Monochrome World

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レンエン モノクロムワールド
Len'en Monochrome World
Monochrome World
A teaser image of the game
Developer Trick Nostalgie
Publisher Trick Nostalgie
Genre 2D Action Game

Len'en Monochrome World (レンエン モノクロムワールド) is the upcoming fifth[1] game of the Len'en Project, still in development. Thus far, only Tsubakura Enraku is known to be in the game. It is stated that this is a "2D Action" game, making it possibly the first Len'en game to not be a shooting game.[2]


JynX first revealed that they were creating Monochrome World on 22 June 2016 on their Twitter, initially confirming that Tsubakura Enraku will be in the game.[2] During the first interview on August 17th 2015, JynX indicated that they were creating a game that's a different genre, which is likely to have been Monochrome World.

Additional Information[edit]

  • Tsubakura is shown to not have the eye on their hat. This gives the impression that the game might be a prequel, taking place before Evanescent Existence.
  • The teaser image has been used as JynX's avatar on Twitter.