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Interview with JynX (2015) was an event where people from the Western fanbase could post a question on this very page for JynX, the creator of the Len'en Project, to answer.

Upon inquiry, JynX has agreed to answer any questions the English-speaking Len'en fanbase may have on 6 July 2015.[1] On 31 July 2015, 88 questions were collected for Popfan to sort, filter, translate, then send via e-mail to JynX. 61 questions in total were sent. On 17 August 2015, JynX finally answered all the questions, and they were thus posted on this page.

Answered Questions

Japanese / 日本語 English / 英語
このインタビューは連縁シリーズに公式です This interview is official to the Len'en Project
Q1.我々が連縁Projectを扱うにあたって注意事項のようなものはありますか?(二次創作や実況動画など) Q1. Have you got any terms and conditions regarding the copyright of the Len'en Project (how we should upload material, etc.)?
Since Len'en itself is my way of paying respect to the Touhou Project,
there are no hard restrictions on fanworks, game footage etc.
Basically, what's OK for derivative works of Touhou is OK for derivative works of Len'en, and same thing with what's a no-go.
For further details, please refer to the guidelines for derivative works of Touhou.
( English translation of guidelines here )
If Len'en fanworks are mindful of the things mentioned in there, then they're fine.
Q2.連縁の着想を得るにあたって、東方Project以外で影響 を受けた作品はありますか? Q2. Aside from Touhou, do you have any other sources of inspiration for your games and stories?
Even though the works I take influence from are numerous,
I don't consciously think of them when working on Len'en (except for Touhou).
Since I'm an easily-influenced person, I make sure to watch/read/play other works as little as possible for the duration of my game development.
However, it seems that I'm still copying them subconsciously. (lol)
Ah, but the life and barrier system from my latest game has been strongly influenced by the FPS series "Borderlands".
Q3.藪雨と玄鳥のコンセプト絵をまだ持っていますか?持っていたら、見せてもらってもいいでしょうか? Q3. Do you have concept sketches of Yabusame and Tsubakura? If you do, would you mind showing what they looked like? Interview 01.jpg
Interview 02.jpg
いつ描いたものかも定かでないですが 相当昔の絵みたいです・・・
I don't have any concept sketches of Yabusame and Tsubakura.
However, even though it's not the same as a concept sketch, I've got a prototype-like rough sketch of Tsubakura at hand which was drawn traditionally.
I'm not sure when I drew it, so it fits the criteria of an old drawing...
Furthermore, among some other really old drawings on my PC, there's a prototype-like digital rough sketch of Yabusame alongside Tsubakura.
I had come up with Tsubakura's design first.
Q4. Previously, you stated that the characters' genders are for the player to decide. Do you have plans to define them at some point?
When characters with a definite gender are introduced, I'll be sure to make that clear.
For the characters who this doesn't apply to, their genders will always be ambiguous.
They won't ever be given a definite gender, so please don't worry and let your imagination run wild.
Q5.どうしてキャラの性別を不詳にしたんですか? Q5. What made you decide to have the characters' genders ambiguous?
僕はそういっ たものを表現してみたかったので、あえて登場人物の殆どを性別不明としました。
When seeing a puppy, many people will think "How adorable!" and cling to that thought.
But if that puppy were female, would that derive them of the reason to think that she's adorable?
If you saw an eagle and thought "How cool!" would it derive you of your reason to think that if the eagle was male?
When you genuinely think something like "How adorable!" or "How cool!"
I believe you don't even consider the gender at all.
Trying to present that notion, I took the chance to make characters who were nearly all of ambiguous gender.
While I have other reasons, this is my primary one.
