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This page is to list all possible policies. Unlike the guidelines that gives you a layout of how the wiki works, these are rules that must be followed.

Common Policies

  • Breaking any of these rules could potentially receive you a warning from an admin, then eventually a ban. The length of ban can depend on the penalty an admin determines.
  • The wiki's copyright must be applied to your edits.
  • Unnecessary harassment or bullying is frowned upon. Take all your edits civilly.
  • Deliberate vandalism or trolling is not welcomed.
  • Assume good faith in people's contributions. Revert an edit once if you feel it is genuinely incorrect, but if you are not certain if it is okay to change their edits, take things to a talk page.
  • Be kind to those, especially newcomers, who cannot properly edit the wiki. Correct any mistakes they might have done, but do not bite them for it.
  • Avoid edit-wars. If you find yourself in an edit war, stop immediately and take it to the talk page. Continuing the edit-war will result in the page getting blocked from editing until a consensus is made, and possibly a block.


The Len'en Wiki covers as much content as possible that is connected to the Len'en Project.

Gender-Neutral Policy

It is wiki policy to use singular they as pronouns rather than "he" or "she". Any other gender-specific words are also avoided. Only use gendered pronouns if a character in question has a known gender. See Len'en Wiki:Guidelines § Gender Neutrality for more details.

Exceptions to not using gender neutrality, meaning you can refer to any character with "he" or "she", is when the page's namespace has "User:" or "Talk:".

Spoiler Policy

Per copyright, spoilers are not to be talked about for a period of one month after the game's release. Despite that, it is okay to write this kind of information on the wiki's pages. However, the information should be concealed from normal view by using the {{Hidetext}} template. After the time period, the template should be removed for normal view.

Translations of the game's endings and the text data from A World Outside Fantasy are also covered on the wiki. They must be hidden from normal view with the {{SpoilerWarning}} template as a warning to the user, preventing immediate spoilers.

Download Links

  • Post download links that have only been released by JynX themself.
  • You may post download links for an English patch release. An admin will have to analyse it to determine if it is acceptable.
  • Do not post download links that are unethical. For example, the soundtrack of a game, or an archive of the image sprites. Doing this will give you a warning.
  • Do not post download links to troll mods of the games.
  • Do not post download links to anything that is non-Len'en.

Talk Page Discussion

While it is okay to take things to a talk page to discuss and sort something out (e.g. you are not sure about something, an edit-war), the discussion should eventually come to a consensus. Be civil and accept all arguments presented. Any signs of bad behaviour or ignorance is not welcomed. If a discussion is still going even if a majority of people agree on one thing, then an admin can jump in and force a conclusion if need be.

Other things to consider:

  • Talk pages are used to communicate with the community, where you can discuss a particular topic, share material or propose something.
  • Use the talk page to explain further your edit if you cannot fit it in the edit summary.
  • Make each thread unique. Avoid duplicate threads.
  • Add a colon (:) after someone's comment to indent your own comment. The number of colons will increment depending on the number of comments.
  • If you have saved your comment with mistakes, you can quickly edit them, assuming that nobody has replied. Do not edit your comments if someone has replied.
  • Do not use talk pages for personal conversation, or topics that do not support the wiki.
  • Avoid repeating your arguments, especially if they are lengthy.
  • Always sign your post at the end with "~~~~", which gets replaced by your username and timestamp when you hit Save. Do not sign on any of the mainspace articles.
  • If you propose something and you get little to no response whether it is okay or not after at least two weeks, then assume it is okay to go ahead and make that change without support.

User Management

User Rights

Creating a user account requires you to input a CAPTCHA; this is done to prevent spamming. User accounts can only create and move pages if they are autoconfirmed. Accounts become autoconfirmed after 1 day of existence, plus 1 edit. This is to help prevent spam and vandalism. Please see Help:Group rights for a more comprehensive detail on the group hierarchy and requirements/responsibilities.

Anonymous users can edit, but are limited to a number of features. Anonymous users are more likely to trigger the wiki's abuse filters, meaning that sometimes their edits do not save. Anonymous users also have to enter a CAPTCHA on every edit they do. This is to further prevent spam and vandalism. If your edit was legitimate, but it was blocked from saving, contact a user of the wiki to help you save the edit.


