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Orochi (大蛇, lit. "Giant Snake") are a race of snake-like youkai descendent of the legendary beast Yamata no Orochi, originating from eight severed body parts coming to life. Rather than being parts of one being, they refer to each other as family or clan members. Each member has individualized manipulation of cloudy weather, along with different skills based on which body part they are born from. Only 2 Orochi are still alive, as the other six siblings have died out over the course of time.

Orochi in Len'en Project[edit]

Adagumo no Yaorochi is one of the older siblings, and said to be the strongest. They were born from a severed arm, and thus has great prowess in sword-wielding. While they initially had the intention of rebuilding their clan after obtaining the Tasouken, they later lost all interest after recovering it, even severing their bond with a younger sibling.

Adagumo no Saragimaru is the youngest sibling and was born from one of Yamata no Orochi's eyes, and was given the capacity for extensive knowledge. After their bond with Yaorochi was severed, they had followed and watched over them without ever being seen, only concerned with their elder sibling's happiness. They are adverse towards humans, though they're currently a subservient to Kuroji Shitodo.

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