Q6.「プリズミックアクセル」の「アクセル」は、"Accelerator"ですか、"Axel"ですか? Q6. Does the アクセル in "プリスミックアクセル" mean "accelerator" or "axel"?
"Accelerator"のアクセルです。 It's "Accelerator".
Q7.ルーメンが手伝った異変の詳細はいつか判明しますか? Q7. Are we ever going to witness the events of the incident that Lumen helped solve?
はい、します。 ただ、いつその話を制作するかはまだ決まってません、ずっと先になるかも・・・? Yes, you will. But I haven't decided yet on when you show that story. Maybe it'll be a lot sooner than expected...
Q8. Have you ever thought about creating any non-game works for Len'en,
such as manga, music CDs, or even written works, particularly a spell card collection à la The Grimoire of Marisa?
どれも作ってみたいですね! けど売り出すにはもっと需要が必要ですねぇ~ I want to try making either of those! But to put them on the market, I'll need some demand~
  • Update: On 1 April 2019, the first Len'en OST A World That Isn't Fantasy was released digitally, with a physical version in the works.
Q9.鳥を連縁のテーマに決めたのはなぜですか? Q9. What made you decide to have birds as a recurring theme in Len'en?
I guess it's because I like birds. The real reason is a secret.
But while we're on the topic...
My intended theme was something along the lines of "wings" and "flying".
...or something like that?
Q10. You said that Fumikado was originally meant to be the final boss of Reactivate Majestical Imperial.
Was the original Stage 5 boss removed or was it Shion and the two switched places?
(元々は文門が将門を復活させようとする → 自機勢がそれを阻止、 っという定番なパターンだった)
At the beginning of development, I had wanted Fumikado as the last boss,
but I hadn't decided on a Stage 5 boss yet and was considering various characters as candidates.
The character I came up with during that time was Shion.
And as I established Shion's character, the story changed.
(Originally, Fumikado was going to try and revive Masakado and would be stopped by the player characters.)
Due to that change, Shion became the last boss.
To answer the question, the character that was originally supposed to be the Stage 5 boss (Shion) ended up switching places with Fumikado.
Q11.スペルカードルールはどうやって无現里にやって来ましたか? Q11. Does the spell card system have any origin as to how it came to Mugenri?
まだ内緒です。 東方とは違うルーツです。 That's still a secret, but it has different roots than Touhou's.
Q12. How is the violence in Mugenri?
Is it restrained by the spell card system or could youkai kill humans without any restraint?
襲おうと思えば襲えます。 ただ、この世界の住民は戦闘において相手を死なせてしまうことを「恥じ」としています。
If you feel like attacking, you attack. However, the people of this world feel ashamed when they end up killing their opponent in battle.
Furthermore, since the loser must follow just one command by the one they were defeated by with cards,
many citizens make use of that.
By the way, it's forbidden in Mugenri to disobey a command issued after a battle.
However, there are some guys among the youkai that attack people just for the hell of it.
Q13.妖精っぽい雑魚や、他の雑魚たちに名前や設定はありますか? Q13. What are the fairy-like stage enemies? And what about the other stage enemies? Have any of those got any specific names?
あります。 っが、まだ内緒です。
They do. But those are still a secret.
The ghost-like enemies are simply called spirits, though.
Q14.无現里はどのぐらい大きいですか? Q14. How big is Mugenri?
まだ内緒ですが、おそらく皆さんが思っているよりずっと大きいです。 That's still a secret, but I'd say it's much bigger than you think.
Q15.无現里の次元洞窟のことを知っているキャラは何人いますか? Q15. How many people in Mugenri know about the Dimensional Cavern?
Tsurubami, Tenkai, the characters introduced in Evanescent Existence, and a few authorized people.
Incidentally, it only opens up temporarily, so it doesn't exist right now.
Q16.鏈縁无現里3面から5面の場所に名前はありますか?特に3面の場所名が知りたいです。 Q16. What would be the location names for Stages 3 through to 5 in Evanescent Existence? I would particularly like to know about Stage 3.
Most of the locations in Evanescent Existence were spaces created by Tsurubami for each character,
so they don't really have any names.
