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This article holds information about existing tools used to extract or modify the data of the Len'en Project games.

Note: JynX has explicitly stated to not over-use accessing tools.[1]

General Utilities


Tool for extracting the *.led files of various game archives. Used by JynX to develop the Len'en Project games.


This is how you download the tool and extract the dat.led files:

  • Visit the provided link and scroll down until you get to at least version 3.19f.
    • Any version after that is not likely to work. Any version down to 3.18 should work.
    • If you want to repack the .led files download version 3.13d, though extracting might be a bit unstable.
  • Download any of its three C++ versions seen clearly below the version's header ("VisualC++", "BorlandC++" or "Gnu C++", it doesn't matter)
  • Run the downloaded file to initiate self-extraction
  • Open the created folder and navigate to ./Tool/DXArchive/ (there you should be able to see DxaDecode.exe and DxaEncode.exe executable files)
  • In order to extract the dat.led file, copy and paste that file in the DXArchive folder.
    • This is not required, but it saves on typing the fullpath to dat.led where it was originally located.
  • Using a command-line, run DxaDecode.exe -K:KisamaMiteiruna dat.led
    • It may help if you were to make a copy of cmd.exe and paste it in the DXArchive folder, then to copy/paste the above command there.
  • You now have Len'en extracted data!
  • In order to repack data, run DxaEncode.exe -K:KisamaMiteiruna <path of folder> <path for new data file>. Requires DXArchive v1.03 (included in DXLibrary v3.13d, can be downloaded from here).
    • E.g. Assuming you still have the extracted data in a "dat" folder in DXArchive, DxaEncode.exe -K:KisamaMiteiruna dat dat.led is what you should do.
Author Takumi Yamada (

Tool for extracting the *.unity/.unity3d files of various game archives.


This is how you download the tool and extract the data.unity3d files:

  • Visit the provided link and click on the latest release.
    • Click on here and then click on .zip file to download it and extract it.
  • Download any of .apk extractors such as "Apk Extractor".
    • Convert .apk file to .zip file and extract it.
  • Run AssetStudio GUI application and click on load file.
    • File path to data.unity3d should be like this: Name of the folder\assets\bin\Data\data.unity3d (assuming you have extracted files in Downloads/Desktop folder).
  • You now have access to Len'en Café extracted data!
    • To extract files, all you need to do is to click on "Export" menu and select files of your liking and how you want to export them.
Author Perfare (
Game Enhancement Patcher
Latest version

v4 (2017-10-31)

Author Popfan

Gameplay-Related Utilities

Supporting single games

Absurdly Extra Patch for Reactivate Majestical Imperial

Adds the Absurdly Extra difficulty setting to the main game of Reactivate Majestical Imperial.

Latest version

v3 (2014-10-24)

Author Necrotek
Gameskip Patch for Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle

Skips the gameplay portion of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

Author Mona Lisa's Hands, TwoEyedMike

Translation Patches

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