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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated with characters that originally appeared in the second Len'en Project game Earthen Miraculous Sword.

Jun Amanomiya

Shou Amanomori

  • Volplane "Slug Crossroad" (Slinking "Scramble Crossroad") is renowned for its extreme difficulty.
  • Their subtitle, "Walking Lubricant", has led to many jokes involving sexual lubricant in the Western fandom.

Lumen Celeritas

Hibaru Kokutenshi

  • Being paired with Lumen has led to Japanese fans creating the joke phrase "HibaLumen is good" (ヒバルーメンはいいぞ, Hibarūmen wa ī zo). It is also changed around in ways to sound like an advertisement.
  • Western fans associate them with the boxed cereal Reese's Puffs. This is due to combining Hibaru's themes with the Reese's Puffs's commercial rap.

Sukune Katano

  • They are compared with Mayumi Joutouguu from the Touhou Project, because both of them are Haniwa, both are Stage 5 bosses in their respectful games, and one of their spell cards act similarly.
  • Like Tasouken, their hammer is often compared to an bottle opener.
  • In reference to their appearances in Earthen Miraculous Sword's endings, they've often been depicted with black, hollowed eyes and mouths like a traditional haniwa.
  • Due to a page name on this very wiki, the Ritual Chamber is sometimes dubbed as "Katano Studio".

Adagumo no Yaorochi

  • Some fans joke at Yaorochi's name by referring to them as Yaoirochi. It tends to be followed by artists depicting them being excessively masculine, in reference to yaoi manga drawn in a similar, exaggerated art style. This is similar to Touhou's Cho-Marisa.


Adagumo no Saragimaru

  • Saragimaru is often portrayed as a gloomy person with a sibling complex or Yaorochi's stalker.
  • Kuroji Shitodo's abuse on them is often played for laughs.
  • Their nickname "Salami" used by Yabusame Houlen is also frequently used in the fandom.
  • The sentence "Is Saragimaru’s love a heterosexual or a homosexual love?" is a common joke in the Western fandom.


  • The eastern and western communities sparked with illustrations of Jinbei after JynX revealed their full design. Before then, speculative illustrations of Jinbei existed, most of which were more or less vaguely similar to the official design.