Stage 3 is a corridor (shortcut) connecting each of those spaces. By all rights, no one but Tsurubami can enter it.
Q17. How hard is it to get through the Mugenri Barrier?
While Tsurubami can bring things through whenever they want, Suzumi seems to have gotten through on their own.
It's not very hard if you're getting in, but it's hard to get back out.
Not even Tsurubami can go in and out as they please.
Even that's something that's gonna be explored in another story.
Q18.藪雨たちはどうやって能力を手に入れましたか? Q18. How were Yabusame et al able to gain their powers in Evanescent Existence?
Aside from Kuroji and Clause, they already had their abilities before coming to Mugenri.
(Tsubakura and Aoji gained new powers on top of their current ones upon arriving at Mugenri)
Where the characters who had their powers from the start got them from will be explained much later.
Q19.クラウゼの住所は? まだ无現里に住んでいますか? Q19. Where does Clause live? Are they still in Mugenri?
近い『未来』に『明らか』になるでしょう。 The answer to that shall be "evident" in the near "future".
Q20.藪雨と玄鳥は神隠しで无現里に来る以前は何をしていましたか? Q20. What were Yabusame and Tsubakura doing before they got spirited away into Mugenri?
まだ内緒ですよーん。 That's still a secret.
  • Update: While what Yabusame was doing is still unknown, Tsubakura was conducting research into a "Country of Non-Humans" along with Hoojiro Shitodo.
Q21.无現里で最も強大なキャラは誰だと思いますか? Q21. Who would you consider the most powerful resident of Mugenri, out of the characters the player knows about thus far?
Out of the currently-known characters, that would be Tsurubami.
But since Tsurubami is not currently in Mugenri, perhaps Tenkai or Suzumi? (The two protagonists don't count because they don't fit the norm)
But there might appear even stronger characters in the future.
Q22. In Fumikado's team's route, Souko says "いかにも、天人です" (Indeed, I am a Celestial) and "ちなみに神です" (By the way, I'm a god).
Does that mean that Souko is both a celestial and a god?
Also, which god are they talking about? Could you explain this in detail?
Since I don't intend to talk about my sources, please try to consider this in my answer.
To talk a bit about the setting, Souko is both a celestial and a god.
I think I'll talk about the existence of "Celestials" and "Gods" at a later time.
Since Souko doesn't seem very powerful, they are being worshipped at some hokora somewhere.
Q23.伝承によると、がしゃどくろは巨大な妖怪のようですが、セセはどうして人間と同じ大きさですか? Q23. In folklore, gashadokuro are known to be huge. How come Sese seems to be at human size? Interview 03.jpg
Would this be good?
Jokes aside, Sese is still undeveloped.
Maybe they'll grow huge when their body is perfected?
But being small means they'll be cuter.
Q24.玄鳥と烏蛇の関係は面白いと思います。二人の関係について何かコメントはありますか? Q24. Tsubakura and Kurohebi seem to have an interesting relationship. What can you say about that?
この二人の詳しい関係については、過去編で語ることになると思いますので、お楽しみに! I think I may talk about their relationship in a prequel, so please look forward to it!
Q25. Would Yaorochi be able to recognize Saragimaru despite their relationship being severed by the Tasouken?
顔を見るだけじゃ思い出せないんじゃないですかね? もともと眼中に無かったわけですし。
Ummm, how do I put this?
If Yaorochi only saw Saragimaru's face, they wouldn't be able to recognize them. I haven't really given it much more thought than that.
But I guess if they met directly and Yaorochi saw that Saragimaru had tails just like theirs, maybe then they might be able to remember.
Q26.藪雨と玄鳥と雀巳がどのようにして出会って、どのような経緯で今の関係に至ったかを説明して頂けませんか? Q26. Can you explain the story between Yabusame/Tsubakura and Suzumi?
最重要機密ですのでまだ内緒です。 過去編にて語ります。 That's the biggest secret. I'll show it in a prequel.
Q27. Tsubakura uses quite advanced technology. Is this normal in Len'en's Outside World
or is Tsubakura that much of a genius?
How much more advanced is Len'en's Outside World compared to our real world?
