
St. 2: H/U
曲牌「オクトスパイラル」 Curve Card "Octo Spiral" EE
St. 2: E/N
St. 2: E/N
歪牌「スパイラルクラーク」 Distortion Card "Spiral Krake"[a] EE
St. 2: H/U
St. 2: H/U
鵐牌「青風」 Shitodo Card "Blue Wind" EE St. 2: E/N
鵐牌「青嵐」 Shitodo Card "Blue Storm" Bomb (BPoHC) EE
St. 2: H/U
「リヴァイアサン」 "Leviathan" EE St. 2: E/N/H/U
渦牌「プラスチックボルテックス」 Whirlpool Card "Plastic Vortex" EE
St. 2: E/N
St. 2: E/N
旋牌「イースタンガーベッジパッテ」 Rotation Card "Eastern Garbage Patch" EE
St. 2: H/U
St. 2: H/U
極上の魂 First-rate Soul BPoHC Upgrade


  1. A reference to the Kraken, the mythical cephalopod-like sea monster.

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