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Also known as 田路マサタカ, MSLabo102
Born (1996-06-25) 25 June 1996 (age 22)
Location Japan
Gender Male
Age 22
Notable from English subtitles of Rei-kun videos, especially "AIEEEEEE!? IT TAAAAAALKS!"

Tengu's Light Gaming

LAME Dimension (unofficial member)
Occupation Amateur Translator, Alleged "Len'en Marketing Chief"
Music Themes
  • けっせん!ディアルガ! (Masataka's Battleroad 6)
  • Close Game Life (Super Battleroad Wars)
  • ファイティングポーズ (Super Battleroad Wars, The Dimension Report: Little Battler eXperience)
  • Real Answer (Super Battleroad Wars II, The Dimension Report: LBX Undercover)
  • チャンポン・チャント (The Dimension Report: Are You a Kid or a Squid?)
  • 群雄割拠 (The Dimension Report: Alternate Gensokyo)
Websites Twitter
YouTube (currently shitpost only)
Yabusame Houlen (So relatable for me)
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ja-N この利用者は日本語母語としています。
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Michael Stanford (マイケル・スタンフォード Maikeru Sutanfodo), also known as Mastaka Toji (田路マサタカ Masataka Toji) or MSLabo102 is a ditzy strange person who has been working as a translator. His most known works as a translator are: most of the English captions of Rei-kun videos (so he is The Man Who Behind "AIEEEEEE!? IT TAAAAAALKS!"), considerable amount of the unofficial English patch for Touhou Puppet Dance Performance: Shards of Dreams, or Japanese translation for LAME Dimension Games, such as Super Ledgehop: Double Laser or The Quarter Game.

Michael has been a fan of Touhou Project Thwiki.png since 2009, around the release of Fairy Wars Thwiki.png. Later he became a fan of PC-98 Thwiki.png games, especially Mima Thwiki.png.

His first exposition to Len'en was Tabakata (or was it Sokuhou? IDK) Ren'en Senki Thwiki.png, a somewhat of an announcement of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, disugised as a fake/mockup Touhou game video. Ever since he have seen some bits like the basis (e.g. main casts having no set gender or being extremely inspired by Touhou) of Len'en, or a bit of some songs from the series, but the interest never became a full bloom, until March 2018.

Starting from the middle of March 2018, JynX started uploading the entire soundtrack of the series, from 1 to 3 of them each day. Michael took some look at them (mostly boss themes), eventually he liked them, despite feeling something is lacking. Some of his early favorites are: Empire Power ~ Eternal Force, Necromaster or Broken Eternal Dance Engine.

(To be continued...)