There's barely any difference between the technology of Mugenri's Outside World and the real world that we live in.
Since Tsubakura develops their own gadgets, they're not widely-used by anyone else.
Also, Tsubakura doesn't announce their inventions to the world.
Q28.ジンベイの全身をいつか見れる日は来ますか? Q28. Will we ever see a full appearance from Jinbei?
いずれ来ますが、遠い未来のことになりそうです。 You will someday, but that will be in the furthest future.
Q29.鶴喰はいつか休暇から戻って来ますか? Q29. Will Tsurubami ever come back from their vacation?
内緒です。いずれ明らかになるでしょう。 That's a secret, but you'll find out someday.
Q30. What role does the Senri Shrine's high priest serve? Yabusame and Tsubakura don't seem to do much besides solving incidents,
but Tsurubami is said to have been the tyrant ruler of Mugenri.
Those two don't seem to have much motivation to solve incidents, do they? (lol)
The Senri Shrine head priest's duties involve mostly incident resolving, maintenance of public order and maintaining the Mugenri Barrier.
Other than that, the shrine performs exorcisms and good-luck charms,
but it's mostly your typical Shinto shrine.
Well, it also holds festivals.
Q31.鶴喰はジンベイ以外に式神を持っていますか、あるいは、持っていましたか? Q31. Does or did Tsurubami have any other shikigami besides Jinbei?
Well, someone as powerful as Tsurubami does seem like they'd have others, huh~? But that's a secret I can't go into any great detail with.
Incidentally, Jinbei isn't Tsurubami's personal shikigami, they have been the shrine's shikigami for generations.
In other words, they are currently Yabusame's and Tsubakura's shikigami. (They don't follow all of their orders, though)
Q32. Is the "eye" that can be seen on Tsubakura's hat something of a symbol of the Senri Shrine?
Seeing as Tsubakura didn't have the eye on their hat upon arriving at Mugenri,
why did nobody else comment on it when they encountered the disguised Tsurubami?
Further details about the eye on Tsubakura's hat are a secret for now.
When Tsurubami was disguised, the eye was open on their character portraits,
but when talking to the other characters, they probably closed it.
Q33.鶴喰はどのぐらいの重要人物ですか? Q33. How important is Tsurubami?
无現里編においては超重要人物です。 They are a super important person in the Mugenri Arc.
Q34.鏈縁无現里のストーリ後、どうして鶴喰は人間達を再び外の世界へ送りませんでしたか? Q34. Why didn't Tsurubami send the humans back to the Outside World after the events of Evanescent Existence?
Even with Tsurubami's power, sending the humans out of Mugenri was difficult to do.
In truth, it was difficult for Tsurubami to even get out of Mugenri, but that's a story for another time.
Q35.闡裡神社の御神体は何ですか? Q35. What is the go-shintai of the Senri Shrine?
まだ内緒ですよん♪ That's still a secret.♪
Q36.闡裡神社は誰、あるいは何を崇めていますか? Q36. Who – or what – does the Senri Shrine worship?
それもまだ内緒ですよん♪ That's also a secret.♪
Q37.闡裡神社の全貌を見れる日は来ますか? Q37. Are we ever going to see the Senri Shrine in full?
I don't know if I'm gonna show the full design,
but from now on, I'm gonna show various parts of the shrine grounds.
Q38. Is the Outside World of the Len'en Project the same as the Outside World of the Touhou Project?
In other words, do Mugenri and Gensokyo exist on the same planet?
Well, even though we're talking about a source of respect to me, I can't really say anything about other games.
Leave it to your imagination.
Q39. Have you ever wanted to collaborate with ZUN,
for example to make a crossover of Len'en and Touhou?
そりゃ出来るもんならしてみたいですが、あまりにも恐れ多いことですねw I'd like to be able to, but it'd probably be a bit scary. (lol)
Q40.JynXというペンネームの由来はなんですか?また、JinxからJynxへ、JynxからJynXに変えた理由はなんですか? Q40. What is the origin of your pen name, JynX? And why did it change from "Jinx" to "Jynx" to "JynX"?
「jynx」はとある鳥の学名の一部です。 詳しくは内緒。
"jynx" is part of the technical name of a certain bird. Can't go into much more detail on that.
My reasons for changing the pen name:
"Jinx" ← too normal