  • User pages are used to talk about yourself and your contributions to the wiki.
  • You can make sub-pages on your userspace (e.g. "User:JohnCirno/Hello") for content such as a unique signature, a sandbox, or a work-in-progress article.
  • Do not use your userspace for projects that do not serve Len'en. You can talk about the projects you are doing, but not actually use your user space for the project.
  • Use user talk pages to discuss with other users directly.
  • Do not use the user talk pages for personal conversations or non-Len'en matters.
  • Make sure to archive your talk page if it gets too big.
  • Do not edit other people's userspace. An admin can edit userspaces on a whim when it is required.

Administrative Policies

Administrators are highly trusted to use advance tools of the wiki reliably. Major misuse of the tools or vandalising the wiki as an administrator will have your rights to adminship removed, with the possibility of a ban from the wiki.


Blocks (or a ban) are used by admins to deal with users who do not co-operate with the wiki civilly. See Help:Blocking for more details. Blocks are issued if:

  • The user breaks the wiki's policies numerous times.
  • The user is disrupting the community.
  • Vandalising or trolling the wiki.
  • Has an inappropriate user name (e.g. Iinflammatory, profane, lewd, deliberately confusing or spammish).
  • Is known to have a sockpuppet account, especially during a ban.
  • Posting inappropriate content.

The range of block can depend on how bad the user has been. New anonymous users or registered users who immediately vandalises the wiki are likely to have a longer ban without warning, possibly a permaban if suspected to be a bot spamming.

A blocked user, even permabanned ones, have the right to appeal to be unblocked if they believe that they were wrongly accused. To appeal, contact an admin and find a way to talk to them (such as e-mail). The admins will then determine whether unlocking is appropriate depending on the scenario. If an admin denies the unblock, then you cannot re-appeal and will have to wait until your block expires.


For ordinary users, if you think a page needs to be deleted, add the {{Delete}} template at the top of the page, and state a reason. An admin can then determine whether it does need deleting. Please do not add the delete template randomly. See Help:Deletion for more information.

Generally, articles may be immediately deleted when they are either:

  • Pages created just to vandalise or disrupt;
  • Patent nonsense (total gibberish);
  • Unused duplicate images, or images which have been replaced by a higher quality version;
  • Too short (depends on the subject).

In other cases, there are more things to consider:

  • Whether a "rough consensus" has been achieved;
  • Use common sense and respect the judgement and feelings of wiki participants;
  • Excessive and/or unjustified deleting can result in loss of admin powers;
  • When in doubt, do not delete.

Here are some guidelines admins should follow in making the decision to delete a page or not:

  • Simply deleting a page does not automatically delete its talk page. If you delete these as well, do that first, and then the main page.
  • When filling in the "Reason for deletion" text, ensure that copyright infringing text or personal information is not included.
  • Do not delete pages unless you know how to undelete as well.
  • Redirects to deleted pages should be deleted or redirected elsewhere to avoid broken redirects.


Administrators can protect a page from being edited or moved to a different page title, either just from anonymous users or even from registered users as well. This is usually done to prevent users from editing the more "important" pages of the wiki. However, other things to consider are:

  • Any page can be temporarily protected if it is vandalised or to stop an edit war.
  • Anonymous users have less access than registered users, to pages such as templates.
  • Files can be protected from uploading, but the page itself can still be edited.
  • Non-existing pages can be protected from being created. This is especially done to prevent vandalism.
  • While general users have the right to move most pages on the wiki, it is best practice to talk about it on a talk page before doing so. Needlessly moving a page will have it protected from being moved.

Fandom Policy

Len'en Wiki:Guidelines § Unofficial Content is where you can see what is and is not allowed on the wiki regarding fanmade content. However, a few things that must be followed:

  • Do not post fandom material on the official pages without a highly strong reason.
  • Pages for fan-made characters (or OCs) are forbidden unless there is high demand.
  • Danmakufu sprites and other derivative works are allowed sparingly.
  • Gag translation projects or troll mods are out of bounds.
  • Anonymous users are prohibited from editing various fandom pages to prevent random inserts of poor memes.

Don't Shoot Your Foot Off

Even if this wiki has not listed every possible rule of what you can and cannot do, an admin can still tell you off over something if it is not considered reasonable. Some things, we hope, you will know not to do even without us telling you not to do it. Just because we do not explicitly say you cannot do something does not mean you can do it. So if someone (especially an admin) comes up to you and tells you (perhaps even officially, with a warning) to stop doing something that most people would agree is unreasonable, "but there is no rule against it" is not actually the best response. If your conduct has been called into question, there is probably a good reason for it.

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