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Mr. Liang Li is the Google Translate Edition of Evanescent Existence.


This is an old story. This place was born beyond the memory of the people, now the land of the forgotten frontier. That figure which was thrown out by the flow of time, It was nostalgic and something somewhere. This is a story in a world that is not real. This country is a place where people and people who are not people live together. Things that I have not seen now, I'm sure you can see it in this place. This is a story between a person and a person not so. A person who was taken away or caught there. At this time, various people were stepping into this country newly. This is the story of the people. The land where infinite margins and the philosophy of a dream come together. His place called Him is a village. This is a story that has been lost. By past and present intentionally thrown away, and by future, Birds have been flying away from the birdcages a long time ago. This is just a gallery.

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