"Jynx" ← it's like that Pokémon...
"JynX" ← well, that should be good enough?
...kinda like this.
Well, I'm not really obsessing over it, so those reasons are just fine to me.

Q41.好きな食べ物や飲み物はありますか? Q41. Do you have any favorite type of food and drink?
好きな食べ物、っていうか料理は「豚の生姜焼き」です! 薄味だとよりいい!
飲み物はもちろん「酒」です。 特にビールが好きですよ!
The dish that I'd call my favorite type of food would be "pork shogayaki"! I love the mild taste!
My favorite type of drink is obviously alcohol. I'm particularly fond of beer!
As for non-alcoholic drinks, I'd say black tea. Not sweet.
I also like coffee if it's black.
Q42.飲んだ事がある外国発祥の飲み物を思いつく限り挙げてください。その中でお気に入りは何ですか? Q42. Have you ever drunk any non-Japanese drinks not made in Japan? And if so, do you have a favorite?
If we're talking about alcohol, I'm drinking most of the popular ones, so there's no way I can name all of them. (lol)
My favorite type is, of course, beer.

As for brands, "Dunkel" and "Kölsch" are really great!
Too bad I no longer get the chance to drink them...

Q43.連縁ファンのフィードバック(反応や意見など)を初めて見た時のリアクションはどんなものでしたか? Q43. What was your first reaction to fans' feedback?
I was really happy, but at the same time kind of embarassed. (lol)
I never thought I'd be able to be this happy that
people played my games and gave me their comments.
I'm the kind of guy who goes straight to Cloud Nine when praised.
Q44.連縁Projectのファンは世界中で徐々に増え続けています。連縁の二次創作についてはどんな意見をお持ちですか? Q44. The Len'en Project has a gradually-increasing fanbase worldwide with the release of new games. How do you feel about fan-produced work regarding Len'en?
I'm feeling really happy about it...
Personally, I try to look at as little as possible so as not to be influenced,
but I do enjoy the drawings that fans occasionally send to me.
But seeing the fanbase and fanworks expand is the greatest thing in the world to a creator.
Keep it going as hard as you can!
Q45.いつか連縁は東方より人気になると思いますか? Q45. Do you think Len'en will ever become as popular as Touhou?
へっへっへ、恐れ多すぎるぜ・・・、それぐらい人気になったらいいですねぇ~ Heh heh heh, that sounds way too awesome... Having that kind of popularity would be great~
Q46.作っていて一番気に入ったスペルカードは何ですか? Q46. What was your favorite spell card to make?
けど一番印象に残っているのは鶴喰の『 鳥の目「黒い瞳」 』ですかね。
Hmmm... I'm having a lot of fun making difficult bullet patterns.
Like the attacks of Absurdly Extra bosses, or to take a more recent example, Suzumi's last spell.
But the spell that left the biggest impression on me was Tsurubami's Bird's Eye "Pitch-black Eye".
I was wondering how I could represent a black eye with danmaku.
Q47.作った曲の中で一番の自信作はなんでしょう? Q47. Which of your compositions are you the most proud of?
『インディスワールド ~ Monochrome_eye』
『埴輪相撲 ~ End_of_immolation』
『深い徒雲の下で ~ Mow_Down!』
一番って曲は今のところないです。 いずれ作れるようになりたいものです。
I still can't create something that I can feel genuinely proud of, but so far my favorites are:
"In This World ~ Monochrome eye"
"Haniwa Sumo ~ End of immolation"
"Below a Deep Vanishing Cloud ~ Mow Down!"
"In the Gloomy Straits, Steady as She Goes"
"Sacred Fireflies, Forgotten in Dreams"
"Present World Overhaul"
I currently don't have a definite favorite theme. I'd like to rectify that one day.
Q48. Could you tell us a bit more about the scoring mechanics? What I'd like to know in particular is the value of the blue point items and
whether or not their value is determined by how far up the screen you collect them.
ではスコアが加算される行動をそれぞれ挙げていきます。[ ]の中の数字が取得スコアです
( (ステージ数*10000)+(自機のパワー[最大で1.0]*10000)+(スリル数*100) ) * (得点/100) * (難易度倍率)
難易度倍率は、EASY=0.8, NORMAL=1.0, HARD=1.2, UNREAL=1.4, EASY_EX=0.8, EXTRA=1.0, AB_EX=1.2、っとなります。
Now that you mention it, I haven't talked about the scoring system at all, have I?
In that case, I shall list everything that increases the score. The numbers in [brackets] are the values.
-hitting an enemy with a bullet: [10]
-killing an enemy: [100]
-collecting a small power item at max power: [100]
-collecting a large power item at max power: [500]
-collecting a bomb item: [100,000]
-collecting an extra life: [1,000,000]
-collecting a full power item: [10,000]
-Spell Card capture: [depends on the spell]
-remaining lives at the end of the game: [lives × 10,000,000]
Furthermore, about the items that appear when you destroy enemy bullets...

