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Hi, I decided to do stuff, mostly LeCAFE related, since this is where I'm most comfortable with. I'm not good at making stuff sound official, so I just leave the data (sorry for being a burden). Decided to do it because I was about to leave the community and live a sheltered life, but choose not to. I also leave my speculations and findings there because I don't want to bother with discord that much (too mentally exhausted for that), so feel free to read that and even create a talk page to berate me for setting this wiki on fire four times now!

Cafe Alpha section[edit]

This is a list of my findings in LeCafe alpha version. Mainly made to honor this version (assuming beta will ever release l0l), as it did help me through the tough time in my life, so yeah. I would like to mod the game to add some decorative furniture or even fix that damn optimization problem, but at first I would need to know how to code in unity, plus I would be throwing bad name at JynX since some random ass teen decided to fix the game unlike its creator, and also they don't feel good about me abusing this power, so yeah x2.

Findings through data mining[edit]

While I was looking for furniture sprites, the first thing I noticed are (placeholder) sprites for battle actions from very first video demonstrating battle process, and then later I found other sprites found in that video (with exceptions of course such as ghost and fairy). There were also unused grpahics for wooden counter and such (there is not much of them).
There were also sprites (idk if in unity you call textures sprites, I just got too used to them lol), that can be seen in Cafe trailer, with addition of dialogue that can be seen in TextAssets said trailer (NiLU and Tom and Yabusame with Kurohebi from EE), which leads me to believe that battle footage (and dialogue) were recorded in alpha version and upon release, talk sprites of characters were removed from game (unless due to being novice in this whole data-mining thing I couldn't find them).There was also MonoBehaviours of battle sections, though idk how to feel about them. Also keep in mind that those were 2D sprites, so no questions about 3D textures, I myself yet to understand those.
Being a bit more knowledgable of what Shaders and Meshes are, I realized that those 3D objects we seen in Cafe trailer are those exact meshes, but now thpse meshes only present themselves as gray, boring figures, and shaders are used as a way to color those objects, that's why I could see a lot of invalid shaders. Is it a reason why Cafe is awfully optimized? I dunno, since Undertale and other games also have a lot of unused stuff, but stil... Also, I think we can actually make English patch for Cafe (at least Alpha version), since the in-game text are listed as objects, and I think it's possible to edit those objects to suit our liking, though I dunno how to do it, now do I have ime or motivation to do that.
There is also some info on unused Gacha polls, first one consists of Shrine trio, Server LVUP, Rare Gacha Ticket and Unit rank up; next one is simple, just Yabu, Tsuba and Kuroji; and lastly the EE supposed gacha poll where you can get the same items (not characters) from the first poll, but also Normal gacha ticket and fire attacks. By the way, here are tiers from Gacha polls:

  • Big Error (E)
  • Miss (D)
  • Common (C)
  • Rare (B)
  • SuperRare (A)
  • Jackpot (S)
  • PickUp (SS)

A (not so) very fun trivia of Alpha version of Cafe[edit]

As a person who is still playing cafe (initially I continued to do so because I wanted to fill Wiki with some knowledge), I noticed some things that I want to share here.

  • Popularity glitch

While wanting to correct some of the info on popularity section of the gameplay page, I stumbled upon a glitch that JynX didn't bother to fix because it's the you can easily miss. When your popularity count is zero (can be achieved either by long term inactivity, or decrease in threshold of populairty, which is itself a glitch) the first thing the game does is increasing your popularity by the penalty (instead of -10/-6, +10/+6) and then only decreasing it after a while. I suppose it was made to prevent popularity from going to the negative values and since it's a glitch that many can miss, JynX kind of dealt it with their way.

  • Washing glitch

Okay, this one is only achieved at mid levels of popularity (somewhere around 50+) and now on, I think, plus you would want to go for semi-AFK approach (sometimes visiting cafe to cook "big" dishes)
"Why is that?" - you ask? Well, it's because the customers' flow is going by the in-game time, while washing and cooking is going by the real-time, which creates two exploits:

  • A very early game washing and cooking time-gainer, since by entering for example Upgrade menu, you can earn time to wash and cook all your dishes without customers getting in your way. Though it's a very minor one and will be neglected once you get another character.
  • Our washing glitch. The ammount of customers is quite large at this point, but since you're rarely visit the cafe, thanks to real-time washing - the value can go to invisible the negative value. A way to break this glitch is to go to any other menu or cancelling the action of washing dishes. Sometimes it shows you negative value it got to (and where it stuck).

So yeah, we thought that this godly glitch was gone, but it never actually left us.

  • Customer related stuff

Did you thought that armless gray haired child Tsuba rip-off child wasn't the only thing diffrent that seperated customers from eachother? Well... Did you know that the first ones on the street will always in appear in this order:
- The guy character (his wife took all his kids)
- The woman character (has a tax fraud and has like 7 suitors)
- The blond character (Mitori's mom and her 1000+ twin sisters, or that blond guy from "Diamond in the Rough" by Spatizque)
- Red-headed Yabusame rip-off (the paranoid one (that is true, their eating animation is faster than usual!))
- Armless gray-haired Tsubakura rip-off child (Who actually moves faster than the others)
Why? Because of such thing called Object Pooling in Unity. Since there are diffrent customers, the object pooling at first exhausts a full stack that is tasked to spawn, and the chooses it by random order, but it's more likely to get either man or a woman customer. I know this because I was taking game-making courses.

  • Unique Customers?

When I was still on Twitter (Twitter is cancer, use it only to follow JynX and/or your favourite creators), I noticed an oddity... People were having the same unique character on the same day or maybe even on (almost) the same time period. Is it determined by the day of the week? I don't think so, since there are eight characters and Clause does appear as a Unique character and so does Tsurubami. Is it determined by day of the month? I don't think that's the case either since we get not so pretty numbers. Is it determined by days of the year? No, I don't think JynX would bother to do such kind of thing. I would theorize it is determined by hours, since 24 divivded by 8 will be 3, but I digress, I think it also could go like this: We lay down the order of the characters by the days of the week and extra character would move the other so it could fit, like on monday we have Yabusame and on sunday we get Clause, then Tsurubami would appear on mondays, while the one on the sunday will be Kuroji and etc. If I find something, will to report quickly, if I have the opportunity that is...