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Here's the list of Len'en Wiki staff. Stewards are site-wide technical administrators; while they may do editing and local wiki administration here and there, they usually provide technical support. Bureaucrats and Administrators are the local wiki admins; they control user rights configuration and file/article management. See here for more details. Please contact your local wiki admin staff for help with deleting pages and categories, editing locked pages, etc.

Len'en Wiki (lenen.shoutwiki.com)

User Level Description Timezones Language
Popfan Steward Mostly inactive. Tony is the go-to person for wiki-related stuff for the time being. Europe/Berlin (GMT +1:00) de, en, ja Semi-active
Tony64 Steward Will do general wiki editing when possible and I'll be willing to respond to requests where possible. Europe/London (GMT ±0:00) en Active
(-O-) Bureaucrat en Active
Arcorann Bureaucrat Currently inactive, but still visit on occasion and willing to respond to requests. Australia/Melbourne (GMT +10:00) en Inactive
SakuraMiya Bureaucrat Creator of the original Len'en wikia till most of the content was moved to this wiki. Currently inactive. Bogota/Lima (GMT -05:00) en, es Inactive
Gilde Administrator I check in semi-regularly and like doing translation work. I'll try to help out with anything you need! PST (GMT -8:00) en, ja Inactive
Necromaster Administrator I pop in here regularly throughout the day, usually just checking the recent changes. Yeah! GMT -7:00 en Inactive
Throwaway Administrator Just a random Len'en lover trying to help. if you need me for anything I'm here! Arizona/USA (GMT -7:00) en Inactive

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