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Hi, Tony64 here, a Steward of the Len'en Wiki. I'll be around doing wiki stuff and the like. I try my best to contribute whenever I can!

Teh Stuff About Me

Thinking back when getting into Len'en, it was Tsurubami who got my attention the most. Her theme, stage, aesthetics, it's what I imagine when thinking about Len'en. I respect Len'en now for going its own path in the series, and I like how it slowly unfolds into something unique.

On why I'm an admin, back when this wiki was created, I help out with managing it, designing various pages you see and helping to fill the pages up with info.

In case you want to know how my Japanese skills are... They are rubbish lol. I know an extremely small amount of Japanese.

Len'en isn't the only thing I like. Nintendo in general is great. There's a lot of things in life that I like, though I'm not gonna cover all that here... There'd be too much uninteresting stuff to talk about!!

Teh Contacts

If there is anything you want to ask me (even though I might be busy), don't hesitate and speak away, and I'll try to respond. You can find me on Discord that is posted on the main page, or send me an e-mail to "" as I try to check my e-mails. You will not find me on places such as Facebook or Twitter and the like due to both finding it hard to fit in those places and that I find them uninteresting, so if you want contact from me outside the wiki, your best option would be either by e-mail or discord. Sorry for any inconveniences!!!!!

Teh Len'ens


Teh Lore

I play Len'en FOR THE LORE. It's the main thing what I love about Len'en! Being a wiki contributor should speak for itself. It's such a mystery, with the "It's a secret~" JynX likes to give us. I ended up contributing to a monster of an iceberg, diving into various lores and theories that surround Len'en, and boy does it hurt my brain. I hope that soon when JynX gives us more lore, I can proceed to hurt my brain further.

Teh Characters

Tsurubami Senri is my favourite. It's mainly what introduced me to Len'en. This is why she is on the wiki's logo, but I also chose her because I see her as what makes up Len'en as a whole. And she fits very nicely with the monochrome theme, of course. (When I choose Tsurubami for something, I make sure there's valid reasons other than "muh favourite", I promise!!) I also have a likeness to other characters, but really, I like all of them.

I headcanon the majority of the cast female and some being male, such as Hibaru, Kurohebi, Tsugumi and Lumen. I base my headcanon on the appearance of the characters and (sometimes) how they speak (e.g. Hamee sounds very feminine), so you may see me refer to the characters with specific pronouns elsewhere. Gender speculation and the like isn't really something I think too deep about, though.

It's so hard to make a numerical list of favourite characters because I like each one as their own character, but if I had to make a list, it'd look something like this:

Favourite Tsurubami Senri
Secondary favourites Clause, Tenkai Zuifeng, Hal, Suzumi Kuzu, Xeno a, Haiji Senri, Yabusame Houren, Tsubakura Enraku, Jinbei, Ooama no Ake no Mitori
Appreciate Shion, Adagumo no Saragimaru, Adagumo no Yaorochi, Taira no Fumikado, Kuroji Shitodo, Sukune Katano, Sese Kitsugai, NiLU, Rei, Zelo
Should appreciate more Yago Ametsukana, Taira no Chouki, Hoojiro Shitodo, Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra, Hibaru Kokutenshi, Kuroheibi, Fujiwara no Iyozane, Lumen Celeritas, Jun Amanomiya, Souko Shirami, Hooaka Shitodo, Aoji Shitodo, Garaiya Ogata
Don't give much attention but are still cool Kunimitsu Ooya, Mitsumo, Tsugumi Umatachi, Terumi, Kujiru Kesa, Para, Shou Amanomori, Kaisen Azuma, Lin, Medias Moritake, Kaoru Kashiwagi

Teh Music

Some music I'm neutral with, but there's just some that are brilliant to listen to! Ain't hazy at all.

Teh Gameplay

A classic!

Teh tl;dr version of my user page

Hi, I'm Tony64 and I like Len'en, nice to meet ya. I've got nothing to say but useless information! You're wasting your time reading this page! Please leave and never think too deeply about my user page!!!


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