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This sub-article lists unofficial content associated to characters and other stuff that originally appeared in the fourth Len'en Project game Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

Souko Shirami

Mitsumo and Terumi

  • Fans occasionally joke about Mitsumo having a similar appearance to Yukari Yakumo's gaps.

Medias Moritake

  • They have been associated with Pingu, a fellow penguin and the protagonist of the eponymous Swiss claymation series, by western fans. This has even gone to include them using Pingu's catchphrase, "noot noot".

Kujiru Kesa

  • Their use of curvy lasers has led to Kujiru being considered one of the more annoying bosses in Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.

Kunimitsu Ooya

  • Some Japanese fans joke that Kunimitsu's crown looks like a cake.

Kaisen Azuma

Kaoru Kashiwagi

  • Kaoru is often compared to Mononobe no Futo due to similar designs.
  • Due to how their character page on this very wiki was left completely empty for the longest time, fans joked about the lack of attention Kaoru was given compared to all the other new characters.

Garaiya Ogata

  • Due to the nature of their theme song, fans frequently refer to it as "Black MIDI koto".
  • Some western fans give them the nickname "Pervy Sage", in reference to Jiraiya in Naruto, who is based on the same figure.
  • Some fans joke at Garaiya's name by referring to them as "Baraiya". Similar to Yaorochi's fandom alter ego, Yaoirochi, Baraiya is drawn as excessively masculine for the same reason. Comparisons to Touhou's "MANnosuke" have been made.

Fujiwara no Shirogane no Sanra

  • One of Sanra's eyes in their portrait is conspicuously larger than the other one; this has led to a meme where that eye is significantly enlarged or placed elsewhere (for instance, on Tsurubami's Bird's Eye "Pitch-black Eye" card).


  • Given the nickname "Chibikado" due to their relation to Fumikado and similar appearance.

Ooama no Ake no Mitori

  • Some fans may find similarities between Ooama no Ake no Mitori and Mitori Kawashiro, a fan-made character of the Touhou Project, due to the rōmaji of their first names, and due to both being bastard siblings or related to a character who appears in Stage 3 in their début game and has control over water (Fujiwara no Iyozane and Nitori Kawashiro respectively).
  • Because they use the pronoun 朕 (chin) to refer to themself, Japanese fans have made a variety of penis-related jokes about Mitori, most of them insinuating that they do, in fact, have one.

Taira no Chouki

  • Fans are quick to note about JynX's error in drawing Chouki's hands: their left hand has their thumb on the wrong side of the hand. There's also debate about whether or not their right hand has an extra finger vs. it being the tip of their thumb.

Suzumi Kuzu

  • Similar to Clause, Suzumi has quickly become rather well known despite them only having one minor appearance at the time of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle's demo.
  • Fans have made the phrase "BIG MISTAKE DA" as something of a catchphrase for them, in reference to their Ex+a dialogue.

Xeno a

  • Xeno a is widely believed to be the manifestation of all of BPoHC's Random Number Generation.
  • The phrase on their blackjack board, "INSURANCE PAYS", has become a sort of catchphrase for them.

Haiji Senri

  • Their clothing choice, imitative surname, theme, title of the 'Fad-following Spell Collector' and the way they use attacks associated with different Touhou Project bosses, have led fans to believe that Haiji is in fact a hipster and Tsurubami's obsessive fan.
  • They are also known as "The Literal Touhou Reference" by western fans. Many assume they previously copied the names of other Touhou Project characters (e.g."Haiji Scarlet", "Haiji Yakumo", "Haiji Moriya", etc.) based on their copied spell cards.
  • A common gag with them among some fans is to associate them with shoddy knockoff products.

Yago Ametsukana

  • Fans have drawn and edited various weapons to have "Made in Yago" written on them, inspired by JynX's answer to question 54 of the Interview with JynX (2017).