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Tsurubami Senri
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Hi, Tony64 here, a Steward of the Len'en Wiki and also an admin of Touhou Patch Center. I helped with building this wiki up and now I'm one of the two Stewards keeping this place running. I try my best to contribute whenever I can!

Teh Stuff I've Written

For Touhou (and Seihou), formally I was a huge fan in the fandom, but now I just like to take interest in the canon side of things (the thing I like most in Touhou is the PC-98). As for Len'en, I feel very comfortable in the fandom. I can't help but think that this is one of the few genuine fanbases known on the Internet.

I can't remember approximately when I decided that I was a Len'en fan. I believe I just become one without knowing it when I was deeply into Touhou, so I probably just kinda flipped the table from Touhou to Len'en. So basically: before, "Touhou > Len'en"; then, "Touhou = Len'en"; now, "Len'en > Touhou". That's my idea, I guess. I guess it was also a change from seeing nothing but Touhou, and it kinda made me realised that you can create bullet hell games without having it classed as a Touhou fangame of some sort; that's why I respect Len'en now for going its own path in the series.

In case you want to know how my Japanese skills are... They are rubbish lol. I know an extremely small amount of Japanese. I've memorised most of the hiragana/katakana, know a dozen words or so, a few kanji, and that's about it. One of my favourite Japanese words happens to be oi (おい), because it coincidentally has the same meaning as British English oi. Yep.

Also, I'm a priest.

Teh Contacts

If there is anything you want to ask me (even though I may be busy), don't hesitate and speak away, and I'll try to respond. You can find me on Discord that is posted on the main page, or additionally send me an e-mail to '' as I try to check my e-mails. You will not find me on places such as Facebook or Twitter and the like due to both finding it hard to fit in those places and that I find them uninteresting, so if you want contact from me outside the wiki, your best option would be either by e-mail or discord. Sorry for any inconveniences~ ^^'

Teh Characters


As you probably already know, my favourite Len'en character is Tsurubami Senri, even amongst the Touhou cast. Originally, it was because she reminds me of Reimu Hakurei Thwiki.png, and in some cases Mima Thwiki.png (<-- fav 2hu char), as well as been the strongest known resident of Mugenri. But now... there is just something about her that makes her stand out to me (I'm not sure what... Her design? Personality?). Hence, this is why she is on the wiki's logo, although I also choose her because she literally controlsled Mugenri and that she fits very nicely with the monochrome theme. I've had people say that I am practically her. I also have a likeness to Suzumi Kuzu because she's mysterious, or Clause because she's very literate. But really, I like all of them.

To my own personal preference, I do believe that the majority of the cast may be female and some being male, such as Kurohebi and Lumen. I base this speculation on the appearance of the characters and (sometimes) how they speak (e.g. Suzumi sounds very feminine), but I still refer to all characters as female regardless. Gender speculation or the lack of gender isn't the reason why I like Len'en characters. I also refer to JynX as a male.

I had a go with the Len'en sorter (3rd time round) for a list of favourites, and I got this:

  1. Tsurubami Senri
  2. Suzumi Kuzu
  3. Yabusame Houren
  4. Tsubakura Enraku
  5. Clause
  6. Adagumo no Yaorochi
  7. Tenkai Zuifeng
  8. Taira no Fumikado
  9. Shion
  10. Adagumo no Saragimaru
  11. Lumen Celeritas
  12. Sese Kitsugai
  13. Kuroheibi
  14. Kuroji Shitodo
  15. Mitsumo
  16. Jun Amanomiya
  17. Sukune Katano
  18. Tasouken
  19. Fujiwara no Iyozane
  20. Souko Shirami
  21. Aoji Shitodo
  22. Terumi
  23. Kunimitsu Ooya
  24. Hooaka Shitodo
  25. Shou Amanomori
  26. Jinbei
  27. Hibaru Kokutenshi
  28. Tsugumi Umatachi
  29. Kujiru Kesa
  30. Kaisen Azuma
  31. Fumikado's Grandfather
  32. Harujion
  33. Medias Moritake

tl;dr version of my user page

Hi, I'm Tony64 and I like Len'en, nice to meet ya. :)


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