Initially, they don't increase your score by more than [5],
but after a set time (50 frames), each consecutive point item you collect
is worth [5] more points than the last.
However, their value doesn't increase beyond [1000] points.
Now, as for the blue point items (both small and big),
collecting one adds [500] points, regardless of item size,
and the "Point" number will increase. For small ones it's [1] and for large ones it's [5].
The end-of-stage bonus will be greater the greater the amount of point items collected is.
The calculation is as follows:
((Stage number × 10,000) + (Shot power [maximum is 1.0] × 10,000) + (Thrill count × 100)) × (Points / 100) × (Difficulty multiplier)
The point items have a considerable effect on the bonus.
The difficulty multiplier is 0.8 for Easy, 1.0 for Normal, 1.2 for Hard, 1.4 for Unreal, 0.8 for Easy Extra, 1.0 for Extra and 1.2 for Absurdly Extra.
There are other scoring mechanics depending on the game, but this answer is getting rather long, so I'll leave that out.
Additionally, it doesn't matter where on the screen you collect the items.
I'll make sure to explain the scoring system in the manuals from here on out~

Q49.連縁の製作や公開にあたって、どんな小さな事でもいいので協力してくれた人物がいたら教えてください。 Q49. Was there someone who helped you or supported you with the release of any Len'en game, regardless of how tiny the help was?
マジで! モチベーション的に!
Since I'm fundamentally working alone, there is no direct help involved in game development,
but under the cooperation of a few people, I'm encouraged to keep going.

First of all, there's my game design coach daijin, who playtests my games and offers me advice.
There's also A, who unbelievably manages to tell me that even Unreal Mode is too easy.
Then there's Dixq, the admin of 「龍神録プログラミングの館」.
(If that site didn't exist, I probably never would have taken up game development)
Aside from those three, there are a few more people whose names I can't mention that offer me advice and assistance. (My seniors and classmates at school, among others)
And most important of all, the fans playing my games and supporting me.
No, really! You're my motivation!

