Point of collection

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The point of collection (Item Get Border Line!) as first seen in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

The point of collection, or POC for short, is an invisible line that's about 1/4–1/5 of the way down the screen; the exact location depends on the character selected. This feature first appeared in Evanescent Existence.


If you're at or above this line, most types of items will be dragged at a moderate speed to the player character. If you go below the line, any items already moving toward you will still be auto-collected, but any new items that appear will not unless you return above the line. It's regardless of character, lives, power level, stage, etc., you'll always have access to this feature throughout the Len'en Project.


The point of collection is originally based on the Point of collection from the Touhou Project. Touhou's POC started in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, but its features were limited and mostly disabled. It was up to Mountain of Faith onwards where this function is always enabled, regardless of power level, character, and stage. At the start of the first stage, the line is visible for a short period of time, though not if you're watching a replay. As such, this has been standardised throughout the Len'en Project.