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Born (1995-10-21) 21 October 1995 (age 24)
Location Germany
Gender Male
Circle(s) Team Gaijin Alex (外人アレク現作団), technically also Ephemeral Entertainment and Gensokyo EXEcutors
Occupation College student, game developer, JynX-pesterer
Websites Twitter
Don't know anymore
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en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English.
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ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
Users by language

Proud egg snack eater!

It's me, Popfan. Some German dude who pesters JynX on Twitter a whole lot. I joined the Len'en Wiki mostly because of my English translation for BPoHC, which I was hoping would help bring the English-speaking Len'en fanbase closer together and also potentially increase its numbers. Dunno if it really contributed all that much to the grand scheme of things, though. The Discord server that's been going since September 2016 has been attracting a whole lot more people than that, and the member count practically doubled since the full release of BPoHC.

Anyway, getting off-track here. JynX himself seems quite thrilled with the idea of his games being translated and is eventually going to add translation support for Evanescent Existence, Earthen Miraculous Sword and Reactivate Majestical Imperial, as well. It's pretty amazing how much he listens to his fans, and I really love him for the rapport he's sharing with his fans. That alone plays a big role in what makes Len'en so special to me.

And speaking of Len'en, I found out about it in 2013, when Jaimers uploaded a video of EE. I liked the Stage 1 theme so much that I paused the video about 20 seconds in and downloaded the two games... and I was immediately flattened by how incredibly hard they were. Thankfully, RMI dropped off in difficulty considerably. (RMI is the only game that I've beaten on Hard with all characters, but the difficulty spike from Hard to Unreal is massive!)

My Japanese skills are alright, I guess. Having made some Japanese friends within the community, I've been able to exercise my writing and reading skills a lot, but my speaking and listening skills still suffer greatly (speaking mostly in that I can't think of what to say off the top of my head). I can translate texts to and from the language with some difficulty, but I don't have a lot of confidence in my translation skills, so I'm incredibly glad about Gilde taking most of the load from me and providing amazing translations that are brimming with personality.

Team Gaijin Alex

Time for some shameless self-plugging. I don't care. This is my page, I'll do whatever I want.

Anyway, Team Gaijin Alex (外人アレク現作団, TGA for short), aside from the name being a play on Team Shanghai Alice, is a doujin circle/game development team that consists of Spaztique (music, mostly an honorary member at this point, but he still brought the whole team together), FullHitPoints (programming and game design consultation), and yours truly (resident jack-of-all-trades) and was founded on 13 February 2013. After existing for over five years with not much content to show for it, we (read: I) finally finished our (read: my) first game, which you can check out here. Anyway, if you wanna be kept up-to-date on whatever game development misadventures I'm currently going through, feel free to come stalk me on Twitter.

As of 17 June 2015, we've also got a website and a blog, both maintained by myself. The website was completely redesigned on 2 June 2017, just a month short of two years since its initial launch.