Q50.ずっと連縁を作り続けたいですか、それとも他の作品(東方旧作リメイクを除いて)を作る予定はありますか? Q50. Is Len'en something you want to continue working on forever, or do you have other projects in mind (aside from your PC-98 remakes)?
For the moment, I have no plans to develop anything other than Len'en games.
However, I might create games set in the Len'en world that don't have Yabusame and Tsubakura as the protagonists.
Q51.プログラム、作画、作曲などに使用しているツールは何ですか? Q51. What are your tools of the trade (programming, drawing, composing, etc.)?
プログラミングには「Visual Studio」
For programming, I use Visual Studio.
For drawing and image editing, I use SAI, GIMP and Photoshop.
For my 3D graphics, I use Metasequoia.
For pixel art, I use EDGE.
To make my music, I use Domino, Cubase and Audacity.
But those are only my basic tools.
Absurdly Extra Modeを御自身はクリアできますか?
Q52. Len'en games tend to get the reputation of being quite challenging. How do you feel about the difficulty of your own games?
Can you clear Absurdly Extra Mode?
I do think the bullet patterns in Len'en are challenging.
I'm still struggling to get the hang of difficulty balancing.
But since my test players are expecting a high difficulty level, I unintentionally end up living up to their expectations, anyway. (lol)
Personally, I can't clear Absurdly Extra. (But my test players can)
But since I can confirm that all the bullet patterns are possible, I should be able to clear it in theory.
...Well, perhaps it's not a difficulty level suited for human beings. (lol)
Q53.STG以外のジャンルのゲームを作る興味はありますか? Q53. Are you interested in creating games of genres other than danmaku shmups?
あります、っというか実は今ちょっとだけ作ってます。 I am, or rather, I'm actually working on a little something at the moment.
Q54.Windows以外のプラットフォームでもゲームを作る事を考えた事はありますか? Q54. Have you considered making games on platforms other than Windows?
あります、iOSとか面白そうじゃない? I have. How does iOS tickle your fancy?
Q55.連縁を着想する前は、東方二次創作ゲームを作るつもりでしたか? Q55. Before you first conceived Len'en, were you keen to make Touhou fangames instead?
Hmmm, was I...?
I guess I was content with making PC-98 remakes back then.
But now I much prefer making Len'en.
Q56.東方廻怪綺談の音楽アルバムをデジタル配布で発売する予定はありますか? Q56. Are you planning on selling your Re: Mystic Square album digitally?
I am!
I'm thinking about selling my albums over Bandcamp so that foreign fans can pay via PayPal.
But I don't know how well I can pull that off...
  • Update: The album has been released on Bandcamp and BOOTH on 17 January.[3]
Q57.残りの東方旧作リメイクの音楽アルバムも作る予定はありますか? Q57. Do you plan on releasing albums for the rest of your PC-98 Touhou remakes?
ありますが、連縁の制作が忙しいのでまだまだ先になりそうです。 I do, but I'm busy working on Len'en right now, so it won't be too soon.
Q58.東方の旧作ゲームのリメイクを公開する予定はありますか? Q58. Will we ever get to play those PC-98 Touhou remakes?
Since I'm keeping those to myself, I'm afraid that's not gonna happen~
If I don't have the approval of the Head Priest, then it won't be possible,
but I'm not brave enough to get in touch with the aforementioned Head Priest. (lol)
Q59. In 2012, you released a music video with two unknown characters.
Do they have any relevance to Len'en, or was it just a one-off?
Whoa, you're aware of something this minor?!
Well, it's a secret, but the truth will come to light one of those days.
I might even arrange that theme one day...
  • Update: The two were revealed to be Hal and Hoojiro Shitodo, and are indeed connected to the Len'en series.
Q60. Could you share the trial versions of Evanescent Existence and Earthen Miraculous Sword again?
I recall them being more difficult than the full versions, so I'd like to try them once more.
Hmmm, I don't think publishing the trial version is necessary if the full version is a free download,
but if there's enough demand, I might re-release it.
Q61.最後に鏈縁ファンの皆さんに残したいコメントはありますか? Q61. Are there any final comments you'd like to give to the fans?
Len'en fans, thank you for your constant support!
Every time I receive a mail or a tweet, it's very encouraging!
It's thanks to the existence of such a fanbase that I was able to come this far in game development.
I'm going to continue, evolve and change Len'en from here on out.
I intend to create various kinds of Len'en games,

but at times they might not live up to fans' expectations...
However, as long as I have fans who will follow me despite that, Len'en will live on.
May we stand together always and look towards the future!

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