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  1. On 1 April 2019, the first Len'en OST A World Outside Fantasy was released digitally, with a physical version in the works.
  2. The second-generation priest of the Senri Shrine is known to have introduced the spell card system, as shown in Haiji Senri's profile in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
  3. Clause's whereabouts are explained in BPoHC, where they were homeless before meeting Garaiya Ogata. They now live in the Dragonfly Castle.
  4. While what Yabusame was doing is still unknown, Tsubakura was conducting research into a "Country of Non-Humans" along with Hoojiro Shitodo.
  5. Jinbei's full appearance has been revealed on 10 March, 2017.[2]
  6. This was revealed to be Book of the Cafe, a business simulation game, and possibly Monochrome World as well, a "2D Action" game.
  7. This was revealed to be Book of the Cafe, a game for iOS and Android.
  8. The album has been released on Bandcamp and BOOTH on 17 January.[3]
  9. The two were revealed to be Haru and Hoojiro Shitodo, and are indeed connected to the Len'en series.
  10. The trial versions were re-released in early 2022 due to popular demand.[4]