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This template is used to nominate that a particular page, template, category, etc. should be up for deletion. This template places the page into the Candidates for deletion category.


To use this template, simply type {{delete}} at the top of a page for it to be deleted. Only do this if you feel that the page in question does not belong on this wiki. An administrator will then analyse it and determine whether the page should or should not be deleted.

Do not edit this template to discuss why a particular article should be deleted or not – for that, use the article's own talk page.

If you wish to leave a reason, use {{delete|<Your Reason>}}. Not leaving a reason will show "NO REASON GIVEN" instead. Use this template to explain why the page meets the criteria for deletion.


Code: {{delete|The inessential "page" that noticeably accommodates a "deleted" template is indicating that the "content" in question appearing "here" is not from the land of "Mugenri".}}