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Spirit of content licensing of Len'en Wiki

In general, as a wiki, we follow the same spirit of licensing as the Wikimedia Foundation.

Content licensing

Text content of Len'en Wiki is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license, a.k.a. CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Copyright status/Terms of Use of the Len'en Project

Official Guidelines

The following is a transcript taken directly from JynX's website.


Video policy



Q: Can I stream and monetize from your games?
A: Definitely

※The Readme says not to stream the ending, but you can ignore that.


Regarding Copyrights and Fan Works for This Circle


To begin: this circle holds the copyright to all works such as the Len'en series, characters, game contents, dialogue, music, image data etc. that this circle has produced.
In the event that such materials are re-uploaded or used without permission, this circle may deal with instances of malicious or damaging usage with no prior warning.


Also, regarding derivative content based on this circle's works:
If it's typical content (artwork, comics, writing, games, merchandise, cosplay, etc.),
distributed through typical means (online publication, exhibition at events, sale via doujin shops, etc.),
and it obeys the list of restrictions below, then regardless of whether it's for profit or not, you may act freely without the need for prior permission, reviewing, advance notice, or so on.
Also, the copyright for any such derivative content will lie with the creator of said content, and this circle takes no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble or damages that may result.


List of Restricted Content for Derivative Works


1. Any content that may be detrimental to this circle or to other individuals.


2. Deliberate misinformation or lies made with ill intent towards this circle or its works.


3. Slander towards specific individuals, organizations, races, etc.


4. Sale of merchandise that makes use of internal game data (edited or otherwise) from this circle's works.

 【例:作中の絵柄に似せたイラストや似せた曲調の音楽の公開や販売 → OK!
    元ネタと見分けのつかない、トレースしたような絵や音楽などを使用したグッズの販売 → NG!

5. Sale of merchandise that makes use of art, music, etc. that mimics both the design and composition of this circle's works.
[Example: Publication or sale of artwork fashioned after in-game art style, music with similar melodies, etc. → OK!
  Sale of merchandise with art, music, etc. that is directly copied or otherwise indistinguishable from source material → Nope!
  (Though publishing for free on the internet and so on is OK)]


6. For derivative works made by businesses other than doujin circles, or when distributing via general channels other than doujin shops, please do so only after contacting this circle and gaining permission.


7. Please make sure that the name of this circle, titles of its works, character names and so on are written accurately.


8. In the event that something falls short of the above rules, but still received permission from this circle as an exception to said rules, please indicate the fact that you received said permission.





*The below are suggestions rather than restrictions, so you're not absolutely required to abide by them.

-If at all possible, please give clear attribution to a work's sources.

-If at all possible, please include the address of the work's creator.
(Simple works like individual pieces of artwork or music don't have to have this, though.)

Finally, please acknowledge that the content of these guidelines may be altered at any time without prior notice.




The above are the guidelines for derivative content based on this circle's works.



Well, it looks complicated all written out like that, but to summarize the important parts from above:
"Don't do stuff that'd be detrimental or annoying to this circle or to other people!"
"Pay attention to copyright!"
"I take no responsibility for any trouble or damages that may occur!"

As long as you keep these in mind, I think you can freely conduct any typical doujin activity without having to worry about anything particularly tricky.


I'd rather not keep too strict of a hold on things myself,
but I figured I ought to lay down a set of guidelines like this
to avoid any unnecessary trouble that could come up.


Seeing so many fans enjoy making content together
like this is the happiest thing I could ask for.
As such, I deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Well then, go on out and enjoy your lovely creative life!




Chinese spelling of proper names




Below are the Chinese spellings for names written in katakana in the case of Chinese translations:

- Hibaru: 云雀流
- Sese: 让让
- Tsugumi: 噤美
- Shion: 死宛
- Kujiru: 抉弄
- Medias: 莫大小
- Garaiya: 我来也
- Para: 帕拉
- Xeno a: 世乃亜
- Yago: 水蠆

- Harujion: 费城飞蓬
- Azumaterasu: 吾妻照


JynX was asked about the copyright of the Len'en Project on Interview with JynX (2015). Their given answer was this:

Since Len'en itself is my way of paying respect to the Touhou Project,
there are no hard restrictions on fanworks, game footage etc.
Basically, what's OK for derivative works of Touhou is OK for derivative works of Len'en, and same thing with what's a no-go.
For further details, please refer to the guidelines for derivative works of Touhou.
( http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Yoyo/1736/t-081.html ), (English translation)
If Len'en fanworks are mindful of the things mentioned in there, then they're fine.

Their games are of course free to download, so to use information, upload images, etc., is presumably allowed. Regarding the endings, JynX was asked about them in Interview with JynX (2017), and they stated this:

I don't intend to ban it, but I'd appreciate it if you would refrain from posting videos of them online.
(Because, if you can, I'd prefer you to play the game and see them that way).
In regards to spoilers, I understand that there may be people who might not want to be spoiled,
so you're also free to consider that, too.
Generally, my official standard is to refrain from discussing things including spoilers until at least 1 month after the game has been released. That's how I'd like to operate from now on.

As such, posting ending dialogues on the wiki is fine as long as they are hidden away to prevent spoilers. However, when it comes to discussions, JynX prefers it if endings were kept secret for the first month after a game's initial full release.

Touhou Project

If by any chance you add Touhou content to this wiki, please see Touhou Wiki:Copyrights provided by ZUN.

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