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The ritual Site. The gathering of clouds spread over the sky gradually dispersed, and the sun's light poured down through the gaps...


A Jacob's ladder... properly known as crepuscular rays.
The light shone on Kuroji and Yaorochi as they stood on the building's roof.

クロジ 「『神器』・・・ねぇ?

Kuroji: "An 'imperial treasure'... you say?
Well, you were pretty strong, but you'd have to be way more than just delusional to call it one of those."

ヤオロチ 「馬鹿なっ、こんなハズは・・・」

Yaorochi: "Ridiculous! This can't be...!"

クロジ  「おやまぁ、三下が言うような台詞を口に出しちゃって」

Kuroji: "Oh, my word. Now you're going and saying lines fit for a petty underling."

ヤオロチ 「黙れ・・・」

Yaorochi: "Be silent...!"


Kuroji shrugged, muttering "ooh, so scary," and turned away from Yaorochi.
At the same time, a loud voice could be heard from afar.

???  「こらー! 悪ー党ー!」

???: "Heeeey! Ya scoooundreeeel!"

クロジ  「・・・味方から悪党呼ばわりされてるな、八尾呂智さんとやら」

Kuroji: "...Wow, Yaorochi-san. Even your allies are calling you a scoundrel."

ヤオロチ 「貴様のことだろうが」

Yaorochi: "They obviously mean you."

スクネ  「あっ、八尾呂智さんも一緒にいるにょね・・・・って、ああぁ!!
 それって、僕の『栓抜き』! 儀式は終わったんですかい!?」

Sukune: "Oh, Yaorochi-san's here too, nyo... wait, aaaah!!
That's m'bottle opener! Did the ritual finish'n everything?!"

ヤオロチ 「・・・・・・・なに?」

Yaorochi: "...What?"

クロジ  「『栓抜き』って・・・もしかして、この『剣』のことか?」

Kuroji: "A bottle opener? ...You mean this sword?"

スクネ  「『剣』じゃないぎゃ、『剣型栓抜き』だっちゅーに!

Sukune: "That's not a sword, gyah. It's m' sword-shaped bottle opener!
Look, there's a bottle opener on the handle, y'see?"

ヤオロチ 「・・・・・ぁ」

Yaorochi: "....Ah."

クロジ  「どうやらこの物語は馬鹿で構成されてるようだな」

Kuroji: "It seems clear to me now, that this story is made up of idiots."

ヤオロチ 「ばか・・・なぁ〜」

Yaorochi: "Im-... possible~..."

スクネ  「や、八尾呂智さん! どうしたんっちゅ!?、しっかりしてくださにゃ!」

Sukune: "Y-Yaorochi-san! Are y' alright, chuu?! Hang in there, nyah!"

クロジ  「まさに崩れ落ちたな、痛々しい」

Kuroji: "They just crumpled right to the floor. Ouch."

スクネ  「喧しい! 悪人!」

Sukune: "You're so annoying! Ya scoundrel!"

クロジ  「まったく、せっかく水でも汲んできてやろうかと思ったんだがな」

Kuroji: "Oh, honestly. And here, I was about to go get them some water and everything."

スクネ  「優しい! 悪人!」

Sukune: "Y-You're so nice! Ya scoundrel!"

クロジ  「有料だがな」

Kuroji: "For a fee."

ヤオロチ 「卑しい悪人・・・」

Yaorochi: "You're so cruel, you scoundrel..."


And thus, the incident was resolved(?).


In the first place, it would've resolved itself
even if Kuroji didn't head out, but that aside...


Kuroji didn't know what had led up to this point, but it seemed that in its unfortunate new form
as a bottle-opener, the sacred treasure couldn't display its original power.


Yaorochi apparently had no intention of using the sword's power for anything in the first place,
so in the end, Kuroji had just left a trail of destruction and corpses in their wake for no reason.

どうか忘れないでいてください・・・  (主にどっかの借金取り)

But please, don't forget that there were indeed people who the incident
had harmed... (by which I mean some debt collector, mostly).


In that sense, Kuroji's actions could be described as significant.


...Well, that's how Kuroji decided to think of it.

To be continued ---- EXTRA_STAGE...

To be continued in the Extra Stage...

ROUTE3 ALL CLEAR!! <おめでとー!、 こんなオチですみません ・・・>
       <流石ですね! よくぞ突破してくれました!!>

ROUTE 3 ALL CLEAR!! <Congratulations! Sorry about the twist ending...>
<Nice job! You did well to overcome that battle!!>


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